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Little warning, I'm gonna take a few liberties here because Team Ninja is so cool and doesn't give us specifics.

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Adler und Phönix

Hitomi sighed as she watched the hustle and bustle of the after tournament party, taking a sip from her drink. She usually wasn't the type to drink alcohol but sometimes she made an exception, usually on special occasions.

She was this close to having won the tournament. THIS close. "One more fight and I'll be champion" she had said, but then she sadly lost to the Jet Kune Do master Jann Lee.

A smile formed on her lips. She didn't begrudge his victory, he had earned it, and she liked him in a certain way. They had an understanding in their views of martial arts, and so they went all out in the finale, giving each other no quarter.

In the end he proved himself to be the better one.

Next time I'm sure of it. Next time I'll be champion, the German girl thought and took another sip of her beer. She cast her gaze around the groups of people filling the gala room of DOATECs very own Helena Douglas' New York mansion, where the after tournament party was hosted, trying to find the champion, but found no trace of him. It didn't really surprise her. He had already vanished when he was declared victor and was nowhere to be found, though some people claimed to have seen him around Taylor's Bar.

Another person did catch her eye though and, the smile on her face growing, made her way over to the table where she was sitting, passing a few of the other contestants, giving a nod to Mila, who had been a fierce but fair adversary and a teasing wink to Eliot, because she so enjoyed his flustered reactions.

Her smile dropped when she noticed her Chinese friend looking rather distracted. "Leifang?"

Said girls head snapped into the direction of her voice, taking a few seconds to figure out who just called her. Once she recognized her Hitomi saw her lips turning upward into a smile. "Hitomi," she waved her hand to greet her friend.

Hitomi hesitated for a second before sitting down beside her friend. It seemed like something was bugging her. "Hey"

"Hey" They didn't have much time to talk during the tournament, and the Chinese was rather distracted-looking during the quarters as well.

They both took a sip from their respective drinks, no one saying a thing.

"Well..." Hitomi scratched the back of her head, baring her teeth in an embarrassed grin. "Guess we both belong to the Lost to Jann Lee-Club, huh? He sure beat us up good"

Leifang laughed a bit nervously Hitomi noted. "Yeah, I guess so"

"Something wrong?"

Hitomi watched her friend shift around inside her seat before telling her about her fight with Jann Lee, telling her about the train crash and landing on top of him in an embarrassing fashion.

All the brunette could do was laugh, dodging a punch aimed at her shoulder. "That's not funny!"

Oh this was too rich!

"That' like you," Hitomi said between laughter. Finally calming down, the odd chuckle here and there escaping she continued. "Worrying about something like that when you were in a TRAIN ACCIDENT! You know I was worried there for a second but seeing as the problem was your bruised pride rather than broken bones I guess everything else is fine"

Her friend's face turned the other way and Hitomi stopped herself from uttering the next jest that was about to slip of the tip of her tongue. "Uhm, everything's IS fine, right? You aren't hurt, are you?" It would explain why she wasn't on her best during the fight against Jann Lee in the tournament. Worry crept into her eyes now, afraid that her friend was hurt or that she might have offended her.

Leifang fingered one of her elaborate braids before sighing and shaking her head. "No I'm alright. It's just...I was so close. So close to beat him again"

Ah and there it was again. Hitomi knew about her friend's obsession with the male martial artist, but figured that after two years it would have subsided. But after how she acted up in South America it was to be expected.

Hitomi leaned back in her chair, taking another sip of her beer. Leifang was rather passionate when it came to her affection towards the man, even though he made it rather obvious that he wasn't interested. But ever since he started to respect the Chinese girl more after having been beaten by her in the last tournament it looked like she had become even more driven in her agenda.

In a way it reminded her of her very own affection for the young man that she found in the Black Wood years ago. But when it was clear that he didn't reciprocate she moved on.

Still it was good meeting Hayate again, she thought, thinking back to their little sparring they had before he moved on with whatever he did.

Before she could drift further down the memory lane her friend snapped her out of her thoughts by suddenly standing up.

"That's it!" she shouted earning curious stares from the surrounding people. "I've made up my mind, no thinking about the guy tonight. Let's go!"

"'Let's go'? Where to?" her answer came in form of her friend grabbing her arm and starting to drag her to the exit. "Hey, hold it my- Shit!"

The glass of beer she was holding slipped from her grip spilling its contents over the floor and leaving her hand sticky with the alcoholic beverage.

"At least let me wash my hand before we go!"

