Monday morning Morgan does a double take as he sees the scarf Emily is wearing. Usually she's only that dressy for court.

"You testifying today?"

"Nope. Why?"

"The scarf. Usually you only wear something like that when you have to go to court."

Emily glares at her wife. "I hate profilers," she mutters as she sits down at her desk.

Morgan looks from her to JJ. JJ is blushing and pointedly looking in a desk drawer. Suddenly Morgan starts to chuckle.

"Way to go, Jareau," he teases as he wanders out of the bullpen.

JJ watches him go then turns to see her wife glaring at her. She shrugs. "I said I was sorry!"

"Hmph. Would help if you meant it. You're proud of yourself and you know it."

JJ can't stop the smile. "Well…yeah, maybe."

Reid walks up and drops his satchel on his desk. "What's with the scarf, Em? Do you have cou- -"

"Oh, shut up, Reid. I hate profilers," Emily grumps as she turns her attention to her email.

Reid looks at JJ in confusion. JJ mouths "I'll explain later". He nods and sits down as they get started on another week at the BAU.

A/N: So, there ends the fluff. The next story will be, yep you guessed it, a creepy case file that will make you wonder where the heck my mind comes up with this stuff. (And maybe makes you worry for my wife!) :o)