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Inkheart smiled as she flew over the castle of Hotel Transylvania. She stopped at windowsill of Count Dracula. Her eyes observed the room until she spotted the picture she was looking for. In it was a happy Martha and Vlad.

Inkheart looked down and sighed. She was the Goddess of love and poetry; so she hated seeing broken hearts.

Inkheart frowned, not liking how his love had been taken from him so soon. There was nothing she could do about the fact his zing died such a tragic death. Inkheart's head snapped up.

"He found his zing and lost her…but" Inkheart's eyes widened with glee and she smiled a toothy smile.

"But he has yet to find his spark" Inkheart grinned and her body faded as she returned home. Her small furry body hopped through the busy hallways until she came to a halt at her door. She entered and began immediately shifting through her files.

Zings were what you get when you have a certain connection with someone that was full warmth and love. A zing only came once a lifetime. But a spark! Oh, how glorious a spark is! A spark had all the qualities of a zing and so much more. A spark had love, which is the most important, and it had warmth. Just like a zing. However, it also came with passion, desire, and loyalty. Much more intimate than a zing and the better.

A spark only came once every four centuries though. It is a good thing she always had a few sparks to spare for those who deserved them the most. However, it all depended what year the spark was born. She shifted through the rather small pile compared to all the other categories. She stopped and grabbed a potentional contestant.

"Maybe you're it" She hummed thoughtfully. She opened the file and from within the folder popped out another a dull golden file. Inkheart picked it up with surprise.

"Whoa, what a find!" Silver files were good. Gold were excellent but a dull gold file was much rarer.

The file read:

Name: ?

Type: Spark

Born: February, 18, 1466

Year of decease: 1468

Reason of death: Abandoned as a baby, lived with orphanage, child was stolen from orphanage at age 2, Was abandoned in a garbage can where the child died of food poisoning five days later.

Inkheart's heart went out to the child.

Inkheart smiled, she had accidently found the right candidate.

Now time to ask a favor from Ticker, the Goddess of time and age. In addition, maybe inform Death, the God of Death and the undead, that a certain someone will not be able to attend their appointment for a couple centuries or more.

Inkheart hummed and walked out of her office.

She knew the perfect person to be the unnamed girl's guardian.

Inkheart hopped through the busy hallway again. All the messengers, Gods, and Goddesses were busily hopping about.

"Now for the tricky part" Inkheart muttered to herself. How was she going to keep the girl alive for four centuries?

"Life" Inkheart whispered, gazing up at the sign that read Life. Inkheart took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

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