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Chapter 1



It had to be done.

A brisk autumn afternoon, Soubi walked down the street and lit a cigarette. He was a fighter and so had killed before, by Semei's order. Ritsuka would never utter such harsh words, so he needed to go against the rules.

This is the last time I act without Ritsuka's order, he told himself.

Checking to see that no one was near, he walked to a pay phone. With black gloves on his hands, he dialed emergency. Speaking with the accent of a foreigner, he told them something happened at the Aoyagi home address. Hanging up without talking further, he crossed the street.

Putting the gloves in his pocket, he continued en-route to his sacrifice's school.

Not long after, he stood in his usual spot, waiting to see the light of his young sacrifice's face. Five minutes later, students began exiting the building.

He timed it all perfectly.

Seeing his sacrifice, he waved. Ritsuka quickly walked over to him, ready with reprimands for smoking in front of the school, but slowed when he saw no cigarette. "You finally learned", he teased. Soubi smiled and rustled dark hair. "Come Ritsuka, let's have ice cream."

"Alright", Ritsuka replied cheerily and then added "You should put gloves on."

"Ah yes, thank you for reminding me Ritsuka. Such love", he smiled taking white gloves from his other pocket. Covering his hands he then slipped his fingers between smaller ones.

Ritsuka blushed and pulled away. As they continued down the sidewalk, Soubi took his hand again.

The man meant to keep his love out all day, and treat him to whatever he liked.



They did enjoy ice cream. After that, they went to the zoo, and Ritsuka had fun with his camera.

As they walked down the dimly lit street, Ritsuka happily reviewed the photographs he caught throughout the day. Soubi beside a giraffe, him in front of a butterfly cage, fish, birds, lions… they saw so many animals and took many pictures, of course he was happy.

As they walked to the Aoyagi household, Soubi tried to prepare himself for the rush of emotions his sacrifice would soon feel.

Turning the corner, Ritsuka squeezed his hand when he saw emergency vehicles in front of his house. "Soubi they're at my house", he cried pulling his fighter into a run.

When they reached the sidewalk before his house, "Don't cross this line", ordered an old officer with several stars on his jacket. His badge read "Captain Yamagata".

"This is my house, what happened?!" Ritsuka cried. "Sir, please take him over to Officer Sasaki", he pointed to a younger officer.

Soubi obliged, never letting go of his sacrifice's hand which shook but held tight. "Who is this?" Officer Sasaki asked. "He lives here", Captain Yamagata replied.

The officer knelt a foot from Ritsuka. "Son, you'll have to come down to the station with us."

"What happened? Did something happen to mom?"

The officer bit his lip, and let out a sigh. "Yes something happened to her. How old are you son?"

"Twelve, what does it matter? What happened to mom? What happened, tell me!" Ritsuka demanded, about ready to shake the man for a clear answer.

The officer removed his hat, revealing sweat on his forehead, and put a hand on Ritsuka's shoulder.

"Don't", Soubi said coolly, unable to stop himself. The officer removed his hand then said "Someone hurt your mom real bad…"

Eyes wide, Ritsuka asked hurriedly "Will she be okay?" The officer looked up at Soubi, eyes pleading for assistance. He held no kinship to this man, so he remained closed lipped.


Soubi grew annoyed

This "son" business is becoming very tiresome…

"…your mom is in heaven."

Frantically Ritsuka cried "She's dead?… Someone killed her? Why?!" He looked up at his fighter, sadness and confusion in his eyes. "Soubi"

The man inwardly cringed, he'd been found out. "Why would someone do this Soubi?"

So he didn't realize…

"I don't know Ritsuka", he replied, bringing the boy into his arms. Thankfully, even police wouldn't react to an older friend or relative hugging a middle-school boy after finding out his mother died.





End of chapter 1



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