Maureen was writing another one of her performances while Joanne was at work, she's been dealing with a big case this month and it's caused a lot of fighting between the two women, Maureen is upset that her lover's attention hasn't constantly been on her lately.

The knocking on the apartment door echoed the room, Maureen glanced over at the door and smiled; she jumped up from the couch, tossing the notepad and pencil on the coffee table. She ran to the door and opened it to reveal Roger, Mark, and Mimi.

"Perfect timing!" Maureen cheered as they entered the apartment and Maureen shut the door behind them, "Are Collins and Angel still coming?"

"Uh-huh." Mimi answered as they all moved to the living room.

"So why are we having a party again?" Roger questioned, "Nothing special is it, so what's the point?"

"Jo's just had a tough case this month and I figured a party might help her, besides it gives us all an excuse to drink!" Maureen giggled.

"Fine, but no funky party games Mo!" Roger warned.

Mark stood up and walked around the three with his camera, Roger eyed him with an annoyed expression.

"Doing another documentary, Mark?" Mimi questioned watching him record.

"Yep, he's going to have that camera shoved in our faces all year again." Roger groaned as there was more pounding on the door.

"Come in!" Maureen yelled.

The door opened and in stepped Angel and Collins who was carrying a bottle of champagne and Stoli.

"Let's party, bitches!" Collins smiled holding up the two bottles.

Collins and Angel went and sat down with the rest of the group; Collins sat the two bottles on the coffee table and leaned back, putting his arm around Angel's shoulder.

"When will Joanne be here?" Angel asked, sounding joyful as always.

Maureen looked at the clock on the wall, "A few minutes." She smiled.

Mimi and Angel helped Maureen get the glasses from the kitchen and bring them to the living room; as Maureen sat the last glass in her hand down there was a knock at the door. Mimi and Angel sat back down as Maureen went to go get the door. Maureen opened the door to reveal an exhausted look Joanne; Joanne walked inside, right past Maureen without a word, she walked to their bedroom, oblivious to the people in her living room on the way there, she shut the door behind her without a word. Maureen shut the front door and followed Joanne to the bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind her.

"Pookie?" Maureen called out in the empty room, looking around for her lover who had disappeared.

Joanne walked out of the bathroom, putting her clothes up and turning her attention to Maureen, "Yes, Honeybear?"

"How was work?" Maureen asked cautiously, worried that she wouldn't want the party she had planned seeming she was so tired.

"Exhausting and stressful as always," Joanne replied now looking through her briefcase, "Why?"

"No reason..." Maureen muttered getting a strange look from her lover, "Pookie, I invited everyone over for a party, hoping it would help with you stressing out all the time, they're waiting in the living room if you want to come join us."

"Maureen, you couldn't have checked with me first?" Joanne groaned, putting her briefcase up then walking over to Maureen.

"I'm sorry..." Maureen pouted innocently, "I was just trying to help, Pookie."

Joanne looked at her upset lover, her heart sank, she knew Maureen didn't mean any harm by it but she still wished she would've talked with her first.

Joanne sighed at her pouty lover, placing her hand on her pale cheek, smiling warmly at her, trying to cheer her up, "I know, Honeybear, let's go have a party, okay?"

They walked back into the living room where everyone was seated, they all greeted her; Joanne and Maureen sat down in floor.

"So what are we doing?" Joanne questioned, picking up one of the glasses.

"Let's play never have I ever!" Maureen shouted, clapping.

"No, I said no party games." Roger protested, leaning back and crossing his arms.

Mimi gave him a puppy dog look, "Come one, Roger, it'll be fun."

"Fine," Roger groaned, "But if I will quit if it gets too weird."

"Alright." Maureen giggled, jumping up and retrieving 7 shot glasses from the kitchen and returning to the group, passing out the glasses and sitting back down beside Joanne.

"Who's going first?" Mark questioned while filling all the shot glasses with Stoli.

"I will," Roger said as everyone moved to the floor and sat in a circle with their shot glasses on the ground in front of them, "Never have I ever…fooled around with two or more people at the same time."

Mark and Maureen picked up their glasses, Roger started laughing, Mark glared at him; "Maureen made me do it, shut up!"

"With who?!" Mimi squealed through laughter.

"A random person…" Mark replied.

"And this person was a?" Collins chuckled, trying to control his laughter.

"A guy." Maureen answered, without hesitation. "Mark, you can go."

Mark sat there thinking for a moment, "Never have I ever fantasized about a friend's partner."

Maureen and Roger both took a shot.

"Who?!" Mimi questioned Roger.

Roger gave her a sorry look, "When Mark and Maureen first started dating I kind of had a dream…never mind."

Everyone burst into laughter except Maureen and Roger; Maureen crossed her arms and huffed, "Shush!" Everyone stopped laughing and looked at her, "I'm going since Roger's already asked. Um…, I've done that…how about…no, I've done that too…um…"

"We'll be here all night." Roger chuckled, "Just ask a damn question."

"Never have I ever paid someone or been paid for sex." Maureen smiled happily.

"Wow, that's shocking." Roger stated.

Mimi, Mark and Roger all took a shot.

"My turn," Mimi giggled, "Never have I ever screwed around in an elevator."

"You've never even been in one, sweetie." Roger said.

"I'm trying to make the game more interesting, Roger." Mimi giggled.
Maureen and Joanne took a shot.

"You go girl!" Collins said making Joanne embarrassed.

"Okay, Pookie, your turn." Maureen said as everyone's attention turned to the lawyer.

"Never have I ever given anyone a lap dance." Joanne smiled, knowing, like everyone else, who would have to take a shot.

Maureen, Mimi…Roger and Collins, everyone burst into laughter while Collins and Roger tried to hide their faces.

"Never have I ever woken up to someone giving me…oral." Collins said, thinking about it.

"Why'd you hesitate?" Roger smiled slyly.

"I was trying to think of how to put it so it still applies to the women of the group." Collins replied, chuckling.

Maureen, Joanne, and Roger all had to take a shot.

"Now who goes?" Joanne questioned, "We've all went…"

"Angel. She's the only one who hasn't gotten to ask a question yet so it's only far." Maureen answered.

"Never have I ever had sex in my parent's bed." Angel said, watching everyone to see who would drink.

Roger, Maureen, Collins, and Mark all drank, everyone looked at Mark, shocked, he held up his hands.

"Long story," Mark said putting his hands back down.

"Now what?" Angel questioned.

"How did all of you even know how to play this?" Maureen groaned, "It's just random at this point, whoever wants to go can go…or we can play another game."

"Let's plat a different game." Mimi suggested, "I have a feeling that if we play this game too much longer you're going to be extremely drunk and Mark and Roger will start aiming the questions at each other."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Joanne said, remembering how many shots Maureen had already had to take.

"Well what should we play now?" Maureen asked, snuggling up to Joanne.