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-Danny's Point of View-

Sometimes, I enjoy having a good shower…but when it comes to have super hearing, it's a real mood wrecker usually. With those two in the room alone, they don't realize I can hear that well and no one knows. Vlad isn't even good and he failed anyway. I heard their beginning conversation…

Something's on your mind, Vlad?

Typical Jazz, she always overanalyzed everything.

I need him to accept me as a whole, not somewhat.

I slowly stopped washing my hair…did I hurt him already?

What about the moment he recently told us?

I gulped, worried he might hate me from what he saw. I wasn't too sure if I am capable of handling this.

He's trying to be someone we're all familiar with, yet, that's not him. We lost him to Dan. Daniel here is trying to make it seem normal and I am afraid I know nothing of him.

My arms dropped…he's too aware of the idea and it wasn't like all of me was gone. It was my moral views has changed and I have become stronger. He can't give up on the whole idea he does not know me anymore.

He's too strong. For an average person, they would have been broken down on the very first day. Danny fought so hard, I think he relies on our love to keep him alive and powerful. If he is capable of killing and what he has done to Voldemort, there is no telling of his future path. Could he become psychotic and destroy the world? Or could he end up a saint who saves millions of lives? Or a little of both? Danny is the fire and we are playing against his fire.

She did make a point, but I am not so sure about the whole saint thing. I only kill Voldemort because I refuse to let the world fall into decease race against someone so powerful.

There is one way to tame the fire, but I doubt Daniel would allow it.

From his tone of voice, he wasn't entirely serious due to worried. Yet, my hands rested against my stomach…how does that reveals who I am?

The bond?

More than that, pregnancy can show the type of person we face. However, I will not push it.

He won't push it because it would have push me away. Does he thinks I am not really me? I hated to make it worse on something we barely begun trying. I couldn't push it into his direction to see I am still Danny Fenton…well, in his eyes that is. Maybe I should change his thoughts. I shifted over to washing my hair again and it seems quiet between the two again.

It's not my place to be, but if you're planning on knocking him up. I suggest do every little thing to make him happy and romantic things too. Otherwise, he will expect it and panic.

Great, expect Jazz to be a good supervisor and she adores babies. I tried to zone out and forget about it. The rest of their conversation sounded like a tease on her crush and it wasn't easy to hold back. I knew Jazz has a crush on Hermione and Hermione is a little clueless at the moment. Although, I didn't expect her wanting to be pregnant or is she curious?

But something caught me off guard…

I am curious how it works out, but yes. Is there a quicker way?

I gulped.

I doubt he'd appreciate the Veela's magic on him. You know how easily stubborn he is and I have only come this far to gain his trust and comfort. He won't accept me as his Veela.

I breathed and found myself seeing Vlad as who he is. He's smart and careful in what he does. He handled well on what Dan did to me, but I haven't told him the entire story. For so long, I have fought ghosts and struggled to make it through school up until now. I thought I'd be graduating high school this year, yet, I'm planning another mess up to my life.

He'll come around. Keep him happy and he'll accept you as his Veela.

At least I finished with my shower finally. I came out and started to dry myself up very a while. Of course, now, I hear their whispering conversation. Wow…only if they knew I can hear whisper too.

Will you convince him he'll be fine sleeping with me tonight? Even pointing out you'll be able to hear if anything serious, you'll be right next to the bedroom of ours?

I froze and couldn't believe it. He doesn't want to waste time to find out who I am. Should I?

As long as you make his night wonderful, I won't mind helping.

Oh, baby lover…but, it's Vlad. There isn't anyone who'd do this to me and can't help but feel different about it. I haven't hugged anyone in such a long time and Vlad is giving me that opportunity.

Thank you, Jasmine.

Anytime, Vlad.

Now, I'm wearing my clothes…wait, oh, right, Jazz brought them here. Not like Vlad would have snuck some in here and besides, I have no doubt he hates the clothes I wear. Their conversation hasn't gone anywhere else and it was safe to say I need to forget that as if it ever happened. They don't' know I have been aware of that. I doubt that I would ever let them know that at all.

I came out of the bathroom and found Vlad in his kitchen. Jazz was gathering her homework together and putting them away for now. I have no doubts we have so much homework over the past two days. I don't think I'd get off so easy anyway, why should I? The kitchen was much different than I have expected and the first time I came in here. It was mostly basic material, yet, up to date style. I admired that and he wasn't aware of my incoming through the kitchen.

"Hey Vlad, I'm ready." I smiled.

Vlad turned around, "Ah, Daniel, you look dashing."

I couldn't help it but blush, "Uh, thanks." I rubbed the back of my neck, "I don't know what type of restaurant you're taking us and I doubt-"

He chuckled, "-relax, Daniel. I am taking us to a simple restaurant out locally. I want you to feel comfortable anyway, but I will request private booth for all of us and there is a spell to allow us talk freely in public."

I blinked, "Oh, if you're okay with that, then when are we leaving?"

Vlad grinned and I took it as a sign of soon. It was just when I want to be in his arms, but I didn't want to jump right into that action yet. I was too afraid he'll realize and he needs to be the one making the moves. His hand gestured to alert me to hold me and I nodded slightly. He reached out to my hand and held it. He led the way to the living room and Jazz was ready to go now.

