I had to think carefully on this type of crossover story, so, hopefully, this is worth it to write. It took me a while on how to explain Danny and the others' situation and thought of an idea for this story. So, prepare for quite...the adventure in this one. (:


Sometimes, everything starts differently than one shall expect in their world…worlds. Yet, not everything follows by the natural orders like when I was fourteen years old, I walked into my parents' portal invention and caused my body metaphorical into something rare between my world and the ghost zone's world. My friends witnessed what I had have become, nonetheless, they stood by my side since this very day. Only among the trios, we knew so much to our discovery. My sister even found out by the time she faced her first ghost.

My sister made sure she provided all the help she held out to me and I would be glad to count on her. Especially, when she gave our parents the whole truth on how their son is Danny Phantom. At first, they didn't accept this idea too much and Jazz shared the story they should know. They trusted their daughter and realized that their son has been more than a ghost. They still saw me as their son, but I chose to erase their memories along with the rest of the world on my personal secret. Although, no one knew where Vlad was at the time…

I didn't care for that. I knew he protected others by my action and one thing left in my control. I held the very Reality Gauntlet. I wasn't too keen on using them for ghost fighting, that is…Jazz located it in my bedroom and used it to save me.

One of my enemies knocked her out as the Reality Gauntlet flew out of her hand and hit onto Tucker's head. He didn't appreciate the hard on injury, but he was being attacked. He felt no choice but used the power to protect himself. He was able to get things done quickly on his fighting chances while his teammates deal with the rest of it.

Once our mission was done for the day, we headed back to Fenton's house and discussed about the usages of the device. We argued on the importance of having some sort of power to fight in situation like their recent mission. I grew too afraid to lose them, but they have proved their point over the last two years. We each took turn using it every day, one by one, and soon enough…something was changing us.

Jazz withdrawn from college, figuring she would head out to college when I goes. She's currently eighteen years old, while the rest of the Phantom team member is sixteen. Here we are, coming over to the Fenton's house on a summer day after hitting up from Nasty Burger. We were chatting about how easy things were turning out to be. Once we entered into the living room, we saw a strange old man sitting with a cup of coffee in his hands. Jazz did not recognize him, so this left us in uncertainty situation. My ghost sense wasn't going off and the man's eyes weren't glowing. So far, we knew they're still safe now.

Mom glanced up with a smile and dad was in the kitchen on his invention. The four Phantom team members of us have found ourselves frozen at our spot by the start of the living room.

"Kids, he came to see you all about something very important. Your father and I will be in the lab if you need us. We think this is a great opportunity to take." She smiled and left the room with her husband to the lab in their basement.

We nodded to show their common respect and helped ourselves to the couch across from the elderly man. He wore different shade of blue robe, yet, fancy like style. He had a long beard that went down to his stomach and his hands folded for much strong patience. He grinned kindly towards the four us teenagers in the room.

"Hello, I am Professor Dumbledore," His accent caught our attention to the fact he's British, "I am very well of who you all four you are. Miss Manson, Mr. Foley, Miss and Mr. Fenton, I am here to inform you all congratulation on your acceptance of Hogwarts." He smiled, "All of you seem to somehow possessed magical powers, therefore, you are a wizard or a witch. I am your headmaster of the school."

I grew paler at being discovered like this, but I didn't think they're…well, actually, if I knew if ghosts exist, anything else can. I was too concern about Vlad finding out and take advantage of them in our situation. Jazz frowned at the man and doubted any of this was even realized. She paused herself to remember their access to the Reality Gauntlet to its unknown magic sources. She might learn something from this, she nodded slowly to accept somewhat of the idea. Sam was more than delightful to hear she's something different. This wasn't an issue as she suspected. Tucker took it like a great opportunity to feel equal to his team, yet, he wasn't too sure how this can be portrayed as for him.

"How do you know we're…wizards or witches?" I questioned him.

Dumbledore chuckled softly, "I suppose I should explain. As you see, most of our society is born with magic powers. However, I noticed all four of you are born as a muggle, meaning non-magical human being. Yet, since you were fourteen years old, Mr. Fenton, you developed your source of magic. You were all supposed to remain as muggles, yet, using the powerful device known as Reality Gauntlet. The more often you use it, it becomes a part of your blood to create Wizards and Witches. Thus, all four of you have managed to become. However, we would normally retrieve all muggle-born witches and wizards and pureblood, mixed pureblood, and half pureblood witches and wizards at the age of eleven." He shook his head, "Which means, you are all supposed to be in year six or at college for you, Miss Fenton. However, we will place you all in Hogwarts immediately. My professors are willing to work over the summer to help you all control your powers with your wands. We will be able to place you at least the fourth years and sort you out."

