Out of the Shadows

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"Nienna Amandil" Galadriel declared her golden hair flying behind her as the wind rippled through it

This name caused many mutterings amongst the Elven counsel and many proclamations of disbelief

"It cannot be" Elrond said, his eyes fixed on Galadriel "she has been long lost for years"

Galadriel smiled speaking softly

"She is alive"

Elrond couldn't believe his ears "How?" he managed regaining his composure

Galadriel turned to him smiling

"She is a survivor. She was encased in a coffin of ice and once freed by sheer determination she has survived many things; Orcs, Goblins, Uruk-Hai. Suffice to say she is healthy and well however she does not know anyone and does not recognize family members or anyone for that matter, I have spoken with her, she seems to be rather fond with me"
Elrond sighed

"We must gather the council. Call forth the council; we must discuss this matter along with the Ring that Gandalf has told us about"

"The Ring? The one forged by Sauron in secret?" Haldir asked

"The very same"

"It must be handed to the greatest warrior or used against Sauron himself"

"We will speak of this in time…" Elrond trailed off deep in thought

She tucked a lock of black silky hair behind her ear as she notched and arrow and pulled back aiming at a particularly ugly Orc and releasing, the arrow hit the unfortunate Orc who toppled off of the edge after choking

The other four took no notice of him and carried on walking past as she flattened her back against the smooth pillar that was part of the entrance to her home-well tomb

She notched two arrows and fired at two unfortunate Orcs who fell to their doom and again with the remaining ones

Her home was protected…well for now at least, she lit a fire with a candle stick from her tomb and set fire to the Orcs and once she was satisfied with her work she headed back into the tomb

Her tomb was magnificently crafted with an arched roof that had a rectangle cut into it with a rather thick panel of glass that could be confused with rock allowing light to shaft into the tomb giving some light along with the eternal torches in their brackets that hung on the walls when she heard a voice in her head

"Hello Nienna"

"Hello Galadriel" she replied

"How are you?"

"I am fine; I was just fending off some Orcs that were passing my tomb. More of them are coming often and I hear them talking of a kind of Ring of Power"

"Ah…the Ring. It was forged in the fires of Mount Doom by Sauron; it holds his cruelty and malice and will corrupt any one who bears it for a long period of time"

"I see, but why are they passing my tomb?"

"They think you have the Ring"


"Yes you, as the Ring was lost for a long time and you were encased in ice for a very long time they think you posses it"

"What should I do?"
"You must leave your tomb. Take all your weapons and some clothes though pack lightly, I will imprint the route to Rivendell in your mind. Be wary of passers and do not trust easily unless you believe them to be good hearted"
"Thank you"

"You are most welcome my dear friend, do take care Nienna"

And with that Galadriel's voice disappeared from her mind and Nienna began to pack

Knives, daggers, swords, her bow and a few quivers of arrows in a pack with a few clothes and healing herbs stashed at the bottom. Galadriel had provided her with this when she'd visited and Nienna was more than grateful

Once she was done she took one last look over her cave before drawing her hood of her cloak onto her head and heading out

Sword at her side, quiver on her back, bow in her hand and daggers strapped to her belt she walked out into the unknown, prepared to face whatever fate would throw at her

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