Another dull affair. Honestly, Miranda loved dressing up, loved seeing the movers and shakers in the fashion industry, loved knowing she was on top. Yet, the sparkle had faded somewhat in the wake of having to defend her kingdom again and again. She had other priorities in her life, and she wanted to focus on them. For instance, right now she would much rather be at home with her children and with Andrea.

Long brown locks elegantly arranged in an up-do caught Miranda's eye, and she sighed. Now she was seeing Andrea everywhere. She cocked her head, her eyes devouring the beautiful Chanel dress, not even available yet. How did this woman have it? And how was it that it fit so perfectly?

Just then she turned around, and Miranda felt her eyes widen in surprise.


She hadn't seen the woman all week. In fact, they were planning to spend time together this weekend while the girls were with their father. Caroline and Cassidy were rather cross with her for that. They missed Andrea, too.

Their eyes connected, and Andrea smiled coquettishly while batting her eyelashes, then she turned away, laughing at some joke a dashing young man made. Miranda practically growled.

This was her own fault. Andrea had left her employ at her prompting nearly three months ago, spreading her wings and writing articles for New York Magazine, Time, and Rolling Stone. She was being published enough to support herself, and Miranda had mentioned to her the idea of procuring the services of an agent so she could focus solely on her writing instead of self-promotion. Of course, Miranda would willingly float her articles, but Andrea was stubborn enough to insist she make her way alone.

It made Miranda incredibly proud.

Right now, though, she felt jealous and possessive, and she had no one to blame but herself. Still in the middle of divorce proceedings, Miranda had not given in to her very strong desire to make love with Andrea. Oh, they had come close several times. But, Miranda would stop them, holding Andrea tightly as they calmed their breathing. Honestly, she had no idea why Andrea put up with her. She was beautiful, intelligent, sexy. She could have anyone. Why me?

She had made up her mind, though. This weekend she would not stop the luscious kisses or exploring hands. They would cross that final line, and she would claim her prize. Her Andrea. She loved the younger woman, and although she feared driving her away, destroying this relationship as she had those with her past husbands, she had to believe that Andrea would stick with her and the girls.

Another handsome man made his way to Andrea's side, and Miranda barely held back another growl of frustration. Andrea was quite the catch, and no one knew she was unavailable, save a few close friends.

"Here," she heard, a flute of champagne thrust under her nose. "Take a sip and bring this one to her. They'll back off once you are by her side, and if not, you may want to stake your claim," Nigel said, his voice holding humor but his eyes serious. Nodding, Miranda mused that it was time and did exactly as directed, gracefully crossing the room.

"Andrea," Miranda said softly as Andrea turned, her face betraying her surprise and pleasure.

"Miranda! You look magnificent." Her eyes were sincere as she leaned in for air kisses. "I'm looking forward to this weekend," she whispered against Miranda's ear.

"My darling, you look good enough to eat, and I am so hungry," Miranda purred pulling back and smirking as a becoming flush rapidly traveled across her chest, neck, and face. Miranda licked her lips, feeling ravenous. She silently passed the other flute of champagne to Andrea and lifted hers to clink them together. They sipped while eyes remain connected, Andrea's expressive ones voicing questions.

"Excuse me," that same handsome man interrupted them with a smile. He half turned so that his back was to Miranda and laid a hand on Andrea's shoulder. "I was about to leave, Andy. Would you like a ride home?" he asked suggestively.

Miranda promptly stepped forward so that her side was flush with Andrea's and slid her arm around her waist possessively. "I will give her a ride," she said. "Have a good evening," she added frostily before Andrea could say a word. She glared at the man while he muttered something unintelligible and left. She realized that several people were staring at them, and her hand was resting rather low on Andrea's hip. She turned her head and stared into shocked eyes. "Come home with me, Andrea?"

"Yes! I'd love to," Andrea answered in a dazed voice.

"Let's go," Miranda said, not removing her hand as they glided across the room. The new Andrea handed them their wraps without a word, and Roy opened the car door with a smile for them after they made their way outside.

Once in the backseat with the privacy window up, Andrea spoke. "My God, Miranda! I can't believe you did that! Aren't you afraid others will figure out that we're together?"

"That was the point, Andrea. I cannot abide watching so many damnable men, and some women too, making passes at you. Hopefully, now they will think twice," Miranda answered, her eyes fixed on Andrea's worried face.

"But, Miranda! What about Page Six? What if someone tells them? I don't want them to say something that could hurt you." The distress in Andrea's voice was clear.

"We will deal with it as it comes, provided you decide to remain by my side," Miranda said softly. She was ready. The girls had been very vocal about wanting Andrea around more, about wanting to do more things as a family. Miranda wanted that, too. She could see it all, waiting to become reality—outings and family events and holidays.

