A poem dedicated to America's favorite red-headed schemer.

Because after all, who doesn't love Lucy?

Here you go fibbing again,

As if it were your life's work

Wheedling, meddling, crying, and scheming

And trouble lurks around every corner

When you, Lucy Ricardo, have a plan.

A plan to be in a show?

A plan to play a trick?

A harmless prank, an innocent fib,

Or are you playing matchmaker?

Take your pick, Lucy!

Which one will you choose?

Ethel's ready to help with your crazy scheme

And comedic consequences lie around the bend

When you, Lucy Ricardo, get involved.

You better do it before Ricky finds out

Or he'll blow his Cuban top!

Hide that dress! Cover up your hat! Call off that bet!

He's not made out of money, you know.

Fred's as stubborn as ever,

And he says he doesn't want to

Though, if you ask nicely he might just help you out

But then remember, if Ricky catches you

You, Lucy Ricardo, will be made into a drum

And the number "Babaloo" will soon follow after.

So be a Maharincess! Make a pizza! Stomp some grapes!

Buy a dress shop! Make some dressing! Be a statue!

Do an operetta! Go camping! Tell the truth!

Go to charm school! Go to Hollywood! Raise some tulips!

Lucy Ricardo, you've done it again!

Just remember to cover your tracks, Lucy.

After all, you did marry a hot-blooded Cuban instead of a cold-blooded Swede.

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