Chapter One

Once upon a time there lived a prince called uzumaki naruto in the kingdom of konoha. His parents the king Minato Namikaze and the queen Kushina Uzumaki told him to search for a suitable bride for him as he was 21 years old. The prince searched and searched and searched but couldn't find a proper bride. So the king and queen arranged a ball night for the prince so he could find a better bride in his own kingdom.

There lived a girl called Hyuuga Hinata the most desired teenage girl in the kingdom of konoha. Soon her mother died of an deadly rare disease. So hinata's father Hyuuga Hiashi a well known man in throughout the kingdom had a second marriage. Hinata's stepmother was aria. She already had two daughters Ann and Opel. They were really mean to hinata. Especially after her father also died. Hinata's step mother started to show her true colours. Aria made hinata their house maid and tortured her a lot. Poor hinata showed a lot of kindness but her sisters did not show it back. One day Hinata was cleaning the chandler and the messenger came hinata was confused why did the messenger come here?. Suddenly her step mother and sisters rushed out of the room hinata was still wondering why. The royal messenger read the scroll which said:

All the eligible maidens of this kingdom (Konoha) are invited to the midnight ball

The one who the prince likes the most is the princess of the kingdom and the most loved female by our prince in the whole world

Hinata was totally shocked hearing the news. Then the messenger left her stepsisters where squealing and her stepmother aria was very happy suddenly remembered that hinata was there too. After an hour hinata went to her stepmother's room and asked her stepmother if she could go to the ball with them aria said if hinata manages to find a suitable dress to wear and finish the chores off before evening I might take you to the ball upon hearing this her stepsisters were raged with their mother so they went to aria and asked how can she take Hinata to the ball? Aria laughed evilly but Ann and Opel did not understand. Aria said i said i 'MIGHT' take her to the ball.

but poor hinta was really happy and merry Who knows where this will end oh my oh my ...