Momoi enters the supermarket, clutching her stomach. "Oooh," she hisses. "This one's the worst yet."

It was her time of month and she had run out of pads. Her mother was MIA, and her younger brother and father blanched at the idea of purchasing some pads for her. She couldn't see the big deal. They were just pads; it wasn't like she wanted them to buy her tampons or anything.

"Wimps," she mutters, heading to the female hygiene section. She reaches over and pulls out her favourite brand. "I should pick up some pills, too. These cramps are killer."

She freezes when she reaches the medicine section. Standing in the aisle, examining some cough medicine is Midorima. She pales. Of all people, it had to be him.

Calm down, Satsuki, she tells herself. Just back away. Slowly. Slowly. OK. Good he can't see you. God bless thick-framed glasses blocking out peripheral vision. OK now just turn and run into the next aisle.

However, when she turns around, she comes face-to-face with Murasakibara. He's holding a large box of chocolates.

"Ah, Momo-chin," he says. "What are you doing here? Mm? Is that candy?"

"No!" she cries, moving the box of pads away from his reach. It ends up flying out of her hands. She hears a cry of surprise.

"Ah! Mido-chin," Murasakibara says. "What a coincidence."

"Who the hell threw this at me!?" he cries, glaring at the two of them. Then he looks down at the box. "Oh, here, Momoi-san. "

She walks over to him, blushing furiously. Just has he hands it to her, Murasakibara snatches and examines it.


"No! No! Mu-kun, give it back! It's not candy!"

"Whoa, hey guys!" a familiar voice cries out. It's Kise. He's holding some face make-up and face-wash. "What's everyone doing here?"

She wants to kill herself now. Good lord, was everyone here?

"Ah, Aka-chin! Kuro-chin!" Murasakibara cries. To Momoi's horror, he starts waving the box. "Hello!"

Kise stares at the box, trying to read it. "Wah, Murasakibaracchi! Why are you holding a box of pads!"

Momoi puts her face in her hands. Suddenly she wished had Kuroko's misdirection abilities.

"Pads?" he says. He looks at the box again. He's thinking about those box of those bizarre padded chocolates he bought the week earlier when he asks, "Ah, can I eat them?"

His answer is horrified looks until Akashi finally says, "No, Atsushi, you cannot eat them."

"Murasakibara-kun," Kuroko says, "Why do you have a box of pads?"

Oh god, she thinks. Oh god. Breathe, Satuski. Breeaaathe!

"Oh, they're not mine, they're M—"

"It's mine!" Midorima cries out suddenly. He grabs the box from Murasakibara. "It's, ah, for my mother. She asked me to pick them up for her."

Momoi looks up at him. Did he just help me?

Kuroko nods. "My mother asked me to pick some things for her as well." He holds up two paper towels. "I'll be going now."

"I've got what I wanted as well," Akashi says. He holds up a pair scissors. "My other ones broke," he explains at the sight of their disturbed looks. His clarification only makes them look even more disturbed than before. With that said, he leaves.

"I better go too," Kise says. "Bye, bye, guys!"

"Ah, I haven't bought my candies yet!" Murasakibara cries. He waves at them. "Bye, bye, Mido-chin, Momo-chin!"

"T…thank you," Momoi says meekly. "Thank you so much, Midorima-kun. You're a life saver."

He hands her the box. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Momoi-san."

"Ah, I guess so," she chuckles. "Thanks again. I'll be going first."

"Bye," he replies.

When she reaches the cash register, she pales. Standing there was Akashi, Kuroko, and Kise. They chat idly to themselves until they spot her.

Kuroko looks at the box of pads in her hands. "I thought those were Midorima-san's."


a/n: ladies, heed midorima's words. he is wise. ain't nothing embarrassing about your period, or pads, or tampons.

have a happy new years! :)