Romance in Black

Pairing: Dash x Danny

Warnings: Homosexual relationships. Main DP characters of the story are in their senior year of high school and are 18 years of age. Cross dressing. Violence. Foul language.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is a product of Nickelodeon. All characters in this story are imaginary.

Summary: When a new man enters Casper High School, Danny dresses as a woman in an attempt to escape him.

Written: December 2004 -September 2005

Chapter 01

Danny stared at the board the teacher was writing examples of math problems on with little interest. The teacher was so boring that he was about to join the rest of the class in sleeping until the bell rang. But a knock on the doorframe drew his mind back from the realm of dreams, and his head, along with all the other students' heads, turned to the doorway.

In walked a tall man, about the same height as Dash but not as muscular. His black hair was spiky though the roots of brown hair could be seen amidst the black. His dark, onyx eyes scanned the room as he walked toward the math teacher, Mr. Henderson. When his gaze landed on Danny, a smirk crossed his face, sending shivers down the half ghost's spine. Then he turned to the teacher and handed him a slip of paper. The teacher made a "hmm" sound as he looked it over before handing it back to the man.

"Class, we have a new student joining us from New York," Mr. Henderson announced. "His name is Devon Mancer. Devon, there's an open seat behind Daniel Fenton." He waved in the direction of the named man before returning to his lesson plan. Danny glanced around the classroom and noticed that the desk behind him really was the only one open. A surge of panic ran through him.

Devon strolled down the aisle of desks, walking toward Danny and catching a few looks from the women in the classroom. He took his seat behind the half ghost, and Danny felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Something about this new man made Danny nervous, and he didn't like that feeling. It was like the man set off his ghost sense, except he didn't.

"Fenton!" Mr. Henderson shouted, snapping his student back to reality. "Please give the answer to this problem."

Danny stared at the problem that the teacher pointed to, but he didn't understand the problem at all. His brow knitted in concentration. He heard a whisper behind him, but he ignored it. "Um, four," he replied uncertainly. Giggles followed his answer as the teacher sighed in disappointment.

"Mancer, would you like to give it a try?" Mr. Henderson asked.

"The answer is six hundred ninety," Devon answered with a smug smirk on his face.

"Correct!" Mr. Henderson looked proud to have a student who actually knew the answer for once. "Perhaps you could learn something from our new student, Fenton." Then he started writing the next problem on the board.

Danny sank in his seat with a small blush on his face, feeling completely embarrassed. His guess wasn't even close to the real answer. Then again, he didn't even have a clue how to do the problem the teacher wanted him to solve. Math was still one his weaker subjects.

When the bell rang, Danny felt greatly relieved to be able to escape the doom that was known as math. He gathered his books and headed for the door behind the rest of his classmates. But a foot he didn't see tripped him, sending him to the floor and his books scattered when he lost his grip on them. Laughter filled his ears, and his blush returned with a vengeance, now coloring all the way to the tips of his ears.

Mr. Henderson gave a snort at the fallen student before he followed the rest of the students out of the classroom and leaving Danny alone on the floor. As he reached to pick up his books, Danny heard the creak of a closing door. When he lifted his head, he found Devon standing before the closed door. Then he heard a click as the other man locked it.

"What – What are you doing?" Danny stuttered, letting the books fall from his hand as he stumbled away.

Devon stalked forward, his smirk taking on a more malicious look. Danny now felt even more scared than when Dash promised to break his neck the next time he did something to piss off the jock. He didn't like that look on the other man's face. Devon stood between him on the only exit to the classroom, unless Danny wanted to take a little fall out the window. Before Danny could reach a decision on what to do in his current situation, Devon grabbed the man by the arms and slammed him into the wall. Danny's shoulder hit the pencil sharpener near the chalk board, making him wince in pain.

Great. Just what I need, Danny thought, grinding his teeth at the pain in his shoulder. Another Dash to beat me into a bloody meat patty.

"There's something about you," Devon whispered, pushing the man harder against the wall as he leaned in closer. At this distance, Danny could see the black rings of eyeliner around the other man's eyes. A tongue snuck out as he licked his lips, and Danny noticed a flash of silver, realizing Devon had a pierced tongue.

The handle of the door jiggled as someone tried to open the locked door. Devon shot a glare at it with a small growl at whomever decided to interrupt him. He pulled Danny off the wall and shoved the man away. Danny stumbled, falling into the row of desks. The metal legs scraped along the tile flooring, and a thud followed when Danny hit the ground.

Devon smirked as he walked to the door and unlocked it. When he opened the door, the person on the other side backed away in shock. Devon strolled out of the room as if nothing happened, tucking his hands into the pockets of his black leather pants.

Danny climbed to his feet, rubbing his sore head where he had hit it on the desk. A hand dropped onto his hurt shoulder, and he flinched, partly in pain and partly in fear.

"Danny." Tucker's voice reached his ears, and Danny's head shot up to see his friend with a worried expression on his face. "Are you okay?"

"No," Danny answered as he pulled his hand away from his forehead and found a small splash of red on it. "That new kid is as bad as Dash."

"You mean that Goth dude that just left?" Tucker pointed to the door.

"Yeah, he slammed my shoulder into the pencil sharpener and then threw me into the desks." Danny hissed in pain as he tentatively touched the bump forming on his forehead. "Is there like a magnetic force here that draws in assholes like Dash and Devon?"

"And they all seem to love to use you as their punching bag," Tucker added as he patted his friend on the uninjured shoulder. He felt sorry for the way the jocks treated his friend. He knew what it was like to be the target of the jocks' bullying, but Danny was still the jocks' favorite. "Sam's waiting for us at our lockers."

Danny stooped to pick up his books, only then becoming aware of the shooting pain in his knee. After gathering his things again, he followed Tucker out of the classroom with a limp. Danny hated that the teachers never even paid attention to the bullying that he had to endure.

"At least tonight, we can have a nice relaxing movie night at Sam's," Danny said as they walked through the halls, not noticing the pair of eyes watching them. Danny had been looking forward to that night all week. It was the one night that month he set aside as a "no ghost hunting" night.