Somehow having convinced Leifang to stop at the nearest bathroom, which was hard enough once she had made up her mind, the brunette managed to wash the beer of her hand before continuing onwards. She was glad her friend let her follow in her own leisure instead of dragging her wherever she wanted to go.

Outside stood several cars complete with drivers, waiting for the guests to leave the party and wanting to be driven back to the place they were staying.

"Ladies" the young chauffeur - a young college student by the looks of it - opened the door for them to get in. They thanked him before getting in and each gave him a sweet smile that made his face redden a little. He coughed into hand, closed the door and got into the car himself.

Adjusting his hat and grabbing unto the steering wheel he looked at them through the rear mirror. "Where do you want to go, ladies?"

Leifang told him the location she wanted to go before giving her German friend a smile. "I need to change. I can't go around town like this, right?"

Hitomi looked at her enviously. Leifang was wearing a black Cheongsam, which she kept for formal occasions, trading her usual phoenix motif for a floral pattern. But her? She was in her usual jeans and tank top combo and didn't even own a dress that was as fancy as her friend's normal attires, never mind her Cheongsams.

Must be nice coming from a wealthy family. But where did she want to go for her to change out of that?

On the way to their destination they talked about this and that to pass the time. After about 20 minutes of driving they came to a halt in front of a hotel. A very fancy hotel, Hitomi noted.

"Would you please wait for us, we won't be long" Leifang asked the driver and before could protest that he was only to bring them back to their hotels he fell victim to another of her smiles, the prospect of driving two pretty young women around too tempting to decline.

The Chinese girl led her friend to the suite - suite! That alone boggled Hitomi's mind - she was staying in and ushered her in. "Sit down, I'm just gonna change real quick"

Hitomi slumped onto the sofa that must have cost more that she spent on her apartment back in Freiburg. Uneasily she checked if her clothes weren't dirty. Finding no traces of dirt that could leave any stains, she made herself comfortable and looked around the room.

Their lodging was taken care of by DOATEC and even though she knew that Hitomi decided to stay in a rather modest hotel. Not so much her friend, who just had to stay in one of the most expensive ones in the city. It even had a kitchenette!

Hitomi wished hers had one.

All this caused her a deja vu of their stay on Zack Island where Leifang had a rather fancy room as well. That's how the highlife is.

She chuckled to herself. Those were fun times. When Hitomi first entered the Dead or Alive tournament she wouldn't have thought that she would find such a good friend. They had gotten along quite well and when they were tricked by Zack to come to his island they decided to spend their time there together.

By the time of their second Zack Island vacation they were already in steady connection over the internet with each other.

Hitomi never told her, but her friendship helped a great deal in getting over Hayate, who was still Ein to her back then.

Today she looked at him as a dear friend.

She looked at the door of the room Leifang vanished into. Maybe she could do the same for her friend too?

Yeah, I think I will do that. The German made up her mind and nodded to herself.

The door opened and Hitomi sighed in relief when Leifang came out wearing her casual black leather outfit with shorts that showed off the Chinese's legs, like most of her clothes did, and she had to admit that they were her friend's best feature. Not that she wasn't beautiful in general. Hitomi found herself rather plain looking.

At least it seemed they wouldn't go somewhere fancy. In fact her friend seemed to be in a rather daring mood, having the zipper of her black leather top opened up to show an ample cleavage.

Her hair was out of her very elaborate hairstyle and pulled into a simple ponytail. The German could never pull that off with her hair that quickly, untangling those braids would probably kill her.

Unconsciously she twirled a strand of her brown hair.

"Ready to go, or do you want to borrow some of my clothes?" the Chinese asked.

"No I'm good. Besides, I wouldn't make your clothes look half as good as you do. So we're going around town?"

"And hitting the clubs. Oh, and let's not forget karaoke! Just what the doctor ordered"

"What doctor?" the German shook her head. But no less than two seconds later both of them grinned at each other.

"I thin' I drank a little tooooooo much" Leifang giggled, her face flushed as Hitomi helped her through the main hall of the hotel to the elevator, not being able to stand completely on her own. The chauffeur asked if he could assist them at the door but the brunette assured him that she could handle it from here.

I think he was a little disappointed when he left us. The German girl had to shift a little to press the button for their destination floor. As the elevator rode up she looked at her friend who was smiling and humming happily to herself.

In the end they hit a few more clubs - and a karaoke bar for good measure - than they should but it was fun to let go like that once in a while too. But whereas Hitomi was only a bit tipsy Leifang would seriously regret it in the morning.

