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Joanne walked her co-workers to the door, trading good-byes, shutting the door and locking it back, she walked in the kitchen and got a glass of water, gulping it down when she suddenly remembered Maureen, tossing her cup in the sink she quickly walked to the bed room, slowly opening the door, for good reason, as she expected Maureen had fallen asleep while writing, she quietly shut the door, walking over to her and sliding behind her and wrapping her arms around her waist, Maureen move around in her arms to get comfortable, still fast asleep; Maureen wrapped her arms around Joanne's thigh, curling up to lay her head on Jo's knee. Joanne smiled and rubbed her back while playing with her hair before she eventually fell asleep as well.

The next morning Maureen woke to the sound of plates and silver-wear hitting in the kitchen, she groaned, remembering what was supposed to happen last night as she noticed she was still in her lingerie, even her heels, she rolled over as Jo entered the room with two plates.

"Hungry, honey?" She asked sitting down on the bed and gesturing for her to take one of the plates.

Maureen sighed and sat up, snatching the plate and placing it on the side table, crossing her arms and pouting.

Joanne looked over at her confused, setting her plate on her side table and wrapping her arms around Mo's waist, "If you don't want that I can fix you something else to eat."

Maureen smirked, pecking Joanne's lips before leaning in to whisper in her ear, "I know something else I much rather eat for breakfast."

Joanne, shivered at her hot breath and seductive tone, smiling before pulling into a heated, heavy kiss; Maureen quickly pulled away, unbuttoning Joanne's pants and sliding them off along with her underwear, then moving to her top and bra.

Joanne smiled, shaking her head, "In a hurry?"

Maureen smiled, kissing her passionately before planting soft kisses down her body to her center, teasing her. Joanne suppressed a moan, pleading by lifting her hips up; Maureen happily fulfilled her wish, massaging her clit with her tongue and slipping a finger into her tight folds making Joanne groan pleasure. Maureen slid another finger in her, making her gasp; Joanne pulled her up, making her stop and pulling her into a kiss and sitting up to take her lingerie, underwear, and bra off; Maureen undid the straps to her heels and slid them off, Joanne grabbed her and moved to straddle her leg, both of them started grinding in sync with one another. Joanne gripped the pillow, finally hitting climax.

"Ah!" Joanne moaned, gripping tightly to the pillow behind her head as she climaxed, suppressing a scream.

Maureen followed closely behind, around Joanne composing herself Maureen let go, trembling in Joanne's arms, Joanne held her tighter to her kissing the top of the head. Maureen's breathing finally started to calm, she snuggled closer to her lover, wrapping her arms around her neck and her legs around her waist, laying her head on her shoulder and placing a soft kiss on her jaw line.

"I love you, Pookie." Maureen sighed into Jo's neck, smiling happily.

"I love you too, Honeybear." Joanne giggled.

Maureen laughed to herself, pulling back to look at Joanne "Can we eat now?"

Joanne smiled and nodded, grabbing her plate from the side table and feeding Maureen a strawberry, making them both giggle.

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