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Just for future reference, since I can't translate, *Enochian*words that look like this are in Enochian.

Non Timebo Mala

The group turned to see a tall man with long black hair tied back in a ponytail and dark skin, his eyes were such a deep brown they appeared black and he had a scar on his lip.

"Cain" Harry hissed

"Hello עיניים שלי" the man said

"Call me that again and I'll take your tongue all the way off this time" Harry growled, his eyes turning black in anger

"If it means having your lips near mine again, I'll gladly suffer it" Cain smiled at the shorter boy

"Was this summer not enough of a humiliation for you? I almost ripped the Universe apart at the seams destroying that monster you dug up out of Purgatory" Harry glared at the elder

"I know, I love the fact that it was me that got you so riled up כאוס מלאך" Cain licked his lips

"*Keep him back*" Harry said to Dean as Ron began to move forewords

"Leave it, Harry's been dealing with Cain's shit since he was nine" the oldest Winchester whispered to the red head

"You come here for a reason רוצח or did you just feel like dropping by just to piss me off?" Harry said to the taller man

"I love the way your voice sounds when you speak Hebrew, I can just image the pillow talk" Cain bit his lip

"Go to Hell asshole" the raven haired teen flipped the other the off and turned his back on the taller male

"I came to see if you'd changed your mind about my proposition, you and me; eternal rulers of the Pit and Paradise?" Cain asked

"The words fuck and no spring to mind" Harry said as he turned back to face the other

"Shame, guess it's business as usual then עיניים שלי" Cain sighed

"What did I say about calling me that?" Harry said as a golden sword slid from his sleeve into his hand, Cain drew his own blade, a curved iron sword with a plain hilt wrapped in leather.

A crash of thunder rumbled overhead as the two circled one another. Without warning they charged, swords clashing with an almighty clang.

They spun around each other, the sound of metal on metal like a horrific sort of music to accompany the deadly dance of blades. Harry dodged a strike from Cain's sword and swung a low shot at the taller man's knees. Cain parried the blow and aimed for the jugular, only to be thrown clear across the open space, his sword clattering to the ground out of reach behind Harry.

"Nice shot" the taller man said from the ground, as he held out his hand, the sword flew through the air towards him, only to be caught by the hilt by Harry.

"Nice try" the green eyed boy said with a smile as the blade turned to black sand and blew away on the autumn wind

"Ah, now that's cheating" Cain said

"I'm The Krysina. I never fight fair" Harry hissed as he raised his sword for the final blow

"Oh well, until next time then my love" and with that Cain vanished, Harry's blade hitting nothing but bare earth

"COWARD! Fight like a man you bastard!" Harry yelled and he yanked his sword roughly from the ground

"Forget it Harry, you'll get him next time" Dean said consolingly to the younger boy

"Every time I get close he runs away, a cowardly, pitiful mutt just like his good for nothing parents" Harry yelled, a smirk on his face as he goaded the long since gone man.

"Will you knock it off? That's enough for one night" Sam rolled his eyes as Dean brought their younger brother over to the group

"Care to fill us in on what that was?" Sirius asked

"Possessive ex?" Hermione asked with a smile which vanished quickly when Harry glared at her

"Never in a million years!" Harry hissed

"Cain is more a stalker than an ex" Dean chuckled as his younger brother fumed

"Oh, so what did he mean about that proposition?" Remus asked

"He plans to overthrow God and Lucifer and take over Heaven and Hell. His proposition is for me to rule Heaven while he rules Hell with me as his Queen" Harry retched

"Ugh! I can see why you want to kill him" Ron said

"He's nothing more than a pervert with delusions of grandeur and ideas above his station" Harry flipped his hair sarcastically

"Ideas above his station?" Sirius asked

"He thinks he could rule one of the Holy Realms? Please" Harry smiled "Michael and Lucifer can only just about manage it and they exist specifically for that purpose"

"So a human could never rule Heaven or Hell?" Hermione asked

"Don't be ridiculous. You humans have those silly things like Free Will, Morals and, ugh, Consciences, disgusting things. You could never hope to rule anything with those weighing you down, let alone Heaven or Hell" Harry laughed "Why do you think Heads of State are so hopeless? They're not bad at their jobs, they're human" he scoffed

"Hello Lady Chaos" Dean said with a roll of his eyes

"Hello Dean" Harry looked down his nose at the taller man, an impressive feat given the height difference

"Can we have Harry back please M'Lady?" Sam asked politely

"If you insist" she said and Harry's head dropped to his chest

"What happened?" he asked as he looked around

"Three guesses" Adam laughed

"Not again! Dammit Chaos, stop taking over without asking first" he rolled his eyes

"Don't worry about it, she was just bitching about the uselessness of humans again that's all" Chuck said as he patted the boy on the shoulder

"We'd better head home, I'm exhausted" Harry said with a yawn

"Might be a good idea" Dean said with a nod

Non Timebo Mala

A few days later and the group were ready to head back to England.

"Thanks for letting us stay" Hermione gave Sam a hug

"No problem Hermione, you keep Harry out of trouble for me ok?" the tall brunet smiled

"I'm a witch, not a miracle worker" she said with a laugh

"I'm not that bad" the smaller teen said

"Ignore her babe, she's just being Hermione" Ron kissed Harry lightly on the cheek as they readied themselves for the trip back to England

"See yo guys soon ok?" Harry hugged his various family members, petted Clarissa on the head and joined the other four wizards.

With a final smile at the assembled hunters, Angels, Demons and other such unusual beings, the four of them vanished.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes.

First of all, translations. עיניים שלי means My Eyes in Hebrew, apparently it's a term of endearment. רוצח means murderer, also Hebrew.

His is it people, the end. I will try to get What Happens In Vegas up as soon as possible ok?