A month passed. Betty wasn't pregnant, and life resumed at normal. Archie and Jughead never really mended fences. Archie mainly kept to himself, obviously shocked by losing both of his girlfriends at once. Without Betty and Ronnie there to make him popular, all the girls lost interest. He really wasn't very good-looking or talented, and his only real draw was the devotion of two very popular girls.

Veronica started dating Reggie, and although the road was bumpy, and both of them had their past heart-aches regarding Betty and Jughead, they eventually smoothed things out. They started going steady shortly before graduation. They seemed happy.

While Jughead lost a friend in Archie, he gained one in Reggie. Shockingly, having two girlfriends so close to each other gave them something in common and they became the best of friends. Reggie goaded Jughead out of eating so much, and Jughead goaded Reggie out of being so conceited. They wound up being exactly the friend each other needed. Though Reggie still refused to stop hitting on Betty here and there, and called Jughead 'Needle-Nose'. They all knew he was just kidding.

Jughead spent as much time with Betty as he could, but he spent a lot of his spare time working odd jobs and saving up money. Betty was disappointed by the lack of companionship for those long hours, but her father assured her that it would be worth the wait. At night she would sometimes still climb across the tree and snuggle into Jughead's bed with him. Most of the time it was completely innocent.

Finals came and went, Jughead and Betty studying together and helping Ron and Reggie when they asked. They all scored rather high, and got special praise from the Bee. The graduation cap and gowns they ordered came in, and they all took their special graduation pictures at the studio. Jughead took to carrying Betty's close-up in his wallet.

Soon Graduation day arrived. Not so shockingly, Dilton Doiley was the valedictorian and delivered a rather long but touching speech commending his fellow classmates for always cheering him on. Also not so shockingly, Betty was the salutatorian, and received the honors of such a title on her transcript.

Her parents were so proud that they decided to throw a huge grad party for Betty with all of her friends invited, including Archie. Jughead was first on the list, and came over early to help set things up. Veronica insisted on footing the bill and getting fancy decorations. She also insisted that Jughead and Betty must show up at her own grad party the day after.

The party was in full swing, sparkling juices and music causing spirits to bubble. Couples danced and talked, and many congratulated Dilton and Betty on their success. Betty, however, noticed that Jughead had gone missing and decided to search him out.

"Hey Ron?" She elbowed her way through the dancing crowd to her best friend. "Have you seen Juggie anywhere?"

"Jughead? No? Could he be with Reggie? You know how close they are these days. It's almost sickening. I half expect them to run off together and leave us alone!" Ron put her hands on her hips. "Anyways, come see me later. I have a special gift for you, miss salutatorian. After you find Juggie, of course. You should invest in a leash."

"I might actually think about it, if he doesn't stop running off. Honestly, he's barely been around this past month! I know he was busy studying for finals and all, but really!" Betty sounded positively scandalized.

"Well, you better go find him! Tell him the what for!" Ronnie seemed to have noticed someone. "Oh! Yoohoo! Reggiekins!"

Reggie made his way over to them, stopping to admire Betty. "You are looking lovely today, Bets. I like a smart girl." Ronnie stomped on his foot and he winced, but both looked amused.

"Thanks, Reg, but have you seen Juggie?"

"Check the back lawn. That's where I saw him last." He sent her a rather peculiar wink, and Ronnie giggled. They seemed to be in on a joke that Betty didn't know about.

"Thanks...?" She gave them a confused glance before making her way outside. As soon as she opened the door, her mouth fell open. Outside the ground was littered with white flower petals, red roses made a pathway that led her to an arch. It was decorated completely with white roses and ferns. It was so lovely she could hardly tear her eyes away. And there, standing under the arch, was Jughead. He was wearing his silly crown, but also a very nice suit that seemed to accentuate his frame perfectly.

"Juggie?" Betty stepped out into the grass, her heel sinking into the plush vegetation. "What's going on?"

"Betty. Come here for a second, please." Her heart sped up, but she did as asked. She reached him and looked up, admiring the flowers.

"What's this about, Juggie?" Betty seemed to know in her heart that it was important.

"I'm sorry this past month I haven't been around. I've been working to save up some money." Jughead tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I want to do everything right by you. And this is one of those things."

"I don't understand... what were you saving up money for?" She blinked her large blue eyes at him, confused. In answer he dropped down on one knee and pulled a small box from his tuxedo pocket. He opened the lid and revealed a moderately sized diamond. It fit her perfectly, little gold and silver leaves adorning the band of the ring, making the diamond almost seem like a berry of sorts. Her heart squeezed, in both excitement and wonder at how he knew her so well.

"For this." Jughead took her hand and kissed it. "I know I'm not the handsomest guy in the world, but I love you more than anything and I am more than willing to do everything I can to make up for it with my affection. I want us to have a family that we can raise right here in Riverdale, just like we were. And I want that with you. I love you Elizabeth Ann Cooper. I always have. Will you marry me?"

Betty started to cry, but he knew better than to think it was of angst. A small smile curved her soft lips, and she raised a hand to her face shakily. She was at a loss for words. So instead she nodded and grinned so big that her cheeks hurt. Jughead took his cue to slip the ring on her finger, already fitted perfectly. Just to seal the deal, he put his silly trademark crown on her head. It was worth more than a silly ring to him anyways.

Jughead stood up, took Betty in his arms, and gave her one of his now famous kisses. Betty just had the fairly tale ending she had always craved. And curiously, it had a distinct lack of red hair and freckles. And yet, she was still wearing the crown that proved her to be someone's true princess.

"Why Fanny Price, you look so weird without your hat." She teased, mussing his hair.

"It looks better on you anyways, Edmund, dearest." He said back, the grin on his face now permanent.

Betty and Jughead got married after they both received their bachelor's degree. Veronica was the maid of honor and Reggie was the best man, and soon they switched roles with the Bride and Groom for their own wedding. Mr. Lodge was just glad Archie was out of the picture. Archie moved out of town, and none of the gang had heard from him since. They didn't try to get in touch.

Jughead got his degree in business, and acquired the loan needed to buy the Chocklit Shoppe. Betty received her degree in English and became a teacher at Riverdale High School. She watched over the kids there, amused to see triangles and friendships much like hers at that age. She knew that one day it would all work out for them all, so she settled with teaching them.

Her book, "The Beta Girlfriend" was a New York Times bestseller.

They are expecting their first kid soon. The ultrasound technician has dubbed it a boy, and against Jughead's protests, she insists on naming him Forsythe Pendleton Jones IV. Who was she to break tradition, after all?

And in case you were wondering, Ronnie's special gift was an over extravagant friendship bracelet studded with blue sapphires. She claimed that Betty could wear it as her 'something blue' at her wedding. Ronnie also decided that wearing it during the ceremony wed them together as well, and claimed to have a say in Betty's life. Betty didn't mind. In fact, they often joked that they have a wife as well as a husband.

Ronnie and Reggie were named godparents, because no matter what the kid would have two sets of parents anyways. Ronnie and Reggie refused to leave them alone, and Jughead and Betty were glad for it. The future was not how they had originally planned it, two brunettes their partners rather than a certain redhead, but they were both happy and no longer had anything to fight about.

(Thank you for reading my story! It's been an interesting journey, but I managed to finish. We'll see which fandom catches my eye next, but I hope you stick with me for new adventures! ^_^ )