"What? Of course, I will! I'm not going anywhere, Miranda," Andrea replied passionately.

"Except into my bed," Miranda said firmly before capturing pouty, moist lips in a heated kiss. "I want you so much, darling. It amazes me that you are here in my arms," she confessed as she nibbled behind Andrea's ear.

"Oh, Miranda," Andrea breathed. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

The car stopped in front of the townhouse, and they walked into the house, straight up the stairs, and into Miranda's bedroom. Without ceremony, they both undressed and met on the bed. They breathed in each other's moans as their lips met roughly. Andrea's skin felt so good, so smooth. Miranda's hands roamed freely over Andrea's curves, and she reveled in her obvious arousal. Soon Andrea hovered over her, eyes half-closed and mouth slightly open as the younger woman lightly panted. She slid up and down, her body barely touching Miranda's, causing Miranda to pant and groan and whimper.

"Please, Andrea. I need you," Miranda admitted, wanting this incredible woman to be hers. And wanting to give herself over completely.

"I'm right here, love," Andrea assured as she continued sliding over Miranda's body in an agonizingly erotic way. "I've waited so long," she cooed. "You are so beautiful."

Miranda leaned forward as her arms pulled Andrea closer, and she covered a swaying breast with her mouth. Moaning at the texture and taste, Miranda feasted on the fleshy area, sucking forcefully on the hard nipple and lashing it with her tongue.

"Ah, Miranda!" Andrea hissed, her body undulating more pronouncedly. "God! That feels so good."

Holding her trembling body close, Miranda continued her loving attack as her hands massaged Andrea's flexing backside. She could feel wetness against her thigh, and Miranda felt no shyness as she wrapped a leg around Andrea's waist. Crying out as Andrea's fingers explored her swollen, wet folds, Miranda began gyrating in time with Andrea's body. They sped up, and Miranda moved her fingers to circle Andrea's clit as she switched to the other breast and lavished it with attention. "Jesus, you taste divine!" Miranda muttered around the breast, her breath catching as two fingers entered her. She wasted no time thrusting into Andrea, her palm grinding against Andrea's bundle of nerves as her body jerkily moved on top of her.

"Miranda, oh my God! You feel unbelievable," Andrea gasped as Miranda twisted her fingers and rubbed harder, her thumb pressing on Andrea's clit. "Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Miranda," she squealed, her body spasming as she climaxed.

Witnessing Andrea's rapture, Miranda fell over the precipice, her voice hoarse as she roared Andrea's name. They moved together, breathless and sated as they rode out their orgasms. Why did we wait so long? The reasons seemed so silly now. This intimacy was a gift, a beautiful, priceless gift. She would never let Andrea go. Never.

"You are incredible, Miranda Priestly," Andrea whispered fervently as she slid onto her side.

Miranda pulled out of Andrea slowly, fingers randomly moving against her twitching clit. She smiled with satisfaction as Andrea moaned loudly, her body moving slowly. Straddling Andrea's leg, Miranda kept touching Andrea as she began moving, enjoying Andrea's fingers within her, pumping into her more forcefully with each thrust. She was going to come again.

"Andrea," Miranda moaned in a low voice, her body moving fast, her mouth open, her back arched. Andrea's fingers squeezed one of her breasts in rhythm with their movements. Arching as her orgasm roared through her, Miranda heard Andrea cry out as she too reached completion. With a few languid thrusts of her hips that sent sparkling aftershocks through her body, Miranda rested. She felt Andrea remove her fingers from inside her, and Miranda sighed with contentment as her eyes fell shut. This is heaven.

"I love you so much," Andrea whispered.

"I love you, too," Miranda said, her eyes still closed and body lethargic. "For so long. I still don't understand why you love me. Perhaps I never will. But I am grateful, so grateful. You are a gift, Andrea," Miranda added as she opened her eyes and gazed into luminous eyes. "My gift. A priceless gift. I love you."

They cuddled, dropping off to sleep for several hours before waking in the early morning and making love again. The reasons Miranda had for wanting to proceed slowly no longer mattered. Andrea loved her. And Miranda would make sure that in exchange she gave a gift as worthy as Andrea's love. It might not be wrapped, it might not be unscarred, but she knew that Andrea would cherish her gift. With a smile, Miranda murmured as the sun brightened the day, "I have given you my heart, Andrea."

"And that will always be the best gift you could ever give me," she said with an answering smile.

No doubt they could debate whose was the better gift. Miranda looked forward to it. But first, she had a hunger to sate. And she knew exactly what she wanted for breakfast.

The End.