Jazz tilted her head, "Sort you out? Professor Dumbledore, care to explain what does sort you out means?"

He grinned, "It means we have to place you into the proper house at Hogwarts. Each represent of who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. There are four of them and the names are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. You will all live at Hogwarts during school terms and return during the holidays if you wish, but the summer is usually carrying onto dealing with the new term to start on the first day of September."

Sam blinked, "So, how do we get sort out?"

Dumbledore looked over to her, "By a sorting hat, he will sit upon your head and knows everything on your mind. He will tell you which house you belong to in his final decision and announce it loudly to the school. Each house will celebrate with a cheer to welcome you."

I tried reading into the man the entire time, hoping this was Vlad, and it wasn't anything to what I could easily connect. I knew Vlad could not change voices nor fake looks. Their eyes were too far different. Their heights were way off and the aura I sees was differently between the two.

"Okay, so, when do we have to go?" Tucker eagerly asked.

He smiled, "I would suggest in a week." He jolted to recall and pulled something out of his pocket that seem very deep. He pulled out four letters and handed it to each of us, "This is your early Hogwarts Letter acceptance. Usually, we would send the owl to inform you your year at our Hogwarts, but by July." He smiled.

Jazz awed at her letters while the rest of us were curious. We read our letter to our acceptance, finding out the things we needed, and required.

"Is the robe black, Professor Dumbledore?" Sam asked politely, hoping to not wear awful colors or any of that brightness.

"Yes, all students are required to wear black robe." He answered well, "Since I have free time, how would you like to head over to gather these things ahead? Of course, it's paid by the school for all of you."

The three members eagerly smiled at team leader, me, and I knew what was coming. I saw their aura, hopes to go for it, and I read onto Dumbledore before finalizing my decision. The main aura stated this would be harmless and safe to deal with, but I wasn't too keen on trusting a total stranger we just met. I couldn't read into the other aura, assuming maybe this man is this good on their side. I sighed to my sidekicks' victory.

"Yeah, that would be fine." I shrugged.

I knew we would never return to the life we're used to. Dumbledore nodded and walked over to the fireplace. We all watched him and he gestured us to join him.

"This may be rare to do, but it's common on how we travel. We call this the floo network, it is easier and quicker, but be careful to pronounce the location. Who'd like to go first?" He smiled.

I walked in front, "I'll go first. I don't want anything to happen. So, what's the location's name?"

"Diagon Ally." He answered simply and clearly.

"Diagon Ally?" I repeated carefully.

Dumbledore nodded, "Exactly. Here's a handful of floo powder. All you have to do is announce the location and drop it instantly to take you to that specific location. Go ahead and step inside the fireplace."

I received a green powder in my hand, suspicious if it's made of anything from ectoplasm, but I knew his parents set the house to be sensing any dissolving ghosts. So, I let it go and accepted it. I shouted the place and dropped the floo. The green fire burst and took me elsewhere. My friends and my sister were very fascinated by this new sort of transportation. Once I arrived to the location, I tripped and fell onto my knees to balance myself. I shook my head and hurried back on his feet.

"Never again," I shuddered, "I don't get why that kind of transportati-" I heard someone coming out of the other fireplace.

I spun around and caught my sister from falling flat on her face. She shuddered and I hurried up to make sure she's back on her feet. No one enjoyed touching me due to the fact I'm freezing to touch.

"You're alright, Jazz?"

She nodded, "Yeah, but you sure made it seem so easy."

I huffed, "Next time, I'll transport us all."

For now, I had to make a catch with a couple of people coming. Sam was next and caught her before she even trip on herself. She groaned and not pleased at all to what she felt. Jazz helped her stand her ground and I was prepared for Tucker. Once he came, he was able to grasp his balance quickly. I had a feeling I didn't need to help this old man here. Once this…Dumbledore guy appeared, he walked out like it was nothing. Maybe he's more used to it or he's just that powerful.

He led the way into this 'Diagon Ally' and there were several other people dressed up similar to this professor, only in different colors than I have expected. Nothing was exactly normal, but then again, when will we ever live like one? We noticed different window shop for certain things like those brooms…wait? They fly too? I wondered how, but why should I worry about flying when my ghost half does the rest? Sam seems interested in the whole broom flying, Tucker hasn't found anything to catch his interests, and Jazz was more fascinated to read anything.

