Time: 12:30 PM

Location: RT-636 "Mother of Invention"

The Director's eyes snapped open, and he immediately sat up in his bed,breathing heavily. It was just a dream... No. Not just a dream. It was that dream again. The same one that had haunted him for so long... Had haunted him for the vast majority of his life...


Shaking away the unwanted memories for the time being, the Director looked at his still beeping alarm clock.

12:33 in the afternoon.

He'd slept in, a problem since there was so much that needed to get done, but so little time to do it. Shoving off the covers, the Director slowly stood and got dressed, noticing the stiffness plaguing his sore bones and muscles. After shutting off his alarm clock, the Director left his quarters, entering the small hallway that lead to the elevator.

"F.I.L.S.S, how many agents have reported in this morning?"

15 agents have reported in, Director

Leonard Church scowled, knowing full well that this would happen anytime he slept in.

"Any agents that are still asleep are to be woken up at once, F.I.L.S.S, by any means necessary." snapped the Director has he entered the elevator and pushed the button for C-Deck.

Yes, Director. Initiating protocol four dash five seven

The Director smiled as the elevator closed, beginning it's descent.

All across the "Mother of Invention", any freelancers that had still been sleeping were quite suddenly (and painfully) woken up as F.I.L.S.S turned on all of the lights across the ship to their absolute brightest.

While other freelancers were being blinded, Samantha Paladray, now Agent Minnesota, was lifting weights in the 636's gym on D-Deck while agent Maine spotted her. In a flash of red, orange, and yellow flames, Maine's A.I, Sigma,appeared, floating next to Samantha's head.

Agent Maine and I are surprised that you are actually in the gym, given your weak immune system as well as your current... condition.

Samantha merely huffed at the A.I, lifting the weight as far as her arms could go before bringing it back down. Her implantation had not gone as planned, and had left her comatose for three straight days. When she'd woken up, her immune system was slightly stronger thanks to the BioTech Microchip that had been implanted along with her A.I, Zeta. She'd been checked out by the medical staff almost immediately (as per the Director's orders, of course). The Director then ordered Zeta to limit her operating capacity, slowly increasing it as Samantha became accustomed to the A.I sharing her brain.

"Why would I care if you're surprised or not? In fact, why do you even care to begin with?"

Everyone hates you because of what you did to the former agent Minnesota. We have no such issues. In fact, I commend you on your ambition, as well as your creativity in covering up the fact that you were the cause of his death.

Samantha was about to say something fairly nasty as a retort until the intercoms crackled to life.

"Agents York, Minnesota, and Kentucky. You are to report to the training room on C-Deck, armored and fully equipped, immediately ." The intercom cut off, and Sam loudly groaned. She hated her new armor. It was far to tight around her chest (The pervert in armor processing had promised to get her the correct measurements). She set the weight back on it's stand and left to get her armor, muttering and cursing the entire way.

Back in the gym, Sigma smiled to himself as Maine placed a hand against his forehead, temporarily dazed by the sudden headache raging through his skull

In the mess hall, Kentucky looked up from the tray heaped high with food in front of him. Now? Seriously?

You should go! Or he might get mad! I told you that trying to sneak in a second lunch was a bad idea!

Kentucky looked up at the yellow-armored AI as he wrung his tiny hands nervously. "Rho. Calm yourself. He's the Director, not a snake." Kentucky looked back down at the tray longingly… another time, perhaps. He stood up and grabbed the satchel under his bench.

What's in the bag? Rho asked nervously as Kentucky slung it over his shoulder.

"What else? Toys!" the agent shot a look at Rho that was unsettlingly similar to a kid on Christmas morning.

Bombs? You're toting Bombs around? Have you finally gone out of your tiny, concussed head?

Kentucky chuckled at the thought. "Little man, I went out for lunch a long ways back." He put his helmet on as he walked. "But you can rest easy this time. These are purely as per the Director's orders."

