Dragonite. Big, fierce, and very cute. Dragonite is said to be able to circle the globe in just 16 hours with its relatively tiny wings. It can wield attacks from many types, making it a formidable foe.

Tyranitar. A pokemon whose ferocity matches its frightening demeanor. Its power is so mighty and its bloodthirst so great, you will know it wants to fight by the never-ending sandstorm that accompanies it into battle.

Salamance. An even bigger, badder creature than even the cuddly Dragonite, even fiercer than the mighty Tyranitar. Salamance is the embodiment of what you can do when you believe in yourself and your dreams, and will aid all who share its destiny of pursuing seemingly impossible dreams.

Metagross. When Science and Fantasy come together, Metagross is the child they bear. A living super-computer, this large pokemon has no need to stand tall, for its incredible Psychic powers carry it through the heavens.

Garchomp. A pokemon that looks like it belongs in the sea, this mighty titan is the favorite among trainers who wish to be great. Its power is matched only by its massive speed and its silent devotion, utterly confident in its worthy trainer's skills.

These five great pokemon have powers so vast that there are those who declare them to be partial legendary pokemon. But even these five pokemon will dip their heads in respect when the last of the mightiest takes the scene.

Hydreigon's armory makes Dragonite's look like a mere chest of toys in a child's room. Its vicious looks and demeanor make even the mighty Tyranitar cry out. It has overcome far more obstacles in its journey to greatness than Salamance will ever overcome in its lifetime. Its power makes Metagross an outdated calculator, and its speed would shame Garchomp back to the dark depths of the oceans from whence it came. Unlike its siblings, Hydreigon can overpower the strongest of foes before they have the chance to attack its weak points.

And unlike its siblings, Hydreigon had to go through much more than all five combined.

This is the story of one such Hydreigon. With her unrelenting determination and support from me, Lola and her gang of fellow misfits continue the legacy of the pokemon who are worthy of the title "Legendary Pokemon".


Howdy howdy all! Did ya miss me? I know it's been awhile, so I thought I'd come out with this cute fic. This fanfic is based on my Avatar Challenge run of Pokemon Black 2. I`ll post the challenge at the end of my authors note here XD. But yeah in my run I decided to start out with a Deino, and the poor thing sucks balls. If she doesn't get the first hit in she's dead thanks to Deino getting Dragon Rage as a starting move. She can handle Male Deino just fine but the females we fought are freaking mean. Like seriously, when I was trying to catch Lola she was patient and didn't do anything to seriously hurt my Snivy while I whittled down her HP and then chucked a pokeball at her. She went in on the first ball. I tried to catch other female Deino for comparison, and they would not have it. They would destroy poor Lola every time, and that enamored me to her. I don't WANT a stronger Deino, I want THIS Deino. So let the beatdowns begin XD.

Avatar The Last Airbender Pokemon Challenge:


1. Choose 1 nation to be apart of.

2. ONLY catch pokemon that have a type assigned to your tribe through the chart below;

Air Nomads: Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Bug

Water Tribe: Water, Ice, Grass, Poison

Fire Nation: Fire, Electric, Dark, Dragon

Earth Kingdom: Ground, Rock, Steel, Fighting


3. You are NOT the Avatar, deal with it *fuck that bitch, I have an expansion after after I`m done doing all four nations.*

4. You may catch a pokemon if it WILL gain a type assigned to your nation. (ie. An Earth Kingdom player may have Torchic as long as it evolves eventually.)

5. If by evolving your pokemon it becomes incompatible to your nation you cannot use that pokemon anymore.

6. Normal Pokemon can be caught by all but if it has a second typing then it must be one assigned to your nation or it can't be used. (ie. Anyone can have a Rattata but only Air Nomads can have Pidgey.)

Let me clarify some of the rules for you a bit, since one of my friends pointed out seemingly conflicting rules that made him very confused. The way they are spelled out, at first glance it looks like you have to use pure types right? Wrong. Rules two and four say you can have a pokemon so long as it has A type assigned to your nation. Which means Earthbenders can have Blaziken, Airbenders can have Swanna, Firebenders can have Kingdra, and Waterbenders can have Swampert. If this were not true, then Rule 6 would not be as clear about the Normal Type's secondary type since Normal is considered the default type.

At the end of the fanfic, I will show you the expansion that basically sticks a giant middle finger at Rule 3. It's actually quite fun, I made it myself and a lot of people say it sounds awesome. :3

And now, onto Chapter One!