Out of nowhere demons appeared. Probably coming from that white light. I was surrounded. One seraph blade and six demons plus Lilith. A demon ran forward with such speed it caused me to cry out in alarm. I jumped up and grabbed a wooden plank that was hanging from chains on the ceiling. From below, the sounds of metal and wood screeching came from the demons that were trying to get me. After about ten minutes my hands were sleek with sweat. My heart was racing. The demons below me were ravage beasts. They had razor sharp teeth and razor sharp claws. The demons were staring up and me and hissing, making their saliva hit my leg. I got a tingling sensation in not only my leg but my arms and hands too. That's when I slipped. I landed with a thud. The demons were a little surprised by the sudden fall but recovered rather quickly. They all attacked at once. I took three demons out at once. They folded in on themselves and disappeared. The other demons wouldn't go as easily. I was trying to keep my eye on the three and Lilith but I lost the third one when I went to battle with the other two. Lilith just stood her ground and watched. The two demons in front of me hissed and attacked. I dug my seraph blade into its chest and dragged it up through the demon's body. It shriveled up and disappeared. The demon that I lost track of was behind me and swiped my back. I cried out. The demon had dug its razor sharp claws into my skin while I hacked away at the demon in front of me. I finally killed it and turned to the demon that caused me to bleed. It hissed and charged. I jumped out of the way just in time. I was about to kill it when it pinned me down. My hand was being squished on the ground while my body was being crushed by the demon on top of it. I twisted the seraph blade in my grip and made it stick upwards. Then I drove it up and along the demon's body. It screamed bloody murder before folding in on itself. I jumped up and faced Lilith.

"That all you got?" Seriously, I shouldn't have said anything.

My adrenaline was the only thing keeping me going right now. Lilith flicked the whip forward but I didn't jump out of the way in time. It hit me in the shoulder. A burning sensation filled my body. I threw the seraph blade and it hit Lilith dead in the chest. Too bad she doesn't go down that easily. I'd have to stab her where her heart would be. Lilith yanked the blade out of her chest and threw it across the room. Far out of my reach. Damn. I checked my pockets for something useful but there was nothing but my stele. And I don't have time to draw an iratze. This is bad. For all I know it could slowly be killing her right now. Lilith took her whip and flicked it forward again. It wrapped around my waist and dug painfully into my skin. She yanked it and I fell crashing forward. I was right in front of her. The blade still on the other side of the room. Lilith, on the other hand, stupidly threw me towards it when she was trying to make me hit the wall. I did and trust me when I say this. It hurt like hell was beating me up. It only felt like that because of my back. I crawled forward and grabbed the seraph blade. Lilith flicked her whip forward again and it wrapped around my waist and pulled me to her. I gritted my teeth together. We were close again. I whispered the seraph blade's name under my breath. Lilith pulled out a sword from who knows where and at the same time we drove the blades through each other's chest. We screamed so loud I'm surprised we didn't wake all of Paris. Luckily, before I blacked out or died, I saw I hit my mark. Lilith was weakened for another few years.

Jace POV

I was walking around the Institute trying to find my parabatai. All I could find was an empty house. Except for a note that was from Maryse saying that she went out to get some food. That's when I felt it. An overwhelming pain in my chest. I felt like I was suffocating and being stabbed in the heart at the same time. I staggered over to the counter right before passing out.

Izzy POV

The doors opened again and that's how we knew that Clary did it. After all the screaming that went on I hoped she did anyway. We all ran into the room. Lilith was gone, but Clary. Oh, Clary. She laid on the floor, eyes closed and a sword sticking out from her chest. A pool of blood surrounded her. Magnus ran over and checked for a pulse.

"It's there but just barely." Magnus confirmed. "She's dying and we need to help her or she'll be dead for good."

We all listened to what Magnus had to say. There was no time for crying. As much as I wanted to I couldn't. I had to be strong. Clary is not and will not die. She can't. She just can't. Jace needs her. Jocelyn needs her. Luke needs her. We all need her. She can't just die on us. Clary may have weakened Lilith but that didn't give her the right to die on us. Magnus portal-ed us back to his house. He was carrying Clary so his clothes were bloody. Magnus laid her down on the wooden table in the kitchen and carefully ripped the sword out. Clary's body jerked but then stopped. I felt like crying even harder.

"All of you need to go back to the Institute. Make sure Jace is okay. He might as well know now. So he can mourn properly in case, well, you can see."

"She will not die," said Simon through clenched teeth. Silent tears already running down his face.

I grabbed Simon and we headed back to the Institute only to find Jace unconscious on the floor.

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