Huh? Oh God, what's he need all of that for?

"Not quite sure. Apparently it's gonna help test out a new armor enhancement." Kentucky shrugged blithely.

Rho stood stark still as his agent walked down the hallway. My condolences to that unfortunate person, he murmured as Kentucky approached the prep-room. So he gave you clearance to get this by security… right? Kentucky remained silent. Right?

Kentucky turned to look at Rho. "You know, I knew I forgot something this morning."

Oh no, not this again…

Samantha arrived at the training room's viewing deck in a better mood then she had left the gym in. The perver- nice guy, at armor processing had pulled through, getting her a substantially better fitting armor, although she was disappointed that it was all standard issue Mark VI variant armor. She walked up to the Director, who was just finishing briefing York and Delta on the situation. Samantha's A.I, Zeta, faded into view.

"You wanted something, sir?"

York, not having yet seen Samantha's A.I, looked closely at her, the A.I looking back at him. After fully examining Zeta, York went back to speaking with Delta. The Director turned to Samantha, his usual frown adorning his face.

"You will be taking the floor in order to test your new armor enhancement. We're only missing the final piece." One did not need to be an expert to determine that the Director was referring to Kentucky.

Not two moments had passed since the thought crossed Samantha's mind than a man in green and blue armor burst into the training hall, followed closely by an irate marine and a rather frantic yellow light. "Not to worry, gentlemen, the secret ingredient has arrived!" Kentucky hollered, moments before the marine tackled him to the ground. "Woah, Jim, have you been working out?"

"Shut up freak," The marine snapped back.

I told you there'd be trouble! Rho whined, even as the marine picked up Kentucky by the back of his collar. Around the room, various people either shook their heads or smacked their hands against their visors. The Director, however, simply gave Kentucky a look that could probably spot-weld steel.

He somehow managed to keep his composure, and began doling out orders. "Guardsman O'Neil, would you be so kind as to release my agent. I will ensure that he fills out the proper papers for this latest infraction." The marine looked at his charge doubtfully, and then let him go.

"It's okay, Jim. You'll get 'em next time!" Kentucky quipped as he dusted off his suit.

"Fuck you." The marine fumed as he walked away.

"Oh, come now, you'll never get a girlwith that attitude!" Kentucky called after him. A single finger was the only reply he received.

The Director had had enough. "Kentucky." He intoned. The agent turned to face him, even as Rho hid behind his helmet. A witty retort bubbled up inside Kentucky's mind, which he quickly choked down. Experience had taught him that the Director's wrath was not a bomb to be detonated.

"Yes sir, sorry sir. Shall we begin the test?" Kentucky inquired sheepishly. He walked over to a satchel he had dropped when he'd been tackled and pulled it open. Then he spread out an arrangement of items that were widely varied and all wired to blow. "what did you have in mind?"

"All of them. Get to the training floor, now. Preferably before I lose my patience with you, Agent" The Director was practically one step away from throttling Kentucky where he stood.

Professionally, of course.

Samantha made to leave as well, but the Director quickly stopped her.

"When you get down the the training floor you are to remove your armor for the start of the test, do I make myself clear?" Samantha gawked at the Director. He wanted her to not only go into the training room with a bomb-loving asshole, but he wanted her to do these tests without armor?!

This had to be payback for clogging his toilet... It just had to be...

Sighing, Samantha made her way down to the training floor, standing on the opposite side of the room from Kentucky. Upstairs, the Director spoke calmly.

"F.I.L.S.S, deactivate the magnetic locks on agent Minnesota's armor."

Yes, Director. Releasing armor.

Samantha heard the clicks on her armor and immediately began shedding it, throwing it all off to the side. By the time she was finished, she was in the protective skintight suit that all Freelancer's wore beneath their armor.

If the Director hadn't been there with him, York would have hollered at Samantha's slim figure and generously sized bust.

Delta soon appeared beside the Director, who nodded at the green A.I.

