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Vlad slowly awakened to the pain that his stomach was creating in a demand for food and blood. He yawned and stretched, snuggling into his soft pillow that faintly smelled like blueberries. Wait a pillow? Vlad opened his eyes. He was in a dark room that was illuminated by the soft glow of a full moon. Vlad's sensitve ears heard a quiet sigh near himslef.

'There is something here with me' Vlad's breath caught in throat. The girl who he had been 'following' (He was NOT Stalking her! He was.. uh..NEVERMIND THAT!) sleeping on his chest. Vlad watched with wide eyes, her chest rising and falling as she slept. She looked eerily beautiful in pale blue moonlight. Vlad's stomach growled. Rather loudly if he might add.

Pie's eyes fluttered open and she yawned quietly. Vlad felt the odd feeling in chest intensify. She looked at her makeshift pillow sleeppily and her eyes lost their drowsiness. Replaced with alarm.

"I'm umm so s-sorry! I did-..uh!" She frantically patted down her ruffled hair, blushing a nice shade of red.

"It is alright" His voice came out raspy and raw like he had not talked in a while. Pie got up from chair and nervously wrung her hands. There was an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes until Vlad's stomach rumbled.

"Are you hungry? Would you like an apple?" Pie offered. Vlad nodded slowly. Pie motioned for him to stay and she dashed out of the room.

'Maybe an apple will satisfy my stomach for just a moment'

Vlad took the time to study her room. The walls, his night vision helping him, were a pale blue. He was in pale blue bed that was placed in the middle room. To his right was a closet, mirror, and clothing hooks which held an assortment of various ties and bows. To his left was a large window, which is how the moonlight was seeping into the room. There were various pieces of machinery and tools all about. There was a desk in front of the large window with paper, pens, and other art supplies scattered about along with random pieces of machinery.

"What an interesting girl" Vlad said aloud. Pie returned with a cup of water and a ruby red apple. She placed the items on the bedside table.

"Thank you" Vlad said quietly. Pie smiled sweetly, making his cheeks turn the same shade as the apple.

"You're very welcome, Mr…..?"

"My name is Count Vlad Dracula" He replied. Pie's eyes widened.

"Oh my.." Pie continued to look at Vlad with suprise. Vlad frowned, concerned as to what shocked her so.

"Is something wrong?" Pie fanned her face and took a seat.

"That means you're Vlad the second's son" Now in was his turn to be surprised.

"You knew my father?" Pie smiled softly and nodded.

"Yes" Vlad's eyes widened considerably.

"But he died 16 years ago and you weren't even born yet!" Vlad exclaimed. Pie blushed .

"I'm older than I look" Vlad eyed her skeptically.

"How old are you" Pie shifted nervously in her seat.

"Well it's 1801" Pie rubbed her chin thoughtfully, staring up at the roof. Pie muttered something, moving her hands about.

"I'm 335 years old!" Pie chirped. Vlad's jaw dropped.


"I don't know" Pie shrugged. "Sometimes I wake up and find myself slightly taller and older" Pie squirmed in her seat nervously.

'Well she's certainly not 335 years old mentally.' Vlad thought, noticing how childish and innocent she seemed.

"How old are you?"

"I'm 88 years old but in human years I would be 8 yeard old"

Pie nodded thoughtfully.

"I guess I have the mindset and body of a 7 year old" She said thoughtfully.

Vlad reached for the apple and bit down, sucking the juice from it.

"OH MY WAFFLES" She suddenly shouted, springing out her seat. The poor chair was knocked back with force it was given.

"What!?" Vlad asked, clearly startled from her outburst. Pie grabbed his arm and practically dragged him downstairs into the darkness of the woods.

"Where are we going?" Vlad panted when she finally stopped. Pie turned around and smiled hesitantly.

"You're a vampire right?" Vlad grinned, showing off his fangs. Pie giggled and pushed him forward towards a Doe who lay bleeding.

"I saw it limp into the woods not so long ago"

Vlad looked back at Pie uncertainly.

"Go on" She smiled kindly at him. Vlad kneeled down before the wounded animal and sank his teeth into its neck. The blood oozed out of the bite and onto his face. He greedily drank his fill. Vlad stood up and saovored the sensation of the blood that was steadily flowing down his chin. He finally noticed Pie staring at him with a thoughtful look.

