~The Dream of Sleeping Beauty~

Author's Introduction:

This is a story that is not very bright.

Along the way, there may be scenes that one might perceive as romance.

As the author, please note that I do not mean it at all, but in a good way.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoy it even a little.

Gray yawned softly.

"Oh my, are you sleepy? You've been yawning all morning."

At the counter where Gray was eating, Mirajane smiled gently as she observed the ice mage. Rubbing at misty eyes and with a sullen frown on his face, Gray's attempts at pretending otherwise were not very effective, especially with his naturally drooping eyes that were often called out on in fights.

"Do I seem like it?"

"Mm, I'd say so, even though it's barely noon. Did you stay up late last night?"

"No, last night I actually went to sleep early…"

Even as he said that, another yawn escaped Gray's mouth.

"There you go again."

"…" Being proven wrong despite his words, Gray turned his eyes away.

"If you're tired, it's going to pile up on you. Maybe you should take it easy today and take a nap."

"Hey, I'm not a kid…"

Mirajane was the main older sister figure of the guild after all, and Gray smiled wryly. At that moment, a voice echoed energetically throughout the guild hall.

"Oi, Gray! We've got a mission! We're going to go beat up everyone at a dark guild!"

Without even looking back, both Mirajane and Gray knew that the eager voice was Natsu.

"He's not a bad guy, but sometimes I have to wonder, especially when he gets like that," Gray muttered, glancing flippantly over his shoulder.

Mirajane giggled in reply. "I'm not sure it would make a difference either way, in Natsu's case."

"Hey, hurry up, pervert stripper!"

"Shut up! Can't you wait for even a second, damn fire freak?" Gray snapped back loudly in response to Natsu's impatient call and stood up, pushing his chair back. "Thanks for the food, Mira. Looks like the idiot won't stop annoying me until we get this job over with."

"Have a safe trip with everyone." Collecting the empty dish on the counter, Mirajane watched the ice mage stride off, white coat fluttering as he walked away. "Get some sleep when you come back, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you."

Reflecting on it now, on Gray's nonchalant laugh, his words were mingled with that of more yawning.




beginning of the end.

A/N: Since there was a surprisingly popular demand for the translation of another one of Hagino's stories, I decided I might as well start it up. As you can probably tell, the introduction up there is from the author herself and it's just as she says; this is not a happy story. Most chapters are more or less this long, although looking at it now, this is one of the shorter chapters. Updates will probably come every few days.

Unlike Drowning The Hero In Love, which had a few changes and quite a bit of expansion on my part, this story will be more of a direct translation to the best of my ability, as I believe there's nothing I can or should do to this story to make it more impactful. But as is the case in many translated works, some descriptions might be a little strange to read. I'll do my best to minimize any awkward wording, but please understand if anything like that pops up. All credit to these two stories should definitely go to Hagino though. I hope people will stick around to read this.