"Activate Kinetic Barrier."


In a moments notice, Samantha saw a silver, grid like bubble shield form around her, quickly adjusting so it wasn't a bubble, but instead mimicked her form before fading. The Director activated the intercom.

"Agent Kentucky. You are too hit Samantha with one punch. Proceed."

"Copy. Rho, warm up the Jump Drive. Set it to, hmmm, twelve percent."

Are you sure?

"Aren't I always?" Kentucky assured him. There was a high-pitched sound like a camera's flash charging up, and then Kentucky was sprinting at her, moving slightly faster than his stride and number of steps suggested he should have been able to. He slapped his fist against his palm as he approached, cocked back his arm, and threw a punch right at Samantha's face using all of his momentum.

Samantha dodged the punch desperately, knowing full well what that enhancement was capable of. Upstairs, the Director was fuming. He jammed his finger on the intercom button hard enough that York thought he might break it.

"Agent Kentucky! You are more than aware that you are strictly forbidden from using that enhancement during training scenarios, do I make myself clear?!"

"F.I.L.S.S, lock down agent Kentucky's enhancement until this test is over..."

Understood, Director.

Kentucky sighed in frustration as he felt the space around him normalizing.

I tried to warn you…

You little yellow cockbite... Kentucky recovered his stance, and threw a left hook aimed at his target's sternum

Samantha hadn't seen the hit coming, but when it did, she winced.

Only too notice that he'd never made contact.

Kentucky's fist was now pushing against an area of the now visible silver grid, easily keeping the agent's fist at bay.

"… Huh?" Kentucky pressed his fist against the grid and was met with quite solid resistance. "Um…" he threw another punch, which met with the same result, then just took to poking at the grid in curiosity. "… okay, that's just freakin' cool."

I want one, Rho muttered.

"Quiet, you."

Samantha, growing tired of the Freelancers absolute childish behavior, punched him in his helmet-

-Which met the barrier head on. All across her body the silver grid moved to the point of impact before, quite literally, detonating in a flash of silver, sending Kentucky sliding into the wall. Samantha blinked, wondering what the hell this enhancement was capable of doing.

"Good work. Agent Minnesota, proceed to place your armor on. Agent Kentucky... Await further instruction." The Director smiled at Samantha's use of the Kinetic Barrier engine, intentional or not.

Kentucky blinked twice before standing up. It exploded. She punched me in the head, and her fist exploded. Feeling just a mite envious, he stood up shakily and tapped the side of his helmet. "Now that is a nice trick! We should hang out sometime. I know this great demo spot: open views, scrapped-out car carcasses, could be fun! Great for stress relief."

Rho just shook his head in exasperation as Kentucky's shield recharged.

Samantha finished applying her armor, shields finally recharging to full strength a moment later.

"Agent Kentucky, you are too start with small explosives, one at a time, until Samantha's shields go down. Begin" Down below, Sam prepared herself for the oncoming bombardment of explosives. In her head, Zeta did as well.

"Zeta, determine trajectories and location of approximate detonation. Draw power from all unnecessary systems. Nothing gets through." Zeta showed up by her agent moments later, nodding sharply.

We understand and will comply

Rho let out a small squeak of surprise upon seeing Zeta, and promptly hit behind Kentucky's helmet again.

"You are such a pansy." Kentucky snipped, before depressing the primer on his first grenade. Said it once, I'll say it again: I love my job. Now that he was working with explosives, he was behaving much more precisely. He tossed out the 7 frags, one by one, not quite as fast as he could but certainly not going soft on his foe. He threw over handed, underhanded, sidearm, he even threw in a sinker for good luck. And he watched on slightly disturbed as blast after blast was successfully deflected.

The Director looked on, impressed by how Zeta and Samantha's innovative use of the shielding system. Only using it when needed.

"Delta. Drop shield strength by thirty-five percent."

