Chapter 1

A girl?

"Takuya-kun! Please wait!" Miku shouted and ran to his best friend Takuya. They've been friends since kindergarten.

"Hey Miku! What's up? Do you want to go to the sushi restaurant with me now?" Takuya-kun asked. Miku looked embarrassed.

"Well, I'd really like to go," he stopped for a while, "but I don't have enough money. Sorry," he said very sadly.

He really loved sushi but his parents said it's too expensive. "Hey!" Takuya said and smiled, "I'm your friend, so I'll pay, ok?"

"Uhm. Ok but you know I don't like that," Miku muttered.

"Yes, I know, Miku. Don't say anything and let's go now!" He snapped Miku's hand and they walked to the sushi restaurant.

It was near Takuya's house. And it was the best sushi in town! They were sitting on a table for two and were eating 'california maki sushi'. From one moment to the other, Miku had a broad grin on his face.

"Yo. What's up?! Why are you smiling so much?" Takuya asked confused.

"Hehe. Sorry. You like me, right?" Miku asked with his broad


"Huh? Well, for sure I like you. You're my best friend!" he was very confused. Why did Miku ask that?

"Ah, really?! I'm so happy! You are also my best friend!" he floundered with his legs.



Miku brought Takuya home. He lived in a small house in a quiet street. Takuya gave Miku a hug. After he left, a girl came over to Takuya. She saw Miku and waved but he ran away.

Who is that girl?! I thought he likes me. Only me. I think I am his best friend. AND NOW?!

He was so confused. When he arrived at home he ran into his room and cried. Next day he didn't want to go to school, to see him, his best friend, with this girl. He couldn't take this. Does she like him? And does he like her? Maybe there are a couple and Takuya didn't tell him about her. He was so thoughtful.

Next Day

"Hey! Did you see Miku today?" Takuya asked a classmate.

"No, sorry. He didn't come to school today. I don't know why." After school he went to Miku's house. Miku's mother opened the door.

"Hi, I'm a friend of Miku. I wanted to ask why he didn't come to school today. Is he alright?" he asked. Miku's mother was a gentle person.

"Well. Miku doesn't feel well. He was crying the whole day. I don't know why. I'm sorry but he wouldn't speak to me about it." Miku's mother answered sadly.

One week later Miku also didn't come to school. So Takuya went to Miku's house one more time. Now Miku opened the door.

"MIKU!" he shouted. " Are you alright? Why don't you come to school?" he wondered.

"Uhm. Come in." Takuya follow him into his room. There were a big bed, a desk and little cupboards. It was a dark room and it had a negative, dark atmosphere. "Who is this girl?" Miku asked with a nearly emotionless voice.

"Huh? Girl? Which girl do you mean?"

"THAT GIRL! YOU KNOW! THE GIRL FROM LAST WEEK WHEN WE WERE EATING SUSHI!" he screamed and seemed very angry. "Wow. Ok, ok. That girl. She is a friend."


"Hey! Miku! Calm down! You are my best friend. She is only a friend. Why are you so jealous?" he asked.

"I'm not jealous," Miku whispered.


"But, you don't understand me!" Miku started to cry.

"NO! How can I understand you when you don't tell me anything!?"

Miku cried. "Sorry, but when you have problems you must tell me, ok?"

"NO! I can't!" Miku was screaming and crying. Takuya gave Miku a hug.

"You can tell me anything! OK? And when you have a problem with me you must tell me! Please!"

"I know. But I can't tell you. Not yet," Miku whispered.