He could never admit it, it was too ridiculous. For a being like him to admire something so small, he wasn't even when he started to watch; the human had always been useful. His line of work helped the business stay booming. He was but seven years of age when he sent the first creature into deaths waiting arms. From that day forward this human sent a steady stream of work to Death and his reapers. It was nice but nothing huge, it had happened and would continue to happen for the life of the earth and beyond. However the humans name was know in 2005, he was on Deaths door, his Reaper posed to collect and then he was cheated out of the soul. He was gone and off the radar, which made Death really look at the boy. Not many things could escape Death.

He watched the boy as he questioned the holy man and the woman, could taste the doubt in the air from him that this was on the up and up. Watched him and his brother figure out just what they had found. Death rather enjoyed as the man fought to free on of his Reapers, but in the end had tried to give his stolen time away. Death was once more forbidden to the soul and instead was given the unholy woman. That wasn't horrible, but he did leave with a name also. A name that would start to haunt him: Dean Winchester.