Acknowledged. Decreasing shield strength.

Samantha and Zeta took note of the drop in shields almost immediately when a stray (but harmless) piece of shrapnel had pinged off of Sam's armor.

"Zeta. Draw from all remaining non-critical systems. Prioritize and ignore the smaller pieces of shrapnel."


In mere moments, the smaller, harmless pieces of shrapnel were pinging off of Samantha's armor, while the bigger chunks were being rebounded off of the shield, small, silver grids popping in and out of existence every few moments.

Growing impatient, Kentucky picked up the pace, striping grenades from his armor with almost mechanical efficiency and speed. And then when Kentucky reached for his next charge, he was met with a surprise. He has run out of grenades. He, Agent Kentucky, Professional Boombringer, had run out of hand grenades. On one target. One squishy infantry target. He would probably have felt insulted if he weren't so damn impressed.

Quite efficient, Rho chimed in.

"I know, right?" Kentucky uttered. Well, at least I have the others. He thought as he looked in his satchel.

Samantha breathed a sigh of relief when Kentucky had run out of grenades. Her suit gradually recharged what power she had used up, quickly revitalizing her.

"Good job, Zeta..."

Thank you.

"Good work, Agents. Now, the next test. Delta? Shields at maximum capacity."


"Agent Kentucky, as much as I'll regret saying it... Open fire." Samantha's eyes went wide at the words.

"Zeta! Be ready for anything!"

We are prepared for every possibility

Kentucky's eyes also shot open at the order. They shone with a manic glee as he retrieved the remaining contents of the satchel: Tess, his fuel rod gun. Kentucky loaded a clip of high-explosive rounds. No shrapnel, no muss, no fuss. Just a very powerful kaboom. He chuckled to himself as he took aim.

Rho jumped up, shocked. No, no no, nononono. Bad Kent! Bad!

Pchoom, pchoom, pchoom ,pchoom!

The rockets sped forth, and flew true.

Samantha quickly dodged the initial burst of high explosive rounds, quickly getting on her feet and just running. She did not want to get hit by one of those things. In her head, she thought of a fairly risky plan, but a plan nonetheless.

Harshly turning and staying low, Samantha rushed Kentucky, her kinetic barrier switching offline.

Zeta, use the shield only to block his attacks!

We will comply

Kentucky lined up the barrel of his weapon with care. He had one shot left, and he'd bet a certain exploding fist that he'd have one hell of a time trying to reload.

Kent. KENT! At this rate, she'll be within a blast radius of you before you fire, JUST TAKE THE DAMNED SHOT! Rho blubbered into his agent's earpiece.

"Fine, fuck it." Kentucky aimed at the ground in front of Samantha "Close enough!"


Samantha... hadn't been expecting that. She'd thought he'd try to go for a punch, not shoot the damned ground. Unfortunately for Kentucky, however, the explosion made her lose her footing, propelling her forward, and while her fist didn't make contact with him, she was thrown straight into him head first.

The Kinetic Barrier, having absorbed as much energy as it could from the explosion, detonated when Samantha made contact with Kentucky, sending both of them gliding (Although Kentucky didn't have that far too travel, but instead broke through the door leading to the observation deck). Samantha went sliding across the floor, eventually hitting the wall. She was up momentarily, dazed and wobbling as she removed her helmet. On her chin were now three cuts, fresh and bloody.

Samantha slowly made her way over to Kentucky, pulling the pistol off of her hip. Zeta appeared next to Kentucky, curiously examining him. Why does this human fly so much? Does he wish to be more like a bird?

Kentucky didn't notice Samantha's approach at first. This was due partly to his being dazed from that particularly stupid shot, partly to a curious once-over of Zeta, and partly because of Rho's hasty retreat into his helmet, after which he whispered a droning rant of things like: ohgodohgodohgodlookatherjust lookathershe'sfreakinghorrible! Ohgodshe'scaryasSigmaorOmegaeven! ohgoddon'tseemedon'tseeme!

