Chapter 3

I'm not jealous...

The morning after

"Miku, quickly! The alarm clock did not go off; we have to go to school!" Takuya said panicked.

"Huh, what?" Miku said very sleepy. "Oh shit! Quick, quick, quick!" He stormed out of bed, grabbed his clothes and ran into the bathroom which was right next to the living room. Takuya ran after him. Miku stood in front of the mirror and brushed his teeth.

Taku hugged him and kissed his neck. "Nice to see you found my second toothbrush," he said and laughed.

"Huh?" Miku turned and spat at Takuya's excitement. "Yeah spit at me. It turns me on, baby!" he said sarcastically.

Miku quickly rinsed out his mouth, took a towel and cleaned Taku.

"I'm sorry. I thought I am at home."

"Well. Not so bad. Do you like it here so much?"

"Well. You woke me up in such a panic and then I forget everything around me. Oh, we have to hurry!" he said frantically.

He wanted to run into the living room but Taku grabbed his hand, pulled him close and kissed him. Miku blushed.

"Do not panic. Then we just take my bike." Takuya smiled.

Now they were getting ready for school and went to the moped. When they arrived they were all being staring at.

The bell rang and they ran into their classrooms, just in time.

Miku could not concentrate. The whole time he had to think of Takuya.

"Miku. Miku? Miku-san!" the teacher called. "Huh? What was the question?" Miku slowly realized the world around him.

"Miku-san, please concentrate!" his teacher admonished him.


"Hey. What's wrong?" a classmate spoke to him. Her name was Mai and she was the best in class.

And she found Miku totally sweet which now knew almost the whole school.

"I'll give you the answer but concentrate now, ok?" she said very friendly.

She was really a very nice, smart and also a shy girl.

"Hey Miku? If you have problems we can learn together. But only if you want," she said shyly.

"Gladly. Thank you for helping me," Miku said and smiled.

"Just tell me whenever you need help, ok?"

Miku nodded.

The bell rang for break. Miku went out with Mai. She asked him questions about the subjects in which he needed help.

They met Takuya with Yuiko. But this time he had also a girl by his side.

"I thought you like no other friends besides me?" Takuya wondered.

"Yes, actually uh… I don't like Yuiko. And besides, I'm not friends with her, we are just learning together." Miku said defiantly.

"Oh. Do you have time today? We can even go back ..."

"No!" He cut him off. "I'm learning with Mai today," he said resolutely.

"Oh. Pity then, maybe tomorrow?" he asked sadly.

"Yes. I'll see. So until then, see you." Miku grabbed Mai's hand and pulled her behind him.

"What was that?" Mai was very surprised." I thought you're best friends. Why did you reject him? "she asked.

"He also does something with Yuiko!" he said pissed.

"Yes, but he still does more with you and prefers you," Mai said.

"Well, ok but- How she always smiles. She wants him!"

"Huh? They don't do that much together. And why is it important to you whether she likes him or not? Are you that jealous?" she asked.

"I'm not jealous!" he said loudly and resolutely.

"Then do not stir yourself up!"

"I do not get upset!"

"But you are!"


"You're jealous! Even a blind man can see that."