We did not exactly blend in as easy as others, but these people were used to dealing strange people judging from their colors has exposed to me. Dumbledore made sure we had our school robes set and paid for. This…troll? Okay, I give! So everything exist in this world, that's no doubt for sure. I had to keep myself together and watched out for my teammate. No one seems to be upset of our strange clothes or behaviors.

The robes was arranged and set to go. Dumbledore took us over to the books we needed for our courses and Jazz instantly fell in love with new things to read. She was quick on her feet and observed the entire place. It was the first time for me to notice some…not all…books have their own aura on them. I took noticed that I'd be careful due to bitterness ones.

We didn't want Dumbledore to carry all of our things and he somehow transported them to my room? It doesn't make sense, that spell can't teleport us, yet can transfer items? This is too beyond weird in my lifetime and afterlife time. He took us over to the wands and the whole place was literally glowing of energy.

"Here, the wand will choose you and you will know." Dumbledore stated.

Tucker blinked, "The wand picks us instead of picking them? It's not even alive!"

My eyes rolled, "They have something on them, so it seems to have a little piece of someone or something in the wand."

Dumbledore grinned, "You're certainly bright, Daniel."

I choked on the name, "Please…call me Danny and thanks, I guess."

He nodded, "Of course, Danny. I think your imagination is well to know how wands choose their owner."

Jazz grinned, "May I try?"

We faced the owner of this wand shop, which I could never pronounce in my entire life. Jazz was trying a few, but I noticed her aura against the wand's color. It was either causing disruptive energy or emptiness energy. It was so strange how that works, but there's a light color on the wand that rather matched Jazz's aura to a calming feel around it. Once she tested this one, she was already in loved with this one. Sam was eager to go next and I watched how this works for her. It was much like how Jazz's situation went out. Once Sam found hers, she was more than thrill to be a witch. I remember her ongoing about it since eighth grade, a little of it in ninth grade, and ghost subject fascinated her more at the time.

Tucker shoved me to go next and I did anyway. At first, some of them felt too powerful for me. It was too much to handle all at once. I can see my own aura and knowing how to expect this predictability. Until this wand seller finally found the right one, it matched perfectly as I grinned. It was like being loved with this thing. I observed it, seeing how light it was, and the girls awed to what they were seeing. Now, Tucker was the last one to get his wand.

He went through the same process, but it only took it to the second wand to be actually his. He seemed to like the connection on his wand and something about his aura finding love with that. Great…now, he's moving on from technologies and that's what worries me. We might need to keep one of us with him at all possible.

Eventually, Dumbledore asked if we wanted an owl or some sort of pet to have. He recommended the owl to help deliver mail in the wizard world, so Jazz and I agreed to share one. Sam didn't mind and thought it might spook her parents out. Tucker figured it would be cool to do. So, Sam got a black owl with silver eyes, very furry looking one. Tucker got a wooden brown owl with blue eyes. Jazz and I found one that had black, white, and brown fur like and has her eyes. We both liked her the most and accepted the owl.

Dumbledore disappeared on us while on our owl hunting and he got our supplies for school, along with trunks we'd need? He pointed out that it helps out for packing and we understood since then. He said he would take us home now, but I told him I can do that for everyone. He smiled and sent our things to my room. My friends hugged onto me and I teleported over to the house. We were more comfortable traveling this way and we saw the letter on the table.

The letter was telling us a reminder of being picked up in a week and pack everything we think we may need. Technologies do not function in the wizard world, which Tucker cried out to, and provided tickets to our transportation. He even instructed something about some barrier. Jazz already grasped the idea of what he was saying in the letter. So, we figured it wouldn't be a big of a deal. To put it in the end, Dumbledore told our parents that we're witches and wizards of late bloomers and attending to magical school for training in British and nothing else. So, in a way, Dumbledore protected the Reality Gauntlet alone. We couldn't very well leave this behind and decided to take it with us in safe keep.

For now, we had a lot to prepare for and Jazz and I have to argue on the name of our owl. Sam went to go home to tell her parents of her transferring to a new school. She wasn't planning to tell them what the school is really for. Tucker had to do the same, but he rather be honest for them to know. Mom was more enthusiastic, but dad tried to be happy for us yet, he doesn't seem to believe it as much. I wasn't too sure, how this would work out, but it would somehow for Phantom Team.

I had to convince our parents on inventing one of those travel-able portals for me to take in case of anything and making sure it's relying on magic energy or something. Dad perked right up and thought some benefits for himself! Soon enough, it would be a lot to face in this 'wizard' world.

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