Then Kentucky noticed the slim figure closing in. And then he noticed the pistol in her hand. His first thought was murder? Again? But as his mind cleared he realized oh. Paint. He quickly kicked Tess away from himself. The alien weapon was a bitch as far as removing paint from the inner workings went. He put up his hands to her in a gesture of submission. "That's okay, it's cool, it's cool, no bombs, see? Not even a dead man trigger today. We're all friends here right?"

Zeta was... surprised, by the Rho's sudden appearance. Even more so by how quick he had disappeared.

We mean you no harm, Brother. We only wish to examine.

Sam finally arrived to where Kentucky had landed, crouching close to his face, intently listening to what he had to say. After long, she grabbed him by the collar of his armor, planting a soft (and short) kiss on the man's forehead, leaving a blood on his forehead.

"Of course we're all friends here..." Samantha roughly dropped Kentucky and stood up, quickly covering the agent in paint.

"... so it's only fair that I pay you back for trying to Jump-punch me." Samantha placed a finger on Kentucky's chest (after turning the agent on his back, of course.

"Next time you try that, by the way, I will end you." Sam spit some blood that had collected in her mouth at the discarded alien weapon before leaving to collect her helmet.

Upstairs, York was finishing his laughing fit while the Director pushed down on the intercom.

"Whenever you are done fooling around, Agent Kentucky, we will begin the final test."

"Umm… okay" Kentucky muttered as he struggled a bit. "Just… give me… a… MINUTE!" he said this last part as he got enough of the paint off to stand up. As he peeled the rest of the immobilizing paint off of his suit, he heard the timid voice inside his head.

You know, she really isn't that bad.

"Are you kidding? She spat on Tess!"

Not her. Kentucky then noticed the tiny video window that had opened up on his HUD. It was playing back images of Zeta.

"I keep trying to tell you, they're not all like Omega or Gamma. Remember Theta?"

Yeah, I guess so…

By then Kentucky had just about gotten all of the paint out of his joints. He looked up to face the Director. "Alright sir, what's for dessert?"

The Director looked at the two agents, smiling profoundly.

"F.I.L.S.S? Begin hand-to-hand training. Protocol Five dash Six Niner." After saying this, the Director left for the observation deck, sealing the entrance as he went. If Kentucky listened closely, he might have heard his armor's magnetic locks uncouple.

Initiating Unarmored Hand-To-Hand Training

On the other side of the room, Samantha had already managed to get her armor off, impatiently waiting for Kentucky.

"Mind hurrying it up? I don't have all day." Samantha was impatient at best, but when she had to wait for this guy? Plus, she didn't like being in her mesh under-suit for extended periods of time, and even less when she had to fight in it. But now? Samantha was hating this. Not only did she have to fight in it, she had to fight a guy in it. The last time she'd done that was against York, and she'd broken his nose for an "accidentally" placed punch.

He'd still admit today that it was totally worth it.

Rho appeared next to Kentucky as he sloughed his suit's armor off.

So, what's the plan? I mean, that barrier's going to be one hell of a challenge…

Kentucky, not wanting to give away his strategy, responded using their mental link. Quite simple: to prevent detonating the barrier, we let her hit first.


Well, to be more precise, we let her attack first. We block, dodge, and trick her into detonating on something that's

not us.

That seems highly unlikely to work.

Well, it's either that, or we try grappling.

Both minds instantly rejected that idea. Many of the women freelancers were… touchy. His last sparring match where he'd tried grappling on a female involved South, three fractured ribs, and a minor concussion. "Just make sure to stay on top of any opportunities I miss, alright?" Kentucky approached the center of the ring and took up his fighting stance.

The Director smiled. This last test wasn't just for Samantha. After looking at Kentucky's mission reports, the Director wanted to see how both Rho and Kentucky would react in close quarters combat against multiple opponents, but he also wanted to see how Samantha would react if she had the advantage of numbers.

