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His hands slid down on my thighs to trigger my moaning.

He was so gentle and kissed me anywhere he enjoyed the most.

Vlad thrust into me-

My eyes forced opened and took five second to sink in. Last night, we just…made love. Here we are, spooning in our sleep, and under the cover with nothing on us. I needed to pretend that never happened and be me. I needed to go to the bathroom and grabbed one of his long white trouser to put on. I headed over to the bathroom with a sleeping Veela in bed. I did close the door slightly, but figuring it won't be long to deal with or nothing to hide from him. Once I turned over to washing my hands and glanced up in the mirror, I saw how much my face was glowing in silver. I recognized that color anywhere I went and it meant I'm pregnant.

I sighed and shook my head. I have to do is show Vlad who I am in his eyes and can't afford to let him think I am dark as Dan. I'll never be someone who lost their humanity and eagerly to destroy and kill everything in my way. I hope it's worth it because I can't have that risk.

"Daniel?" He called out.

I sighed and started to act out. I hid behind the door and gave him my head in sight for him and a shy face.

"A-ar-are we bonded or something?"

He smiled, "Yes and I did use the spell last night, so there isn't a worry. Are you okay?" He sat up.

I nodded, "Yeah, just feeling like some stupid school girlfriend." I muttered on how embarrassing it is.

Vlad blinked at me, "Why?"

I slowly came out while pulling down the shirt to cover my member, "This is why." I glared away and had to be blushing redder than he could ever see.

He awed, "Cute, now, get your little ass in bed." He lifted the blanket up from where I slept and passed.

My eyes rolled and walked over carefully, but he had that obvious look that he has already seen me naked. Of course, he thinks he tricked me that he put the condom spell on me and probably come up with something that our ghost half must have not be affected by this spell and wore off enough to get me pregnant with high chances or other crap. I can definitely see that.

As I sat down, Vlad did not want to wait and pulled me by the waistline. He snuggled up on me delightfully and I giggled a bit due to his beard tickling my neck.

I laughed and trying to breathe, "V-vlaAH-Vlad!" I tried to move my head out of the way, but he kept nuzzling up against my neck.

He finally stopped to allow me to breathe, "I'm wondering if we could talk about this…Dan."

I huffed, "I knew I wasn't going to get away with that." My eyes rolled, "So, what do you want to know?"

"Relax, I am not going to pry into the whole what happened specifically during those seven days…as much as your sister may kill me if she finds out I know. I want to know what caused Dan to exist. You mention it was a start of cheating on a test and cost the important lives, correct?"

I blinked and found that it was easy to start. Just how much will he have me talking about.

"Oh, the basic. The CAT test was getting pressured onto me because…" I sighed, "…I had to study and pass it no matter what, but this entire ghost fighting was taking my time away. Jazz was trying to help me and told me whenever I am in the mood or on my term. I didn't know she knew, but I didn't recognize her signs. One of the ghosts fighting ended up allowing me to be attached to test's answer sheet. I wanted to study the answers by heart and was interrupted by a ghost. I fought and all, but this is where we ended up in another place of the ghost zone and got ourselves trapped into the future. My friends and I met my future-self, Dan. At first, I tried fighting him with my friends," My head shook, "He used the Ghostly Wail to destroy the building to kill my friends. I rushed over to see if they're alive and found out that they returned home. Then, Dan put the Time Medallion inside me where I couldn't reach it. After a week, I…found you. The alternative you and you had this guilty and most regretted look. You wanted to kill me to prevent any of this from happening, but you said you couldn't for a reason and took the medallion out of me." I sighed, "I was back home and saw my family, my friends, and my teacher at risk. I fought to keep them alive and stopped Dan. Everyone's saved and restored to where the test stood that day. I returned the test and the teacher gave me a chance to take it on Saturday." I rubbed my arms.

I had no idea what to expect from Vlad, but he kept calm about it through the whole thing. It was three years ago, but there's nothing to change. He pulled me closer to him and nodded a few times here and there, but kept quiet when I told him.

"So, what happened when you found out about your sister?"

I blinked, "Oh, yeah, before I found you. Jazz had the Boomerang with a note telling what was going on and I knew she knew something. After that, once I got time to be alone with her, we chatted about what she knew and she explained it was my secret to begin with. Although, I was trying to keep her out of the serious ghost fighting stuff, but she hacked into my laptop and found out your secret." My head shook, "After that, incident when you learned she knew, she calmed down and accepted how things work for me."

