Chapter 68

Hitomi ticked off all the things on her mind list as she looked at all the things she had put into her traveling case, and nodded in satisfaction when everything was in there.

Clothes, toiletries, shades, she adjusted the pair resting on top of her head. And most importantly: Bikinis. All set!

In the past few weeks Leifang and her had gone on a shopping spree for some new ones that they would wear, but had done so separately on Leifang's behest, as she wanted to surprise Hitomi with those that she would buy.

This was fine by Hitomi, because that made it just more exciting and the German was very sure at least one of hers would knock the Chinese off her feet.

That was if she finally would get ready. With a huff she closed her case and walked towards their bathroom, where Leifang had been for a solid hour now!

She knocked her knuckles against the wooden door three times. "Come on, shake a leg and get your ass out here."

"I'm not finished yet!" came the response, making Hitomi furrow her eyebrows and place her hands on either side of her hips.

"We're gonna have to leave soon, what are you doing in there anyway?"

"I'm getting ready!"

For what, a fashion show? With a sigh Hitomi said "You'll look great either way, so please hurry up."

Saying that she left Leifang to her business and left the apartment, walking towards Viktor's door and knocking on it. As she waited for him to open the door it suddenly dawned on her what Leifang was doing in the bathroom and she snickered silently to herself. So she's doing that.

The dark-haired man opened his door and held out his right hand with the palm facing upward. "Hey." he said.

"Here you go." Hitomi said and placed one of her spare keys into his hand. "You know the drill."

"Water your plants, do a little dusting," he recounted and put the key on the little table to his left. "Also raid your fridge, wear out your chairs and, if I get the chance, have steamy, hot sex on your bed."

"Oh ha ha. You do remember what happened to Goldilocks?"

"I don't intend to lie there sleeping until you arrive back home."

"No, but I know where you live."

"Dammit, and here I thought my secret lair would never be found." They shared a chuckle and bumped fists together. Leaning against the doorframe Viktor asked "So...this famous Zack Island again?"

"Yep. At least I don't go there expecting a tournament this time. And two weeks of just lying in the sun sound perfect."

"Lying in the sun with your girlfriend." Viktor corrected.

Hitomi looked away from him as he said those words and found herself reflecting on their past stays on the island. "Yeah, with my girlfriend..."

"Something on your mind?"

"Huh? Oh, no no. It's just..." Her lips quirked upward in a small smile and she fingered the sleeve of the sweater, with a teddy bear face on the front, that she had gotten from Leifang as a present. "We became friends on that island. And now she's my girlfriend and we go there again. It's like things have come full circle."

"But that's a good thing, isn't it?"

"Definitely." The smile on her face turned into a grin. Two weeks on a luxurious island with Leifang. Ah, she couldn't wait!

"Uh oh, someone's having dirty thoughts!" Viktor joked.

"I'm not having dirty thoughts!"

"Is that so? Why are you getting so defensive then?"

"Ass." Hitomi crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared at him, only getting that damn grin for an answer. That he was also right didn't help one bit. Of course she had some intimate fantasies involving their vacation, and she was very much intending to make good of those.

Her ears perked up when she suddenly heard a door opening from inside their apartment and uncrossed her arms once more. "Well that took long enough." she muttered under her breath, then said to Viktor "Gotta go now."

"Have a fun trip. And Hitomi?"


"If there's just the slightest chance that Tina Armstrong is there and she might do that 'thing' she once did...could you film it or at least take pictures?"

"Perv." Hitomi said and Viktor closed the door with a chuckle. She walked back into the apartment, entered their bedroom, and saw Leifang inspecting her own case. She was wearing a sky blue tube top and a modest white skirt that went down to her knees. Her silky, long hair was down.

"Everything in order?" Hitomi asked trying, and not succeeding, to sneak a peek at what new bikinis Leifang could have bought.

"Uh," Leifang took a last look over her belongings, then nodded and closed the case. "Yes. Everything's there."

"Alright." Hitomi took a look at her wristwatch. It was already too late for them to take a bus so the only option would be to call a taxi. Telling Leifang this she headed to the phone and called for one.

Just as she was done with that she felt the presence of her girlfriend behind her and not long after that her arms circled around her lower torso. "Sorry for taking so long."

"Ah, don't worry. The taxi will get us there faster anyways." Hitomi said and placed the phone back down, turning around in the other girl's embrace and placing a kiss on her forehead. "Let me guess... bikini area?"

"Yeah." Leifang nodded.

"Figured as much." Hitomi chuckled and ran her fingers along the smooth skin of Leifang's shoulder. "I did that yesterday night."

"I wanted to do that too, but someone took so long in the shower that I fell asleep while waiting."

"And you looked so cute while you were sleeping." she playfully stuck out her tongue towards Leifang, causing the Chinese to cock an eyebrow.

"Don't flaunt it if you don't intend to use it." Leifang said.

"Is that a challenge miss Gāo?"

"Very much so."

"I guess I'll have to accept it then."

