Outsiders Breakfast-The Outsiders/The Breakfast Club Crossover

The Outsiders/The Breakfast Club crossover

Note:Andrew Clark and Two Bit Matthews are the same person, Baby Lewis and Tesse Colt are O/C's from my Outsiders fanfic Dirty Little Freaks.

-6:55 am, Shermer High School, Tulsa Oklahoma(see what I did there?)-

Dallas Winston was the first to arrive, considering Baby was in tow and she'd dragged his ass out of bed. Literally. Johnny had been picked up at the Curtis' house. Ponyboy had opted to roding with Tesse and Two Bit to keep things square between them. Tesse was next to arrive. Her passegers were them was Claire, Brian then Alison. John Bender was the last to arrive. Bender knew Dallas and through him knew Baby and Johnny. Bender empathized with Johnny, coming from a broken home as well as the younger boy. Bender only knew one woman he was afraid of and that was Baby Lewis. He supposed it was because he was indirectly intimidated by Dally. They'd done jail time together. They'd met Bender's first time in the Cooler. Dally had been in a few times before and they were cellmates. Dally talked about Baby alot, how when he got out, he was buying Baby's birthday present. Bender had responded, asking if Baby was his girlfriend.

Dally had said no, that she was his sister.

Bender wished he had a sibling. He found himself spilling to Dally his homelife. Dally explained that his best friend, whose name was Johnny too, had the same abusive homelife.

Dally was released the same day as Bender. Bender eventually agreed to have a talk with Johnny, Mono a Mono about their abuse.

That's when he met Baby. She was hot-and completely off limits. Baby had stressed she was capable and willing to castrate him should he make a move.

He took it to heart.

So, when Baby entered the library Bender greeted his friend's sister warmly.

"How ya doin' Baby."

"Fine, Bender. Yourself?"

"I'm living."

"Hey Bender. Baby, why don't you siddown."

Claire was astonished. Was this girl dating Bender and Dallas Winston? What. A. Slut. She didn't know Baby was her name.

Johnny Cade entered, looking like he got hit by a bus. Bender felt a wave of sympathy for the boy.

Little Johnny took whatever his parents threw at him. Bender had to admit, sometimes he antagonized his father. Johnny never did anything to his father except cry.

And his mom? Sat by like Mary-Fuckin'-Poppins and acted like nothing was happening.

Johnny sat down next to Baby, who began fussing over Johnny's black eye.

Bender smiled to himself. Those two would get together.

Dick entered the library.

"I wanna congratulate you all for being on time. It is now 7:06. You have exactly eight hours to think about why you're here, to ponder the error of your ways. No talking, no moving from these seats. We're going to try something a little different today. You're to write a thousand word essay on who you think you are. Maybe you'll learm something about when I say essay I don't mean a single word repeated a thousand times. Is that clear, mr. Bender?"


"Good. Any questions?"

"Yeah, I got a question. Does Barry Manillo know you raid his wardrobe?"

"You'll find out the answer next saturday Mr. Bender. Don't mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns."

"He can shove those horns up his ass!" Tesse cracked.

"Don't crack wise with me, Ms. Colt."Vernon spoke icily.

"She's not smart enough to crack wise. Oh, Mr. Vernon, here's the $20 for the dry cleaning." Vernon took the money silently. Two Bit snickered silently.