It has been far too long since happiness has peeked into her life of shadows, but now it has come, like an unexpected beam of sunshine through the rain.

She wears a floor-length white gown that shimmers with the beauty of the aurora borealis in the dim lights, gossamer threads twisting around her ankles and gathering in a pool of silk. He is dressed in stark contrast: a suit of midnight-black, looking like the powerful warrior that he is, until you glimpse his shining eyes, the tear streaks trailing down his cheeks. The walk down the aisle is accompanying by a muffled chorus of sniffling: every hope-deprived person in attendance has more than a few tears to shed at the opportunity that is emanating from this event.

She reaches him feeling like she is spinning in a well of bliss; this is the first moment in her life that can truly be declared "flawless." He lifts her veil, feeling as if he has banished the barrier between them, and their glistening eyes meet. And then they seal the promises that they made, his lips meeting hers, wrapping battle-scarred arms around each other, causing even Scathach to snuffle a little.

He is Niten, and she is Aoife, and they are ready for their shining future together.

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