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Present time

"Alright Brittany, are you ready?" Nev asked from the driver's seat, as he put the car in park.

I took a deep breath and unfastened my seatbelt. I'm nervous, I know that Cameron is who he says he is. It's just that we've never met, and I know he likes me over the computer, but what if he doesn't like me in real life? "As ready as I'll ever be." I said nervously.

"Alright well let's go meet your dream guy." Max said swinging the back door open with his camera safely in his hands.

I took another deep breath and opened my door. Shoot! My hands are shaking. I need to calm down. Be cool Brittany, you've been talking to this guy for a year now. He's practically in love with you… Why am I referring to myself in first person? Wait. Is it second person, or third person? Ugh. Why are there so many persons?

"Well, he has a really nice house." Max added. "He's obviously wealthy."

I looked up at the house and noticed just how big it was. That was my first seeing it like actually seeing it. It was huge! Which is kind of odd because Cameron and I are the same age, we're both twenty-one. He said he has his own place. I don't see how a twenty-one year old could afford a place like this… Unless he's a part of the Lima mafia… Which I don't think really exists. Does it?

Before I could even register what was happening, Nev was ringing the doorbell.

"Wait!" That was stupid of me. He had already rang the doorbell. It's too late to wait now.

"What? Are you okay?"

I nodded my head even though I wasn't. "Y-yea I'm fine." I felt like I was going to puke. Waiting by Cam's door was taking forever.

I wonder what his face will look like when he sees me for the first time. Well, he's seen pictures of me, but never in real life. What if he doesn't like my hair curled like this. I grabbed a few strands of hair and eyed them. Oh my gosh, its hideous. I probably look horrible.

Nev must've noticed the inner freakout session I was having. "Hey, calm down." He put his hand on my shoulder. "Just breathe."

I smiled warmly. "Okay." I said softly. Just breathe, relax, act normal. I turned my head back so that I was facing the door again. As soon as my eye connected with the door, it swung open.

I quickly plastered on a fake smile. Though I'm pretty sure it didn't look like I was smiling. I probably looked like I was about to cry. I looked at Cameron for a moment before I realized that… that this isn't Cameron. I scrunched my eyebrows and my smile fell. This is a girl.

"HI." She said smiling at me. She looked nervous. I didn't say anything back. I was still confused. This must be his mom… no she looks way too young. Maybe she's his sister.

"Uh… Cameron?" Nev asked sounding like he was unsure as I looked. She gave a slight nod, and then my confusion just got even worse.

"B-but you have boobs." I blurted out. I didn't mean to just blurt that out… but honestly she had her cleavage showing and… well, at the time that's what I was looking at.

I quickly looked to Nev, as if to say 'do something' because I sure as heck didn't know what to do.

"Yea, I do… about that…" She began.

"You're not really Cameron are you?" I asked disappointed.

"Yes." Was the first thing that came out, but then she changed her answer. "No… Yes, and no."

"Oh my gosh." I said in realization. "I know exactly what's going on here."

"You do?" She asked.

"Y-you're one of those transformers." She's one of those people who was born one gender but got transformed by doctors to be the other gender. Duh!

She arched an eyebrow and shook her head. "No, Britt… My name is Santana."

"Wait. So you're not Cameron?"

She brought her hands up to her face and let out a frustrated sigh. "I am Cameron, but not really. I only pretended to be Cameron to be close to you." She said in one big breath.

Honestly I was a little shocked. "So… Cameron isn't here?"

"God! No, Brittany. It's just me!"

"Why are you yelling?"

"Sorry. This is just a lot."

I scoffed. "Yea imagine falling for someone, then realizing everything was a lie. He's not actually the person he said he was." My anger was coming out of nowhere. I never get mad, maybe she shouldn't have yelled at me and I wouldn't have gotten upset.

She dropped her head in defeat. "I know." She sounded so small… actually she is quite small. She's a few inches shorter than me, long black hair, tan skin, and big brown eyes. She's actually kind of… pretty. "I'm sorry."

"Wow" Nev said. "This is quite the shocker."

"Yea…" She agreed softly. Maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea.

"Brittany here was obviously head over heels for this guy Cameron." Nev started, and a small smile spread across her face immediately. "Do you feel the same way about her as well?"

"Yes." She said it with no hesitation. There was no doubt or anything, and honestly she was beginning to freak me out.

"You're in love with me? But you don't even know me."

"Yes, I do know you... You just don't know me."

I had to close my eyes for a few seconds because looking at her was becoming too much. What the heck is going on? This girl, Santana, who I know nothing about, says she loves me. No, that can't be right. I mean it's not like I'm homophobic. I'm a bicorn for crying out loud… I just thought I was coming here to meet Cameron.

"Well, technically you do know me… you just had the wrong name and face. But, every time we text or messaged each other it was me. Any secret I told you was true."

"Really? I guess I'm just supposed to take your word for it?"

Her face fell. I don't think she knew what to say after that. So, I turned to Nev. "I want to go, now." Santana did absolutely nothing to try and stop us from leaving. She just stood on porch and watched us go.

When we were halfway to the car, something in my mind clicked. There's one more question I have to ask her. I stopped in my tracks and spun around. "Hey, Santana?" I called from across the driveway. "Why'd you do it?"

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