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He turned it in the next class, listening to the toned down stories from Tarsus that hadn't been at risk of dying. It was all about the people had lost family to the massacre and how they coped and what the food was like.

To Jim, it was all a lie. He left the class feeling angry and worn out. All he wanted to do was close his eyes. He hadn't slept in two days because every time he closed his eyes he could see Tarsus. He saw Kodos flash passed his eyes with each blink.

He went to his next few classes, when he and the rest of the students were called down to a mandatory assembly. Jim filed into his seat next to Bones, his exhaustion starting to catch up with him.

"We are here to evaluate whether one of our students should be allowed to continue in Starfleet after a flagrant sign of disrespect to the Tarsus survivors."

Jim felt his anger rise. Who dared to disrespect his kids? When he got a hold of them...

"Cadet Kirk, please step forward."

Jim's eyes widened in disbelief. "You can't be serious."

The admiral gave him a harsh look. "Your professor stated that you blatantly created a character in order to steal attention from the Tarsus Twelve, as well as insulting Starfleet."

Jim stood up and walked up to the podium. "People who don't know the real history of Tarsus shouldn't be writing the paper in the first place. that is insulting to the survivors."

"And that is your excuse?" Jim's professor stood. "You insulted those people because you didn't like the assignment?"

It was too much for Jim, who's nerves were frayed from lack of sleep. "I was there, you ass. I watched as seven children were gunned down and I buried two others. Don't stand there and tell me it didn't happen!" He was breathing heavily with anger. "I watched them torture my brother and those other kids. They didn't stand a chance!"

"You are claiming that your paper is true?"


"You are claiming to know Kodos personally."


They expressed their doubt, but Pike didn't want to see Jim lose his dream. "Let the boy tell his story. If we still don't think the paper is true, he shall be expelled."

All the admirals in attendance nodded reluctantly. "Fine. Kirk, talk."

Jim stared at him. "You want me to do what? It was hard enough writing it down."

"If you won't speak, then you are hereby expe-"

"Wait!" Jim stopped him desperately. "I- I can't tell you everything, but I'll try to tell you what I can." He paused, taking a deep breath. He figured starting at the beginning was a good idea. "My mother remarried after the Kelvin was destroyed. Sam and I grew up mainly with Frank, my stepfather, because Winona was always off world. frank didn't like Sam and I, and one year, when I was six, and Sam was ten, we were shipped off to Tarsus. Winona didn't know. She was on a seven year off world trip, where communications were rarely allowed, and even more rarely received."

He launched into the story, not skipping any of the crucial details.

(The rest of the Tarsus scenes will be in italics, and more like a story than a retelling, but it is a retelling)

I stepped off the shuttle onto the planet's surface, my small bag slung over my shoulder. Sam was beside me, a slightly bigger bag over his own shoulder. We looked around for some clue as to where to go. Sam spotted something, and grabbed my arm, tugging me towards an older couple.

They smiled at us. "James, Sam, how are you?"

"Good, Aunt Lisa. Jim's a bit tired though."

"Come on. Let's get you settled. I'll show you around tomorrow. I think you'll like it here."

And I did. Everything was peaceful. Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gremer loved us, and over tome, we grew to love them as well.

By the second week of school, though, my teachers knew that I couldn't have class with the kids my age. they had me take a placement test, and weren't they surprised when I posted into their high school classes. Even then, the content wasn't difficult, just the essays. I won the science fair that year with an experiment on how regular household goods could be dismantled and used to make a shuttle engine capable of going from one end of the Tarsus solar system to the other.

It got me noticed by Kodos, and two weeks later, my class was murdered with the exception of me.

At this point, the listeners in the hall burst out into exclamations, cutting Jim off as he prepared to detail his imprisonment. Honestly, he was thankful for the interruption. It gave him a chance to collect himself. He really had no idea how to tell them about the next three years of his life. He wished he didn't have to do it so publicly.

"Silence!" Pike ordered. "Kirk, you said this was about a year after your arrival, making you about seven?"

Jim nodded.

"But the famine didn't even occur until you were ten."

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