That was rather out-of-character for her friend, but she supposed everyone had to let loose once in a while.

But before that they had to get her into bed.

"Hey, I need your keycard" she said when they reached the door of her room.

"'s in my back pocket"

"Alrighty..." balancing her friend so that she wouldn't fall she trailed her hand down the small of her back, biting her lower lip in concentration. The Chinese giggled even more when Hitomi brushed her butt by accident while trying to fish the card out of her pocket.

After a few more tries, brushing and giggling, she finally managed to get the keycard and couldn't help herself and pumped her left fist in victory.

A few more tries of opening the door later and they entered the suite. Not even bothering with turning on the lights she simply kicked the door shut behind them and helped Leifang to the room where she had changed hours before, figuring that this must be the bedroom.

"Ouch!" her head connected with the wall as she missed the door by a few inches, causing her friend to burst into another giggle fit.

"Aw, shut it" Hitomi murmured and - this time scouting her way with the tip of her foot - helped her into the room. Moonlight shone through the windows, making it easier for her to find her way around. Like the rest of the suite it was rather expensive looking, though not as orderly because the clothes her friend wore earlier today were thrown across the room. She wasn't too surprised that the Chinese also had a queen size bed.

"And here we go!" she helped her friend on the bed, laying her down in a comfortable position. She sat down on its edge and removed the leather boots of her friend's feet.

"Thankyouuuu," Leifang slurred before bursting into another giggle fit and smiled at her friend. She patted the free space beside her. Hitomi raised an eyebrow in question "C'mon stay"

Hitomi wanted to tell her that it was fine but something in her friend's eyes made her decide against it. Besides it wasn't the first time that they've shared a bed. I wonder if the room service is any good here, she added as an afterthought, removed her own boots and lied down beside her friend who didn't waste any time to cuddle up to her.

"G'night" and no two seconds later the Chinese was off into dreamland

"Good night" Hitomi muttered and closed her eyes. Before she drifted off to sleep she reminded herself to have a talk with Leifang the next morning.

The next morning she awoke to the sounds of her friend of was groaning into one of the pillows that Hitomi found so comfortable that she didn't want to get up and rather just wanted to close her eyes and sleep the day away.

Another muffled groan and she knew that sleep wouldn't come back anymore. She ran and hand through her tussled hair and noticed that her pink hairband was missing from its usual place.

"Morning" she greeted her friend who just groaned a third time. Chuckling to herself she got up from the bed, marched over to the large window and drew the curtain shut. With light steps she returned to the embrace of the bed and its comfy pillows. "You can take it off, there's no sunlight anymore"

Like testing the waters Leifang lifted the pillow off her face and looked at her friend. Hitomi winced slightly when she saw the state the other girl was in. Bloodshot eyes, her hair all over the place and her lips dry. It looked like a classic case of a Grade B hangover, but nothing a bit of sleep and something to drink couldn't cure in a couple of hours.

"Wait. I'll get you something to drink. Got any painkillers?"

"Somewhere in my case, the red one I think"

Red one!? Hitomi noticed that Leifang had brought a few more clothes to the tournament. To put it mildly that is. I guess traveling lightly isn't something she'll ever get.

She walked back into the main room and looked through the cupboards for a glass. After that she looked for the painkillers, which she eventually found. Not in the red one, but the green one.

"Here take this" she said, handing her friend the glass of water and the pills for her headache.

"Thanks," Leifang downed the pills and laid down onto the bed again. "I feel terrible"

"That's what happens when you drink too much, so what's the plan?"

"Staying in bed for the day. Yeah, that sounds great"

"I think that's a good plan too. You might want change out of those clothes first though"

Rubbing her temples for a few seconds the Chinese sat upright and just stripped down to her underwear, throwing her clothes to the floor like they offended her. Knowing her, they probably did.

"Should I leave you alone, or do you want me to keep you company?"

"Do what you want, as long as I can sleep" her friend muttered and threw a pillow at her.

Giggling Hitomi striped down to her undies and climbed into the bed, snuggling into the sheets and pillows, wiggling her toes. "Don't think I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart, these pillows are awesome!"

"Whatever..." Leifang muttered and threw the blanket over them.

Even more comfy! She could get used to this.

Behold, Hitomi shows her true colors! I always knew she was just hanging out with Leifang because of that!

I want to thank everyone that takes time to read this and I want to take the chance to give a big thank you to my beta, keep on rockin' buddy and Happy New Year!.