He hummed, "She's cunning, I'll give you that. Does Danielle know this?"

My head shook, "No, no. No one but me knows what really went on in my life." I sighed, "I don't think it's…just for strong stomach to bear this truth, but you would have to be more on this dark side. I guess I'm able to handle it because…I told myself that everyone is an illusion and it worked. That alternative future will never exist and never will."

"What of happened three nights ago again Tom's death?"

I sighed, "It was only necessary for one time. I never intended to be that evil as Dan or worse than that. The minute I learned about Tom and how he came to be Voldemort. I knew how worse it would have gotten…too many people losing their lives and I choked up on my friends, my sister, and…you. I was afraid that it'll be another future all over again." My head shook and curled up to him.

He cradled me and kissed my forehead, "It won't happen, I promise." He kissed me shortly, "I can see that my alternative self has already realized he killed his mate or his mate died."

I gulped, "Yeah, the alternative you told me how Dan was born. With the depression of losing everybody I loved, you were willing to do whatever I want to make me happy again. I asked if you could take my emotion away and something got messed up on your progress. Instead of removing the emotion I hated, you removed my half ghost away from my human half, especially separating the humanity in my ghost half. My ghost split your ghost half and took control of your ghost." I gulped, "That's Dan, he tortured me and ended up killing my human half." My head shook, "You fled for your life after my murdered death and hid away from everyone. You regretted going after my dad, but worse of all…a chance stolen away from a mate you knew who you're belonged to now as I think about it."

"When a Veela loses their mate, it changes them drastically. They die slowly, but a long time to die. Usually fifteen years it takes."

I gulped and couldn't believe it. I would have almost killed him without realizing it and that's why he's willing to do anything. It hasn't dawned on me before and the consequences would be so serious.

"W-w-was I killing you?" My hand clung onto his arm.

He lifted my chin up, "Right now, no." His aura was telling me he's lying.

I pouted, "I am! How can I stop it?" I quickly put.

He shook his head, "Daniel, it won't be forever."

I glared, "I can read aura and you know it! What am I doing that's killing you?"

Vlad ashamedly looked away and I hated it. I thought something to change his mind and crawled up to kiss him. He drew in so easily and I showed him that I can love him, but gentle for a start.

"Please, tell me?" I begged him.

He met my blue eyes with his Neptune eyes, "You won't accept me," He whimpered, "As your Veela."

My fingers brushed against his cheeks, "What can I do to change that?"

"I want you to say it that I am your Veela to me and let go of the past." He whispered.

If I had a heart, it would have skipped a beat. If it helps him, it would be better off saving him.

"If it means saving you, I will. Vlad, you are my Veela. I am moving on from the past and accept you for who you are because I did not know this side of you." My fingers pulled his ponytail apart to see his hair fall into places, "You are my Veela no matter what and I promise to be your mate." I smiled at him.

Vlad cupped my face, "Thank you," He whispered.

I never saw this side of Vlad before and made me feel like being closer to him. I snuggled up into his arms and relaxed for a little.

"Vlad! Danny! Breakfast time!" My sister had to ruin the moment here.

I sighed, "We'll be out in a few!"


Vlad chuckled and my eyes rolled. Of course, he's back to his normal self again. My eyes scanned around in the bedroom and spotted the boxer. I snatched it and put it on, then worked on the rest of the clothes, and noticed Vlad was just putting on his night robe. At least we're wearing out pajamas and I was just putting on my shirt.

"Hold on, Daniel," His voice signaled me for warning.

He scooped me up into his arms before I could even respond or understand what could be happening.

"Whoa!" My arms quickly wrapped around his neck, "Vlad!"

He hummed, "You do not mind, do you? I wanted to carry you anyway."

I chuckled, "No, I don't mind, but you could have at least warn me what you're doing."

His head shook, "I think you'll try your way out of this." He leaned in to kiss me.

I kissed back while he walked us out of the bedroom and he set me down with him on the couch.

"You boys better eat before your breakfast gets cold." My sister commented.

Vlad didn't want to stop and I knew how my sister deals things like this. So, I ended the kiss and Vlad frowned at me? Geesh, he's addicted to kissing. I patted his cheek.

"We'll do it later, Vlad." I smiled at him.