"Activate the test, F.I.L.S.S."

Yes, Director.

Down on the training floor, Samantha cracked her neck. Then two of her walked to her side. Then two more, and two more, until Kentucky was eventually surrounded by a total of 10 female freelancers.

"Begin the test."

On the floor, all of the Samantha's immediately took up a defensive position, meaning Kentucky would have to take the first hit.

Kentucky started at this development. "Well. That's new." He immediately started dishing out orders to Rho. Reduce motion-tracker range to a six-foot radius. Highlight and motion-blip attackers in yellow, do the same in green for any gaps you find in their defenses. If you can get me a top-down video feed, do that too. Kentucky's HUD flickered several times as the requested changes were made. The tiny video feed that had previously displayed Zeta now looked down upon the fighting ring.

Modifications made.

"Alright then, Sammy, let's see what you've got!" Kentucky howled as he leaped through the air… backwards. He clasped his hands together while airborne, then brought his left elbow down on the head of the Samantha behind him. Kentucky landed flat on his back while "Samantha" blinked out of existence, and he did a backwards roll and sprang back up into a ready stance, bouncing lightly.

"WHOOO boy, this is gonna end badly!"

All of the Samantha's moved in for a punch, but only one made contact, the rest blinking out of existence. Samantha made solid contact with Kentucky's jaw before dodging back, raising her defense.

"Come on, hot stuff! Where's that cocky attitude of yours? Or did that come off with the paint?"

"Ohoho, woman you haven't begun to see my attitude!" Kentucky feinted a right hook to the face, then swept a kick at Samantha's legs, knocking her off her feet. "Who's cocky now?" he hollered as he lifted up his foot to stomp on her.

"Really now? "woman"?" Samantha caught his foot in her hand, smiling the entire time.

"I think someone needs a little lesson on Kinetic Energy, don't you?" Samantha kicked Kentucky in the nuts as the Kinetic barrier exploded. When Kentucky was on the floor, she quickly sat on his stomach (Something that York would later tease her for by saying she had straddled Kentucky), and pinned him to the floor by his shoulders.

"So... who's the woman now?"

Kentucky then committed an act he would immediately come to regret. In a moment of frenzied instinct, he lashed out with his hand, and impacted a certain fleshy spot on Samantha's chest. If he were able to, Rho would have shit his pants. The soundproof glass did very little to hide York's renewed laughing fit.

Oh no, not this again!

Samantha was someone who enjoyed attention. Hell, she'd once jogged around the entirety of B-Deck (The largest deck on the "Mother of Invention") bare naked because York had given her $300 to do so. She didn't care if men (or women) looked at her body. She was proud of what her slim figure.

But when someone touched her without her say so, Samantha got angry enough to make Carolina look like a harmless child.

"You... You fucking PERVERT!" Samantha immediately rushed for Kentucky, now dead-set on killing him. The window occupying the small space of Kentucky's visor showed Zeta once more.

We advise you run. It would be a shame to have to clean you off of the ceiling.

Kentucky was instantly remorseful that he had got his jump-drive disabled. He bolted for the prep room, praying to whoever would listen that he would find what he was looking for.


"Silence, you no-good whiner!"

Samantha saw exactly wear he was going, and only moved faster, tackling him when she got close enough. Once she stood up, she had Kentucky pinned to the ground, boot on his neck. In his current position, all Samantha would have to do is push down and his life would be over. Wash had done the exact same thing, only with more crying, begging, and screaming for mercy.

"Now, do you know why you're currently on the ground?" Upstairs, the Director sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he slowly started making his way down to the floor. York and Delta followed, knowing full well that Kentucky technically deserved this.

Samantha lowered herself closer to Kentucky, keeping her boot on his throat. In a way, she looked beautiful...

But, you know, that was probably the one thing you would not want to tell her after punching her breast.

