This is my apology. I'm sorry for being so late with the next chapter but so many things in my life are happening. I had an academic probation, my laptop has killed itself 4 times, I started making a video game...

I found out I'm dying slowly from a vitamin D deficiency. We don't even know why my body is not even getting enough vitamin D but it could be stopped by just overflowing my daily intake with vitamin D.

But... I can't sleep at night, my vision is blurring, my head is always aching, my body aches, I'm always tired, and my scabs won't heal.

I'm failing school because I can't even get up in the morning and wake up at 5pm.

I don't even know what to do anymore.

I will try to continue writing this story. If might actually keep me sane as my world burns around me anyway.

See you next time.