Vlad blushed and hurriedly wiped off whatever leftovers that was still on his face. Pie giggled and grabbed his hand, leading him back to the mansion.

"I have a feeling you'll be staying for awhile so you may have one of the spare bedrooms for now" Pie opened a heavy wooden door, revealing a dark room. There were no windows and in the middle of the room stood a lone coffin. Vlad turned to Pie with a startled expression.

"Why on earth do you have a room like this?"

"Your Father was a friend of mine so my Father and I allowed him to stay for a while"

"I see" Vlad walked to coffin his body suddenly tired and aching. He opened the coffin and sat down.

"Are you comfortable?" Pie asked nervously, eyeing the scratches on his face curiously. Vlad nodded.

"Do you mind if I ask a question?" Pie nervously shifted from foot to foot.

"You are already asked one but you can ask another" He smiled cheekily down at her.

"How d-did you get h-hurt?" Vlad frowned, the expression pulling down his face down.

"It's a long story"

Pie walked over and sat opposite of him. The coffin smelled like leather and iron.

"I have time"

Vlad sighed.

"I don't know where to start"

"Start from the beginning then" Pie suggested softly. A flicker of sorrow flashed through his face.

"My Mother and Father were murdered around this time sixteen years ago" Vlad slicked back a strand of unruly hair. Pei's face fell as she thought of her dear friend. "They tried to take my life too but I managed to escape" Pie gasped softly. She did not want to interrupt his story so she tried her best to tell him she was here for him with her body and facial expressions. She looked at him with kind eyes and took his hand into her own.

Vlad stared at their hands for a moment before continuing his story.

"A scientist was experimenting with vampires, trying to make the perfect warrior. Normal vampire blood only lasted for so long. He needed Dracula blood" Pie gave his hand a squeeze.

"He'd had been experimenting with animals and humans combined to make some type of Human-Animal hybrid. Normal vampire blood gave them life but only for so long. He had a small army of men go after my family and I was the only that survived the attack" Vlad felt a rebel tear slide down his cheek.

"Once he got hold of my parent's blood he created two 'warroirs'. A blue jay and an ordinary backyard snake. He had made them from his best men and he sent them after me. I managed to flee Romania and I hitched a train to France" Pie nodded, understanding how he got here.

"They found me though. They caught me but I managed to evade them and run deeper into the woods. Then I fell" Vlad winced.

"I lost them but I knew I would have died out here from infections or blood loss but something or someone found me. I don't remember much after that" Vlad finished, slicking back his hair. No matter how hard he searched his mind, the memory after falling evaded him.

"There's a big gap between me getting injured and finding that small shack" Vlad decided not to mention the following part. He didn't really want to reveal to her about the whole following her around bits.' No need to scare a potential ally.' He thought nervously.

Vlad blushed looking down at his hand. Pie gave him a questioning look and looked down also. That's when she realized she was still holding his hand.

"Sorry" She muttered, letting go. Vlad frowned slightly once the warmth in his hand receded. Replaced with a certain cold and emptiness in his stomach he could not quite explain.

"It's alright Miss…?" Pie sensed a question coming.


"I didn't quite catch your name, Madame" Vlad said politely, yearning for the girl's name. How he managed not to hear it would remain a mystery to him and everybody else.

Pie, still sitting, took hold of the edge of her trousers and did a small curtsey.

"My name is Pie Da Vinci" Vlad's eyes widened.

"Like the famous painter?" Pie winked at him.

"The one and only" Vlad gaped at her.

"I thought he.. er.." Vlad stopped gaping with a blush. 'How did he have children…?'

"I thought he was.. umm.. homosexual.."

Pie laughed and gave him a sweet smile.

"My father did not marry nor have kids. He wasn't one for romantic relationships" Vlad looked at her in confusion

"You mentioned him as your Father though"

"He adopted me off the streets and if he hadn't done just that.. well…" Pie shrugged and looked gravely at him. "I probably wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him… and a higher force" Pie said, thinking of how she managed to live this long.

"I see" He decided to leave alone that last bit for another time.

Pie climbed out of the coffin and yawned, stretching her limbs above her head.

"I'm a bit tired so I'll be going to sleep" Vlad nodded.

"Goodnight, Vlad" She smiled sweetly at him and closed the door behind her as she left.

"Goodnight, Pie" Vlad breathed into the darkness even though she was long gone.

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