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Re-Written (1/19/16) Chapter 1

Edited the Re-Written (10/25/16)

Burning lungs.

Stinging eyes.

Choking smoke.

Weak gasps of air.

Bloody sputtering.

Wounds and injuries gave unrelenting cries of attention and caution.

But none of it compared to the unbearable, merciless, and vile amount of pain the mind, heart, and soul felt. Their very existence begged the heavens for some form of salvation, be it death, revival, a second chance, an escape...or something more.

Such harrowing, agonizing, abhorrent pain.

'It had all happened so fast. IT–'

The tortured creature clutched its head and screamed in absolute, primitive, animalistic agony. Its sorrow drowned mind attempted to block and ward away the images and memories of the traumatizing events that led to its state disarray. It began to wail, it's blood cloaked body twisting, flailing, arching in agony and desperation.


"Azarath Metrion Zinthos"

A chunk of cement rose from the rubble and struck the back of the pained soul's head. The poor thing crumpled to the ground, it's suffering brought to a merciful but temporary end.

A cloaked figure stood over it, crouching to stroke a blood soaked strand of snowy white hair. Their hand glowed with black power as it came to rest on the unconscious forehead, and they examined its mind.

"So, I am no longer cursed to be burdened with my crucible alone...and neither will you be..." A strong wind blew past the stranger, removing their hood to reveal the pale features of a female teenager who had striking violet eyes and hair.

She picked him up and propped him up against herself, just as police sirens began to wail distantly.

"With this you have become a Phantom of True Despair. You will be the one to reap me of my terrors, and I will do the same for you. Together, we will prevent our cataclysmic tomorrows..."

A shadowy apparition of a raven surrounded them before dissipating. The wreckage was left void of the two and of life.

It was quiet.

It was empty.

A gentle wind blew through the ash and ember.

You will be my Reaper…


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Original Chapter 1

Ch.1 The Purple Raven and The Insane Green Phantom (God, I hate this old title)

Danny's POV-


I've gone insane. I've ki- No! HE killed them! DAN KILLED THEM! I didn't save them in time.

I sat in the ruins of what remained of the Nasty Burger. I had found the weS ring and now held it in my hands.
"Why couldn't I save them? Why didn't Clockwork help? Why di-" I paused my thoughts.

I saw a flash of light. It blinded me. When my sight was restored, I saw a girl my age with purple blue hair, pale skin, lilac eyes, and a blue cloak. I stood up, ready to fight.
The girl opened her mouth,


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