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They had been sitting like this for a while, Santana resting her head on the taller girl's shoulder breathing quietly, afraid to break the silence. It was comfortable, familiar, even when they had tried to claw their way to the top, disregarding each other's felling entirely, they would have these moments. Perhaps it was a remnant of their carefree childhood days, when they were oblivious to the struggles they would soon face. They were there for each other when no one else was; Santana could pretend that the long blond locks belonged to someone else as she cried into them, and Quinn could almost convince herself that the tight arms enveloping her meant that she was loved.

A small voice penetrated the still air as Rachel mumbled sleepily into the arm of the sofa in her New York apartment. Quinn froze for a moment to ensure that the girl was asleep before speaking.


Santana lowered her gaze, they did not love each other, no, they were far too similar, too guarded, too wounded, too ruthless, but it was for precisely the same reason that Santana knew exactly what Quinn was asking.

"She wasn't happy"

"So you broke her heart?"



" I was just so busy with cheer, and school, and-"

She stopped herself before continuing in a whisper "I wasn't being a good girlfriend to her"

Quinn's silence was a sign of how well she knew her. Santana didn't need reassurance, she needed someone to understand.

"I just wanted what was best for her, and right now that isn't me. I didn't have a choice."

"I know"

Quinn's eyes had gotten a sort of glazed, faraway look, she only did that when she thought of-

"You're thinking about her again aren't you?" Santana asked gently.

"Beth was my everything. My perfect thing."

Santana hesitated before she continued even she could not be sure how Quinn would react to her question.

"Was it worth it?"

Quinn's expression froze for a moment, torn. She closed her eyes as pain closed on her heart before she forced out the answer that she hated for being so true, yet feeling so wrong.

"She's happy"

"That's not what asked"

"I know"

Later, with Quinn dozing in her lap, Santana's eyes settling on the image she had set as her phone's background. It was Brittany's profile picture, of Sam's ridiculously large lips on her cheek as she grinned at the camera. Santana's heart screamed in protest at the sight, she covered Sam's face with her thumb, so that she was just left with Brittany's sparkling smile. A tired sort of calm numbed her hearts protests. She blinked lazily at the picture before turning off the bright screen and drifting off to sleep.

She's happy

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