The older Scottish woman glared at the boy on the end of the front row as Carry on my wayward son rang through the classroom

"Sorry professor. Must have forgotten to turn it off" he cringed apologetically as he answered the call, "Dean, I'm in class what is wrong with you?" he hissed into his phone

There was a crackling as 'Dean' answered, suddenly Harry's already pale face went white "what?" he asked quietly, Dean answered again and Harry looked stressed

"Is he ok?" he asked, Ron and Hermione shared a confused look as the mysterious Dean answered, Harry nodded and ran his hand through his hair

"Do you need me there?", again Dean said something and Harry nodded, "ok, be there in a bit" he sighed and hung up

"Potter? Is everything alright?" professor McGonagall asked

"Not really, family emergency, long story" he said

"Of course, I'll tell the other staff where you are, do you need some way to get back to Little Winging?" she asked, looking worriedly at the young wizard

"No" he said simply as he packed up his things

"Alright, do you need someone to accompany you?"

"No!" he looked suddenly terrified, "I-I mean, no, thank you professor but I can get there just fine on my own" he didn't quite meet her eyes when he said that and he quickly hurried out of the room

"What was that about?" Seamus asked from behind them

"I don't know, I do know that Harry wouldn't be acting like that if something bad had happened to one of the Dursleys" Ron rolled his eyes as the bell rang for break

"So you think he was lying when he said it was a family emergency?" Dean Thomas asked as they walked to the great hall

"No, I could tell from the look on his face that he's definitely worried about someone" Hermione said, "thankfully we have a way to check up on Harry's story" she smiled ruefully

"How?" Ron looked at her

"Mrs. Figg, she lives in a muggle house and has a telephone so I can call her and ask her if anything's wrong at Harry's Aunt and Uncle's" she shrugged

"You have the number?" Dean asked

"Yes, I asked Dumbledore if I could have her number just in case something like this happened" she pulled out her phone* and dialed the number

"Hello, Mrs. Figg? This is Hermione Granger, Harry's friend" she said when the older woman picked up

"Sorry to call out of the blue like this but I just wanted to check whether Harry had shown up at the Dursleys today or if anything was wrong" she asked

There was moment of silence and Hermione frowned "So he's not there? And they're all fine? It's just he got a call earlier and he said he had to leave because of a family emergency" Hermione explained

Mrs. Figg said something on the other end of the line and Hermione said "that's an odd question, but yes I did, he called the person on the other end of the line 'Dean' or something" she shook her head

As Mrs. Figg answered Hermione's eyes went wide, "are you sure that's what he said?" she asked "he never mentioned having one", a moment longer "three? Are you sure?" she looked shocked "Dean, Sam and Adam, ok thanks Mrs. Figg" Hermione hung up

"Well? What's up?" Ron asked as Hermione stood for a second looking as if she couldn't believe what she'd heard

"It's a family emergency all right, but not his Aunt and Uncle. Apparently this Dean character who called Harry is his older brother" she put away her phone

"His what? He doesn't have a brother" Ron said

"Well that's what I thought but apparently he has three; Dean, Sam and Adam. According to Mrs. Figg Harry's the youngest of the four" Hermione said with a shrug

"The stories about Harry and his parents never mention Lilly and James Potter having any older children, but I suppose if they were sent away to protect them from you-know-who they might not have been mentioned" Seamus said

"I know but you'd have thought Harry would mention it, or Remus or someone" Hermione scratched her head in confusion

"Maybe he never told anyone to keep them safe from you-know-who" Dean said with a shrug

"That would make sense, from what Mrs. Figg said the older three live in America most of the time and Harry visits them there from time to time during the summer, she only knows all this because Dean, the oldest brother, came to visit Harry in England once and Harry threw a fit about it. Said it was dangerous for any of them to be in the country and that he shouldn't have left Sam and Adam alone in Virginia" Hermione said

"So Harry's got older siblings?" Ron said

"It would seem so" Hermione replied

"Then why the Hell isn't he living with them rather than having to stay with the bloody Dursleys!" the red head yelled exasperatedly, "You know what he's been through with them, if he has to live with a blood relative wouldn't his brothers be better, a closer blood relation?"

"That's true, if it really is blood wards protecting him which is really the only thing that makes sense, then the closer to him the blood relative is then it would make the wards so much stronger" Hermione said "but if they live in America then perhaps Dumbledore wanted Harry to be with the closest relatives possible in the country, or maybe he didn't know about Harry's brothers either"

"Could be" Ron huffed in annoyance

"Most importantly it sounds like one of Harry's brothers is hurt or ill, and Harry's gone rushing off to America to be with him" Hermione said

"Right but if that's true he shouldn't be alone on this" Seamus said

"Seamus is right, thankfully Mrs. Figg mentioned the name of the town in Virginia where the brothers live" Hermione said

"Ok but how do we get there? We can't floo that far without an address and we're too young to apparate alone" Ron said

"I think we should talk to professor McGonagall" Hermione said and led the way back to the classroom.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes.

* Yes I know muggle tech doesn't work at Hogwarts but in my head cannon muggle things can be enchanted (legally with a ministry permit) to run on the residual magic energy in the air around places like Hogwarts (the same stuff that makes normal muggle tech go haywire), so put up with it.

Be warned, this story has a ridiculous number of OC's so don't surprised. And don't worry; I'll explain how Harry is Dean's younger brother later in the story.