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His aspirations to become captain rejected this. He had survived Tarsus, and he could handle writing a journal about it. He took out his PADD and began writing.

I came to Tarsus IV after my mother had had to go off planet. I was staying with my aunt, uncle, and brother. I had loved it from the moment I arrived. My aunt and uncle cared for me, school was challenging for the first time, and I felt safe for the first time I could remember.

I was seven when things changed. I had been at school, in a high school level class that my aptitude scores had just placed me in when a gun went off in my class. My classmates were mowed down, and I kept waiting for the ancient weapon to take my life as well, but it didn't happen. Instead I was grabbed by someone.

The next thing I knew, I was in an expensive looking room and a man was watching me. He introduced himself as Kodos. He told me that I had intrigued him with my science project, and he needed my help- the help of a seven year old. I asked him what had happened to the others, and he made a pain faced, telling me that someone had killed them, and he had rescued me.

I asked to go home.

He told me my family had been in the building at the time, and had been killed. I believed him, and did as he asked for a few weeks, doing experiments with him. I didn't know that three years from then, he would kill so many people. About a week into my imprisonment, I was left alone and hacked into the computer. That's how I found out that everything I had been told was a lie. Kodos caught me trying to escape, and after that, I spent my time in chains, doing research, being researched, or being tortured for not doing what I was told.

I escaped one day after I found out Kodos planned to kill all those people. It was my fourth successful escape, but the first that I had actually made it away from my prison. I arrived just in time to see the massacre start. I saw them die, and I ran into the square, knocking out two of the militia men with a tazer I had stolen. I saw two children sobbing on the ground next to dead people. I grabbed them and ran to an old cave that Sam and I used to play in. It was well hidden, so I figured it would be safe.

One of the kids was thirteen, three years older than me, with dark hair and blue eyes, red from crying. The other was six, with dark hair and dark eyes. I led them to the cave, and was shocked to find six other people already in it. I realized they were all kids too, the oldest of which was thirteen, like the boy I had with me.

"Who are you?" the oldest boy had demanded, sounding scared.

I didn't answer, but ran at the older boy, wrapping my arms around him. "Sam!"

It was my brother. I couldn't believe it. He was still alive. I stayed like that for a while, until I remembered that there might be other survivors. I pulled away from Sam, who was crying and tore out of the cave.

Over the next three days I came and went from the cave, bringing back twenty more children with Sam's help, bringing the total to thirty. After that, we couldn't find any more children and so we stopped looking, concentrating on how to keep us all alive.

Eventually, we were so desperate for food, that I did the only thing I could- I snuck out, and returned to my prison, and stole food from the cellars, where I knew Kodos kept it. It took me four days to get back, and by then two of the kids had died. Their names were Sara and Terry, and both were nine.

Those of us who were older than ten made fake names, as per my suggestion. I didn't tell them it was because if someone mentioned my name, even by accident, Kodos would hurt them very badly. Five weeks and three food raids later, our luck ran out. We were attacked. eight of us, including the four kids under the age of six escaped. Seven more were killed trying to protect them. Thirteen of us were captured.

The rest is known. The Tarsus Twelve became famous after they met Kodos and were tortured by him. I was not among the twelve, as you have probably gathered. I wasn't rescued by Starfleet, who stopped looking after they thought they had accounted for everyone. I was found by a group of Betaziods who had passed by the planet and sensed my mind somehow. They brought me back to their planet and rehabilitated me. They taught me how to channel my emotions into a better form and then returned me to Earth. It had been another three months and in that time, Sam had not spoken once, so no one even knew that I was alive. The other kids had not remembered my real name.

I realized something that day that I hadn't realized before- I was not a Tarsus survivor, for I had not survived. I was not the six year old who had first stepped onto that planet. I doubt there were any survivors in the Tarsus Twelve. I knew far a fact that Sam and I hadn't.

Starfleet had failed us.

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