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Fine silk, shiny white treasures from the sea, and a gem that carried the shine of the sun adorned the woman's body. Every woman became blurs next to the radiant woman, bursting with elegance and beauty.

But one man threatened to dethrone her.

He was the embodiment of beauty. With a flick of his hair he captured everyone's eyes. His mesmerizing midnight eyes made everyone's heart beat a bit faster.

The King had arrived.

The woman turned around and their eyes met. Her long blonde hair pooled around her as she flipped her hair and greeted him.

"Hello King Aruto Tsukiyomi" she said softly, careful to maintain her delicate reputation.

"Hello Queen Souko Tsukiyomi" he grunted out.

They looked at each other with hard eyes.

"Why don't we dance Souko?" he said roughly

She looked at him bitterly. She eyed his outstretched hand cautiously.

'One wrong move and Ikuto will be hurt by the end of the night after my own punishment.'

"I'd rather not. I promised Misaki a dance and he's all alone in a corner right now." She said quickly

She walked past him, walking as quickly as she could without making it seem she was trying to escape.

But he grabbed her upper arm roughly and dragged her in position.

"I insist. Misaki can wait." He said sharply

She internally groaned. She had been capture by her predator.

He wanted her to quiver in fear, playing prey. He forced her to look him in the eye, to see what emotions were running through her head and for her to realize that he controlled her.

The fear, it was there in her eyes.

Fear. It looked like violent earthquakes. It trembled and pulled apart everything.

Fear. It sounded like a never-ending silence. It was a void. And the echoes never stopped.

Fear. It felt like clammy sweaty hands clenching onto you for dear life, sinking their claws into your skin.

"So how is dear Ikuto fairing?" he asked slyly.

"G-good. How are you?" she said, trembling and stuttering

"Well, I'm quite upset. My wife keeps ignoring me and my child is being very unruly."

"I'm sorry. I-I will speak with Ikuto. He will not be a problem." She choked out

"I hope you do. Where is Ikuto? "

Silent screams for help but no one listened.

"He's being watched by the Hotori family."

Tears were falling but no one saw.

"Hmmm. Why the Hotori family? No nanny?"

Trails of blood made but no one followed.

"Tadase Hotori and Ikuto are friends so it was like a play date."

"Well Souko, the night is over. Why don't we leave and pick up Ikuto?"

No one…knew what horrors were to be.

Ikuto jolted awake, drenched in cold sweat. His eyes shot open and he ran a nervous hand through his hair. His heart was pounding and he tried to relax. His eyes slid closed.

'Why am I thinking about that again? Maybe it's because it was raining.'

He propped his elbow on his knee and let his other leg jut out away from him. He rested his chin on his hand and waited for the storm in his heart to blow over.

'Wait. Wait isn't it time?' he questioned himself.

He walked over to his desk and checked the calendar. His finger darted across the calendar until he spotted the specific event and date.

"There it is, outlined in red. I've never been this late. How did I allow myself to be so far behind?"

He went over to the mirror and looked at himself. He scrunched his face up, disgusted with the image looking back at him. His eyes brows knitted together in confusion.

'Why would God make such an ugly creature?' he wondered

He tugged at his shaggy hair in self-hatred. He glared at the reflection.

'Why am I this way? Why? I am not worthy of a crown and neither was he.'

He was drowning in self-hatred and confusion. His worries would melt away with a shower, that's what he reasoned.

But that wasn't true. His worries wouldn't melt away until he found the slaves and changed who he was.

Blisters coated her feet and her skin was fire truck red. The sun was looming over them and was cooking them to a crisp.

Their lips were dry and crackly. Their pupils shrank from the harsh sun. And their throats had been beaten and battered from the cruel heat.

"Amu-chan!" Mina and Keitaro called out urgently, their voices cracking painfully.

Amu twisted around to see the two kids waving their hands like a maniac, urging her to come to them. Mina and Keitaro's hair was swishing, signaling her to hurry.

She sprinted towards them. Her feet pounded against the ragged dusty trail. She came to an abrupt stop before she could crash into the children.

The run had drained whatever energy she had and the only comfort was the overbearing sweat collecting on her forehead and body, the closest substitute they had for a fan or cool water.

Panting heavily and taking breathes she said,

"What…..did—you need? Mina-ah ha ha- and Keitaro?"

"There is an old woman that is dying." Said Mina

"What? What has happened? If she was sick earlier someone should've called me." Amu said angrily


"Never mind, show me now. "Amu interrupted icily

'Dying? Dead? We can't afford to lose anyone. My heart can't pay the price. Why didn't anyone tell me?'

Amu gripped Keitaro's hand tightly as they lead her to the station where the old woman was dying.

In her pain she unknowingly created crescent moons on his hand and cutting into his skin. He ignored the pain and grit his teeth.

Emotions flooded her eyes as she gazed at the woman lying on the trail.

'One with the dirt, aren't we?'

"I-is she d-dead?" Amu asked fearfully

The old woman's eyes shot open, blood shot and weary. Her eyes were watery, evidence that she had been crying.

"No, child I'm not dead. Not yet anyways."

"Is there anything you want? Or need?" she asked cautiously, trying not to stir emotions

"I don't want your futile efforts to save me. But I do want your word on something." She said boldly

"Anything. Just say what I'm promising." She said

"Bury me. It's okay if it's not deep in the ground. I want to be buried where I died and where I, in my opinion, achieved my freedom."

"Yes ma'am. I will abide by your wish." Amu said solemnly

"Amu, please listen. I know or at least I heard your story. Please don't give up on love and the man you love. You're not the only one that knows the secret." She whispered

Amu's eyes widened in shock but erased her surprise and nodded softly. She bent down and whispered,

"Thank you."

She rose and watched as the women eyes dropped close forever.

"Mina and Keitaro fetch the men and tell them that they'll be digging a grave. Direct them back to this woman." She said softly

" Yes ma'am" they said in unison

With head hang low and tears running down their cheeks they sprinted up the trail calling for men to help. Amu watched as they darted back and forth like pistols.

' Cute.'

She smiled softly and sank down to the ground, leaning on a sole tree. Fatigue surged through her and she rested.

' I'm tired. My body aches and my heart feels like it's going to break. But I can't give up.'

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