"I asked you a question, pervert"

"Okay. Okay. I'll say it." Kentucky managed to wheeze. "I screwed up. I screwed up bad!"

Damn right you did! Rho had appeared on top of Kentucky's visor, peering through at his agent. Now. What do you say to the murder-lady?

"Rho. Quiet. Oh, and also it would be swell of you to not fucking murder me." Kentucky almost attempted a weak smile, but the rumors about the old Minnesota caused that last quip to chill his blood a bit.

"Murder you? I'm not going to murder you. No... I'm just going to make you sleep for a very, very long time..." She smiled sadistically as pushed down slowly. The Director entered the room.

"Do it and you know exactly what I'll do, Minnesota, or do you wish to see the nice therapy room again?" Samantha hesitated at this, and slowly stepped off of Kentucky. She didn't wait for the Director to say anything else, departing directly to the showers.

"Agent Kentucky. That was both inappropriate and stupid of you. Agent York would not have reacted as you had, and would have turned the tables in his favor." Kentucky rolled his was bullshit, whether the Director knew it or not. Every Freelancer knew York would have taken every chance to cop a feel if he could.

"Go drop off your armor and shower, immediately. You're on guard tonight. Dismissed." With that, the Director left to go on look through the results of the tests.

In the showers, Samantha stood under one of the showers, listening to the two marines groaning on the floor. She hated the showers near the training rooms. They were co-Ed, meaning someone was always trying to cop a feel. She left the water and entered the dressing area, stretching her now sore limbs.

A marine near the doorway saw Kentucky pass by and grabbed his attention.

"Dude! Check it out! Isn't that the best piece of ass you've ever seen? What I wouldn't give..."

Kentucky didn't feel like keeping his cheerful persona running anymore. He glared at the marine for a moment. Then he took off his helmet so that the marine could see the glare. Then he grabbed the marine and expertly put him in a choke-hold. "That statement somehow managed to objectify a lady, completely disregard the last 15 minutes of my life, beg for an ass-whooping, and emphasize your status as a douche." He wrenched a little tighter on the hold for effect. "APOLOGIZE!"

"Okay, okay, shit, I'm sorry!" The marine gurgled. Kentucky let go of him and pushed him towards the exit. Then, without another word, he went over to his locker and changed into his standard issue pants and t-shirt.

Don't you think you should apologize for that strike earlier? Rho inquired.

"I think I'll get to that when she's calmed down a bit." Kentucky dropped the satchel containing Tess on top of his discarded armor. "Do me a favor and get someone down here to take this to the armory. I'm going to get lunch."


Samantha had been dressing herself when she overheard Kentucky yelling at the Marine by the door. When the marine had scampered off, Samantha walked over to Kentucky.

"Hey... That was pretty... I don't know, nice? I think that's the word. People usually don't do things like that for me, so, yeah... Thanks..." Samantha made sure nobody was looking before kissing Kentucky's cheek.

"Tell anyone I did that, and you're dead. Got it?" After making sure he understood, Samantha went back into the locker room to grab the remainder of her clothes.

Kentucky stood shocked for a few moments after she left. He could feel his face turning a good shade of red. He put his hand on the spot where her lips had touched, baffled.

I have sent for the requested services, Rho announced as he materialized besides Kentucky. The sudden appearance of the AI snapped Kentucky out of his stunned state. Are you alright? Your vitals are showing an increase in activity.

"Totally fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. At all."

Rho, of course, immediately delved into Kentucky's mind. The agent had learned that the best way to discourage such intrusions was scare tactics. He dragged a specific image to the surface of his mind. "Tell anyone I did that, and you're dead, got it?" Rho instantly materialized again.

"Well? Got it?" Kentucky asked with a smirk.

Y-yeah. Got it.

"Cause, you know she'd actually do that-"

No, it's alright. I get the picture.

"Good. Come on, let's go get lunch." And with that, the duo began the walk back to the mess hall.