Jazz grinning away, "Getting comfortable with kissing already?"

I picked up a glass of orange juice and felt too cold on my cheeks.

"Actually, I'm the one being rewarded." Vlad stated with matter-of-fact tone of his.

I set my cup down, "Pretty much…seeing he didn't push it and didn't break the rules so far."

Jazz blinked, "Which one particularly?"

"We bonded, protected of course."

She nodded, "So, I take it we're safe for the time being?"

Vlad nodded, "Yes."

I smiled figure we're good for a while. Yet, I wonder how long will it takes for him to say something for me being pregnant and that I can rant at him and blame him with all the nonsense crap. It sounds fun. For now, I need to prove to Vlad that I am accepting him and not evil or anywhere near that.

We're eating our breakfast under Jazz's command and soon enough, she wanted to make sure I am caught up on my homework. Most of it was either two to four inches essay or practice on some spells. Jazz reviewed my writing while Vlad helped me out on some spells I need to grasp. After that, Vlad got these potion materials for me to go over on what I actually missed in Professor Snape. It took up the entire Saturday to complete it and I refused to fall behind on anything. Whenever Vlad took over Jazz, he would purposely sneak a kiss onto me before getting serious on homework or studying.

Vlad means well and he wants to provide plenty of his Veela's needs. I don't mind too much and accepted the idea naturally. He wanted to spend some quality time and found myself on his lap during dinnertime. Jazz wanted to make dinner with some ideas she had in mind and Vlad didn't mind it at all. He encouraged her to use his kitchen and she asked him about some ingredients I probably seen in the kitchen without realizing.

Jazz made this chicken herb with mash potatoes for dinner. It was really good and some other things I haven't realized in the taste. She had the mash potatoes to flavor with garlic and herb mixed. I was cutting up my chicken down a smaller piece to chew onto easier.

"Excellent cooking, Jasmine. Have you always been into cooking?"

Jazz shrugged, "Thanks, Vlad and sometimes. Ever since mom accidentally cooked a turkey to life, I learned quickly to bake, cook, and not anything to make as long it was coming to life."

"I afraid of coming over during Thanksgiving if your mother cooks."

Jazz hummed, "Not anymore with the turkey or hotdogs. I'm in charge of those, everything else we're okay with."

Vlad and Jazz sure love having conversation about cooking. I was eating anyway and-

I felt petrified, helpless, and alone…hurting. Someone was hurting and her screaming was echoing in my ears. I hopped off Vlad's lap and couldn't understand why was I knowing this?

"Dani!" I teleported, not knowing where I was and at the same time…morphing to Phantom.

I was on Dani's side, where she was being electrocuted by a net, and I recognized that net. I picked it up and used the ghost stinger against the attacker. I heard the ghost's screaming and they released her and I grabbed onto her. I glared at the enemy and he wasn't pleased.

"Whelp? What are you doing here?" He asked.

I growled, "If you fucking dare to come around to her again and hurt her, I will rip you to shred!" I hissed, "Now get your ass back to your layer!"

Skulker was floating above us, but he didn't wait for me to repeat it. He left in great fear and I wrapped my arms around to Dani a little more. Kissing her head and she was so hurt. Her fears were right inside of me and I couldn't understand.

"You're safe, Dani. I'm here. We're going to go somewhere they can't find us at." I hugged her closely to my chest.

Despite of the fact she's fifteen, my body has grown much larger than it used to be around her age. She's so small in my arms that anyone could have mistaken her for twelve years old. With the teleportation, it helps to balance out wherever I go. We were back to the living room on the couch and she didn't dare to move out of my arms.

"Daniel, what-who's that in your arms?" Vlad spoke up.

"Mommy?" She looked up at him.

Vlad gasped, "Danielle!"

Vlad reached out to her and hold her together. I trusted him to make her feel better and shook my head. Jazz walked over closely and I grabbed her for comfort of my own. Skulker had better not do that again…he scared a little girl to death! He'll pay for it!

"I'm here, Danielle. Mommy's here." He cradled her.

"What's going on?" Jazz asked.

I took a deep breathe, "I found Dani with Skulker and…he sort of almost killed her with the net trap and electrifying her."

Dani whimpered and Vlad provided comfort at the best he could. Jazz was stiffed, but she wasn't complaining that's for sure. Wait…

"Jazz…why aren't you shivering?"

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