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"Silence!" Pike ordered. "Kirk, you said this was about a year after your arrival, making you about seven?"

Jim nodded.

"But the famine didn't occur until you were ten."

On to the Chapter:

"I am well aware of that. I spent the next three years with Kodos."

"What did he want with you? And what of your brother?"

"I was informed that my family had been in the building at the time of the shooting, and that they had been killed. It took me a few days to find out that was a lie. Until then I was complacent."

"Mr. Kodos, you said I could go into the lab today. Can I? Please?" I wanted something to distract me.

"Yes child, come. See here? You can work as much as you'd like. Do you want to know what our first project is?" I nodded. "We are going to work on making nanonites that can repair arteries non invasively."

I frowned. "Nanonites haven't been used in a hundred years. No one could get them to work properly."

"But they didn't have you. I'll be back in a few minutes." The flattery was laid on a bit to thickly, and I recognized it as such, so when he left I hacked into the computer and searched my family's name. They were alive, but there was a death certificate for me. Vaporization from a plasma weapon was listed as the cause of death. I knew then that I had to escape.

I ran out of the lab, in the opposite direction I had entered from. There were no exits that way. I was caught well before I found an exit. A guard shot me with an old fashioned projectile weapon, hitting me in the shoulder-

The story was once again cut off, this time by Bones. "You were shot with a projectile weapon? That's not in your file. I've never seen it, either."

Jim glared at his friend. "Really? This isn't hard enough already?" It actually hurt that his friend seemed so skepticle, but he knew it was the man's nature.

"Do show us proof, Cadet Kirk."

With a frustrated scowl, Jim took his shirt off, revealing-

Nothing. There were no scars to be seen, his skin was unblemished. Before anyone could comment though, Jim unclipped a small necklace, and suddenly the unblemished skin was covered in scars of all types. He pointed out a round one on his shoulder. "This one is from that particular day. Is this proof enough not to expel me or fail me?"

Jim hated taking off the necklace that he had created to disguise his injuries, and to do so in a public setting was even worse. He was definitely going to a bar after this and getting shit faced. Maybe then this entire situation would cease to exist, at least for a bit.

"Kirk-" an admiral started.

"Admiral, I would like to speak." A boy about two years older than Jim stood. He was staring at Jim with a calculating look. "I have a few questions that can answer whether this is true or not."

The admiral looked highly doubtful, but allowed it. This entire situation was abnormal, so why not allow for more proof?

"Kirk, you claim to have been involved with the Tarsus Twelve. If you are who I think you are, tell me your brother's name."

"All the kids called him Sky. His real name was Sam," Jim answered tonelessly. The cadet looked familiar, but Jim couldn't quite place it.

The boy nodded, his face guarded. "How many days were you gone getting food?"

"Total, or on the first run?" And why am I helping you interrogate me?


"I couldn't honestly tell you. I was unconscious for parts of it, but I'd approximate thirteen days." Thirteen days I'd have preferred to be unconscious for.

"Last question." The cadet's features hardened angrily. "Where the hell did you go, JT! We thought you were dead! Sky couldn't talk for months because he was so distraught." Before Jim could react, the boy punched him in the jaw. "We thought you fucking died."

It clicked then. "Tom?" Jim held his jaw. "Damn, I don't remember you hitting that hard."

Tom sneered. "I was twelve. Of course I didn't hit this hard, plus when did I ever hit you when we were there?"

"Ummm, when I was sneaking back into camp while you were on duty?"

Tom laughed suddenly. "Oh, yeah! I knocked you out. Sky nearly killed me!"

"Glad you got something to laugh at out of that," Jim muttered sarcastically. He guessed there really were things that even after such horror, there could still be humor, and even in anger those things came first.

"What the hell is going on here?" Pike cut them off.

Tom gave him a dry look. "I'm one of the Tarsus Twelve. Since JT's revealed, there's no real reason to stay quiet about it anymore. He's the main person at risk if any of this gets out."

"How do we know you are not in on this?"

"File 4429556, code LL3GT5543B."

One of the admirals pulled up the file.

After this chapter, things get a bit graphic, but since it's not really feasible for Jim to be able to get through this on his own, I'm giving him a bit of help. This chapter's kind of weak, but I'm taking midterms right now, so this is what I can post right now. The next chapter is much more in depth...

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