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Chapter 1 - Premonitions and Bad Feelings

Bella was nervous and shaking worse than an earthquake of high magnitude. Today was her wedding day and although she knew that she loved Edward and wanted to be with him, she was still scared about the marriage part. She wanted to bolt and even made her way downstairs at one point, but ran into Emmett at the door. Fate was not on her side and she made her way back up to the bedroom Alice had her stationed. She just couldn't shake that something bad was going to happen this day.

Edward wondered how his bride was doing. He knew that she wasn't completely gung ho about getting married, but he knew that she wanted him and loved him and that knowledge helped to calm some of his nerves. He was excited about getting married, but wedding day jitters mixed with a small bit of apprehension of the mixed guest list made him feel less than perfectly calm. He told himself he would get through it because he had Bella with him.

The blushing bride sat in the room and allowed Alice and Rose to create their masterpiece. Alice wanted everything to be perfect right now to her hair and makeup. Bella just wanted to make it down the aisle without falling. She laughed to herself as she saw her hair and face transforming, she and Edward had already been on an adventure and this was just one more stepping stone in their journey together. That was the thought that started to calm her and that was what was going to help her through today.

Bella thought about her life since she stepped foot in Forks, Washington to live with her father. She had met the man of her dreams and found out that he was the stuff of horror stories. She had been chased south by an evil vampire that wanted to torture her and she wound up in the hospital. When she was able to return to her life in Forks, her birthday approached and one stupid paper cut caused a lot of mess and heartache. She had lost Edward then and probably would have never gotten him back if she had not jumped off of a huge cliff at La Push. That one little, ok it was huge, jump had caused Alice to return and Edward to run to Italy. She jumped on a plane with Alice and brought him home. Chain reactions, which is what one little thing could set off. Now today because she was able to bring him back, she would be marrying Edward Cullen, the love of her life.

Bella has been a reluctant bride at best and hadn't wanted to get married. She didn't have a good example of a lasting marriage from her childhood and when a vampire marries, it is literally forever. She didn't think they needed to get married to prove their love, but Edward was old fashioned and had insisted. She finally gave it because it would give her a couple of things that she really wanted from him: a real honeymoon and for him to be the one that changes her into a vampire. For everything he was willing to give her, she could walk down an aisle and say "I do" in front of a lot of people. The guest list included a mix of people and things: vampires, werewolves, and humans. This was not a normal wedding and she was not marrying into a normal family. Of course since entering his world, she had found out that many things she thought were legend and stories were very much real. Was she crazy that she didn't think it odd any longer and wasn't sure if it was ever that weird to her to begin with? She decided she probably was, but a little bit of crazy in the life she was choosing to lead was going to be a good thing.

Edward heard thoughts battering him from every angle. He was used to this. Over the years he had learned to tune out the radiant noise and focus on what he chose to listen to at any given second. The problem was as he passed through a group of people that were there for the wedding, he swore that he heard something about Bella and a plan. He tried to look around and concentrate on hearing it again, but it had disappeared. He wasn't sure who had thought it or what the plan was. He only knew that he didn't like the dread he suddenly felt. He looked around again and humans were near. He had to get to Bella as quickly as possible so he ran at human speed into the house and then when out of sight of any humans, he rushed up the stairs. Alice was there waiting for him with the door to the room closed.

"You can't see her until the ceremony," Alice chided him.

"You don't understand. Someone was thinking about Bella and a plot. The thought disappeared quickly so I don't know who it was or what is going to happen, but I have this feeling that something will happen," Edward explained in a rush while trying to push Alice out of the way.

Alice looked at him with a hard look. She was trying to see if she could see anything of the future that would ruin the day and she didn't see anything. She blocked his path again, "I don't see anything happening except this wedding today. So you need to go downstairs and take your place. We are going to get started soon. Besides no one would try anything with the crowd of people that we have gathered today. They would have to go through vamps and wolves alike and I don't think anyone would want to go against that army. It will be fine. So turn around and shoo."

Edward hesitantly turned around and walked down the stairs. He had a bad feeling and regardless of what Alice did or did not see, he knew that something was about to happen. He could only hope that he and Bella came out on the other side together.