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"When do you think they will be back Winston?" Eve asked walking into the den.

"I know what you're thinking Eve, Humphrey isn't that kind of wolf. He's probably going to ask me permission to date Kate before he asks her." Winston said.

"How can you be sure, and what about Lilly and Garth? We don't know Garth that well." Eve asked.

"Well, Humphrey we can trust, but Garth, thats a different story, but if you can sense him lying to you I will not stop you from changing his sex to female." Winston joked looking at the evil grin crossing eves face.

POV Humphrey

"Humphrey, how long until we are home?" Lilly asked waking up from her nap with the pups.

"Not far." Humphrey said trying to rub his nose that was itching.

"Humphrey, what's wrong?" Kate asked waking up from her slumber.

"The cut on my nose is driving me crazy." Humphrey said trying to scratch it.

"Here, let me help you." Kate said pushing his paws away with her muzzle. She got real close and began to clean the cut and stopping the itching.

"Thanks, it was just killing me." Humphrey said lifting his muzzle up rubbing noses with Kate.

They sat there in that position until a voice from the other side of the train car rung out.

"Get a room." Garth said soon getting hit by Lilly's tail.

"Well um, get ready to jump, we're in Jasper" Humphrey said turning away and walking to the door.

"Grab the pups, we are close enough." Humphrey ordered


"Winston, I'm going for a walk." Eve said walking out into the forest.

Eve walked around the area worrying about her daughters until she heard the train. She quickly ran to the tracks to check if anyone was there.

"GIRLS!" She called seeing the two jump off the train.

"MOM!" They ran to each other only to be embraced in a hug by Eve

"What took you so long? I thought you got hurt." Eve asked backing up from the hug .

"Sorry mom, Humphreys cut took a while to heal." Kate replied.

"And where is this hero?" Eve asked thinking of the cuts she helped him with.

"Right here." Humphrey called back walking up to the group with the rest following them.

"First off, can Jill and Greg join the pack?" Humphrey asked just making sure .

"Of course, but I may ask, what happened to your face?" Looking at the rather ugly cut on the one side of his face.

"Just a little fight nothing to worry about, lets head to your den to talk." Humphrey said.

"Wait I need to ask you two boys one thing." She said looking at Humphrey and Garth "Have you mated with my daughters?" Eve asked looking Garth dead in the eyes.

"No." Humphrey said knowing she would ask and was ready for it.

Garth on the other hand swallowed which is a sign of weakness and betrayal and Eve jump at him but missed as Garth was already high tailing out of there.

"MOM DON'T!" Lilly Called but she was already gone.

"Take the pups to the den, I'll get Garth." Humphrey said taking off at an amazing speed.

Humphrey followed the noise and smell to a cave where he found Garth pinned to the ground and Eve standing on top of him.

Humphrey not knowing what she might do, he jumped to action tackling her off Garth and pinning Eve to the ground. "He did not mate with Lilly, I made sure knowing you would overreact." Humphrey said holding Eve down.

"Well, I take your word on this, but if you're lying." Eve said getting off the ground" "And you, I'll be watching you." She looked at Garth hiding behind Humphrey.

They watched her walk out. "I owe you one Humphrey." Garth said walking to the entrance of the cave. "What is her problem anyway? I'm married to Lilly, why can't I mate with her?" Garth asked sitting in the sun.

"Well with her you will need to talk to Eve to get permission to mate with her." Humphrey said sitting down beside garth.

"How do you know all this?" Garth asked.

"Well when I came here when I was a pup, they were real mean towards me hanging around Kate and I asked why, and Winston said that any male that wants anything to do with their daughters needs to get permission, so I asked to be Kates friend and that's why she tried to kill you and not me. And she's kind of mad with you not asking to marry Lilly." Humphrey said.

"Well that's good to know, I owe you big time. Anyways, lets get back before Lilly thinks I'm hurt or something." Garth said getting up and walking towards the main den.

POV Lily

"I hope he's alright." Lilly said real worried about Garth.

"Don't worry about it, Humphrey will protect him." Kate said sitting beside her in den.

"You sur..." she stopped seeing Eve come in, but there was blood around her mouth. "MOM!" Lilly cried out.

"Sweetie this is from a rabbit I just ate, Humphrey saved Garth I didn't touch him." Eve said cleaning the blood off.

"Lilly what's wrong?" Garth asked walking into the den.

"I thought she hurt you." Lilly said running up to him hugging him.

"Of course not, I said I would stop her." Humphrey said walking into the den.

"Thanks Humphrey." Lilly said.

POV Winston
"Now I understand that you two will need a den." Winston stated to Greg and Jill.

"Yes we could use one." Greg replied.

"Well, there's one big enough for you two and your pups around the corner to Humphreys den. May I ask, are you an alpha or an omega?" Winston asked.

"Well thanks to Humphreys training I can hunt and put up a good fight, so I'm an alpha and Jill is and omega that can hunt." He said.

"Well, go enjoy the week with your kids, then report to me for alpha duties. Winston stated turning to Humphrey. "Now, Humphrey, lets see what we got here." He said walking around inspecting him.

"Well I say you're one of the strongest wolves in this pack. You are an alpha now, but looking over the wounds you have received makes me think you've been through a lot. So, take a week off then report back." Winston said waving for him to leave which he did.

Humphrey lead Jill and Greg to their den.

"Now Lilly, can I talk to Garth alone please?" Winston asked.

Lilly nodded, leaving with Kate. Leaving Eve and Winston with Garth.

"Before we start, I would like to ask permission to mate with Lilly, and I only will if she wants to." Garh said looking straight at Winston.

"You talked to Humphrey didn't you." Winston asked knowing Humphrey was the only wolf that knew his rules.

"He might have gave me a heads up. And I'm am truly sorry for not asking permission to marry Lilly." Garth said still standing tall.

"Well thats all I wanted to talk about, please report in for tonights hunt." Winston watching him leave.

"Well thats a surprise." Eve said watching him leave.

"Well it's a relief because he was the only one we had to worry about because Humphrey knows my rules, and will follow them." Winston stated.

"Well I'm happy Humphrey will follow the rules because he pinned me in under three seconds flat. I wouldn't be able to hurt him if he broke the rules." Eve said

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