"I was hoping to." Their lips closed in on one another for a kiss when, just as their lips were about to touch, the doorbell rang, making them break apart.

Leifang exhaled deeply. "Guess that's our cue."

"Afraid so." The couple went into the bedroom to get their traveling cases and left the apartment. The German turned around one last time to lock the door, then headed down the stairs together with Leifang. "Vacation here we come!"

As Hitomi had said the taxi had taken them much more quickly to the airport since it could drive there directly compared to the bus. As they walked into the terminal Hitomi checked their tickets once more. They would take a flight to New York, where in turn they would board a private plane that was set to take them directly to Zack Island.

They went through customs without any trouble and waited another fifteen minutes before they were allowed to board the plane. Inside they were a little shocked when a stewardess told them they would be sitting in the first class and another look on their tickets confirmed that they would really be traveling first class.

Their seats were actually a cabin for two, separated from the others by a small wall that went up to their shoulders. On the left side of them was counter with a few self-service beverages, which Hitomi promptly searched for some peanuts. In front of them was another one where they could place things if they desired.

But the real highlight was the flat-screen above that.

"Wow," Hitomi said as they were sitting down in the way too comfortable, in her opinion anyway, seats. "He sure spared no expenses this time."

"That he did. But this isn't exactly new to me." Leifang said and turned to the stewardess that asked if they wanted something to drink. "Not for me, thank you."

"I'd like uh, a glass of water maybe?" Hitomi said uncertainly, but the woman just smiled and went to get it for her. The German turned back to Leifang. "I figure coming from a rich family does that."

She immediately felt bad for saying these words as she saw how Leifang's face fell at the mention of her family. "I'm sorry." she said.

"No no, it's alright. I just try not to think about it."

"That's understandable. And I'll try not to talk about it anymore while we're on this vacation. Let's just forget about all the worries and enjoy these two weeks."

"Well I'll agree to that, love."

The flight had been more than enjoyable. At least to Hitomi, who had spend most of the time watching movies on that sweet TV until very late when the other passengers were already fast asleep, Leifang included. So actually it was a little bit too entertaining, as Hitomi was still pretty tired now that they were landing.

Good thing I can just take a nap on our way to the island she thought to herself as Leifang and her had gone through passenger processing and were now sitting in the back of a car that was waiting for them, headed for the private flight that was flying to Zack Island in forty-five minutes from a pier on Manhattan.

"I told you to go to sleep." Leifang berated her as she stifled another though. Instead of saying something, Hitomi just patted the arm that she had placed on hers.

Not long after that little exchange did they arrive at the pier and boarded the private charter, a seaplane of course, and immediately noticed that something was quite different from last time.

There were a few more people then the last times. Women of course, but still. The other women didn't pay them any attention as they seated themselves.

"That's different..." Hitomi said.

"Tell me about it." Leifang tapped her chin in thought. The last two times it was only their small group of women that had participated in the Dead or Alive tournament. But it seemed Zack had decided to expand a little.

They looked at each other and shrugged. Not like that would change anything about their plans.

A few minutes later they already put that little 'shock' behind them and chatted a little bit about the fun they had three years ago.

"And remember when-" Hitomi stopped abruptly, hearing a familiar voice that could only belong to one person and a grin formed on her lips as a few seconds later a certain blonde, American lady sauntered in with all of her usual charisma, that was very much her own.

Hitomi didn't even need to call since Tina had already spotted her, called over her shoulder and walked towards them. Just coming in after her was another familiar face in the form of Mila.

"Well well well, look who's here." she said in her typical southern drawl and sat down near the two of them crossing her legs and leaning back, a smile on her face. "No surprise though, Zack's predictable like that."

"Yeah, but still full of surprises." Hitomi said and motioned to the other women in the plane.

Tina lifted the shades from her eyes for a moment to take in everything. "Wow."

"Heh." Hitomi chuckled.

"Didn't expect that." Tina said and Mila joined them by sitting down beside her.

"Wow so you guys have been invited too?" the redhead asked in amazement.

"It's our third time now, actually." Leifang said pleasantly. She remembered the girl. A MMA champion in her own right that had participated in the Dead or Alive tournament, but was beaten by Hitomi in the very first round. There was also a certain embarrassing incident where they had squared off in a 'sparring session' when the girl had caught her stalking Jann Lee. God, had I really been that obsessed?

In hindsight she had acted like such a fool and even dragged other people into it, like the person that she cherished the most now, or the girl she was currently talking with.

But Mila had been a good sport about the whole thing and looked forward to a little sparring.

"That's awesome!" Mila beamed and looked towards Hitomi, tugging a part of her red and black dyed hair behind her ear. "Guess I'll have my rematch with you then. Since you guys have been there before: what can you tell me about the tournament?"

Hitomi, Leifang and Tina all shared a look at those words, then turned their gazes directly at the red haired girl.

"What?" she asked in puzzlement.

"Uh, guess there's somethin' you should know." Tina said.

Poor Mila will have her dreams shattered :(
Lol. Someone had to fall for it, right?
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