Hey everyone, Hephestus here! For those of you that don't know much about either series involved in the crossover, don't worry! I'll do my best to make it as accessible as possible, I won't ask any of you to do research to appreciate my story!

On the Star Trek side, this story takes place just before the First Battle of Chin'Toka (between episodes 06x25 and 06x26). The non-canon starts before the story begins when Sisko and Co. are called away to fight in the Serenity System. For those of you unfamiliar with Deep Space Nine, all you need to know is that The Federation, The Klingon Empire, and The Romulan Star Empire are at war with a power from the Gamma Quadrant called the Dominion. The Dominion got to the Alpha Quadrant by way of the Bajoran Wormhole and has since teamed up with the Cardassian Union, and this has been bad news bears for everyone else.

On the Legend of the Galactic Heroes side, this story takes place directly after Yang Wenli's famous infiltration of Iserlohn fortress (after episode 7). I put it this early in the series in order to make this flippin' huge part of the crossover more accessible as it's relatively unknown and supe-gorram complicated. If you are interested in learning more about LOGH, I suggest you go to youtube and watch to your heart's content. All the episodes and gaidens are available and subtitled in English. It has it all: space battles, politics, well-developed characters, complex issues, deep philosophy, space axe battles, laser gun fights, weird cults, more space battles, tragedy, action, scheming, greed, love, hate, war. Literally everything! I legitimately cannot promote this series enough; it is the best thing ever, my favorite thing. PERIOD. Watch it, RIGHT NOW.


I hope you enjoy my story!