"So, how are we getting there?" Jazz asked.

Vlad chuckled, "Ghost teleportation power, I never took comfort in Apparate anyway."

"Apparate…" Jazz was in thinking mood, "…isn't that when you need a license and a pass in order to go anywhere and they track you down with?"

Vlad smirked, "Impressive, Jasmine. Yes, but it is a lot of focus and unnerving with side effects. It also takes a lot out of you than the Floo Network."

"Can't anyone make something more useful?"

The Veela laughed, "Oh, Daniel, you have no idea why they make it so awful?" I shook my head, "You see, they design it to have flaws and make it difficult to curb it for a purpose. So, we can limit wizards and witches from getting away with crimes and illegal actions. However, with our ghost powers, they cannot track it at all and we block their flaws away from us. It is easier."

To think about it, there are too many magical people on this earth and it would be reasonable to do so. With ghosts, it's a different story. Vlad touched my sister's shoulder and took us somewhere we weren't familiar with. We're still in the wizard world after judging from clothes. Vlad led us into a simple restaurant and apparently, he meant it with the private booth. Jazz was far too interested in what the place has and no one cared to notice us.

Vlad did his spell to prevent anyone keying into our conversation and resume his wand into his pocket. It was nice to know he won't take much advantage of others around us and I think this is how he's truly like in the world. He wrapped his arms around me in this curled booth and Jazz is across from us. The servant left us with menus to look over and I noticed teas are high standard in this part of the world. I had no complaints about it, but some of the other drinks were very strange.

Jazz seems to agree with me on this and it something we're not used to. Vlad chuckled at our reaction and he knew why.

"I suggest you both drink the butterbeer. I think that will be a simple start." He suggested.

Jazz pouted, "We don't drink, Vlad, we're underage and-"

"-it's not alcohol. It's a name of the drink. Most students like these sort of drinks, even muggle-born."

I nodded, "It sounds fine, but if we are drinking…I will kick your ass for that."

Vlad hummed, "Fair enough."

He was careful in what he says, but I can see he's trying to win me over. I smirked at him to keep him off from knowing the fact I overheard their conversation earlier. I read into the menu and decide between good pasta. At least they planned it out to figure out what to eat. I ordered similar spaghetti meal, Jazz with something about chicken, and Vlad ordered the same thing as I did.

After the servant left us alone, I playfully glared at Vlad.

"Why are you ordering the same thing, copycat?" I poked him softly.

He chuckled, "I ordered it because I want it."

I hummed, "Uh huh, so you say." I shrugged, "So, what have I been missing out for the past two days?"

Jazz stopped neatening her napkin, "After Vlad returned with you, everyone in the school were talking about it nonstop and wanting to celebrate it with you. There are reporters' wants to interview you and some people want you on the worldwide trip to talk about what you did. In our classes, teachers kept homework minimal by allowing essays that is due next Friday. Some deatheaters are sent to prisons. Some people are currently coming out of coma from those who were trapped by Dark Lord's spell." Jazz rubbed her arms, "Draco is getting back to his normal self, but he hasn't departed himself from Harry and Mr. Malfoy is wishing to thank you for freeing them from this war."

It wasn't something I'd expect and understood how things were for everyone. In fact, everyone in this room seems a bit happier that the war declared over now.

"I really didn't think this through…should have let Phantom take the credit." I huffed.

Vlad chuckled, "I think people will make the connection Phantom is you. I don't think it's wise anyway. We need to be careful what to tell people on how you end you-know-who without exposing our hybrid secret."

I grinned, "I did used an unknown spell known as Nex of A Phasmatis. No one knows what the spell does, but I already grasp its meaning."

Vlad shifted his head at me, "I recognize ghost in Latin term, but what does it means a whole?"

"Death of a Ghost. I found this spell when I was helping Pandora watch Ghost Box during his parole. It's only an old spell and I accidentally came across to this one. It's supposed to be used for ghosts only, but it's known to eliminate an enemy from living or as spiriting. Tom was actually spiriting, he doesn't have his original body, and the spell made sure he is dead because of me."

It was true, but I didn't find it by Pandora. Dan taught me that spell, but I don't want my overly protective sister to know what really went on that day. It wasn't too much to worry about. Vlad hummed to work things out in his mind, he's always good at manipulating others when we at least expect it.

"Since no one knows the spell and doubt anyone would be familiar or able to locate it, we can say the unknown spell caused a ghost forced him to his final death with great power source. We would tell anyone who ask us what the spell is should not be mention since it is too powerful." Vlad explained.

I nodded, "It is powerful."

"Then, there must be a sacrifice to this spell." Jazz wondered.

Aw crap, "Oh, the sacrifice is already made." I can't have her realize I had to suffer the person before using the spell, "It took half of my energy, but I was able to restore it for two days. It wasn't actually that bad. For a ghost, it would take two months to restore back to normal."

Her eyes widened, "So you knew!"

I shrugged, "Yeah, so?"

"You could have ended up in a coma state like and left us worried for your sake!" She shrieked.

Thankfully, Vlad allowed privacy among us and no outside conversation or anyone to hear us. Vlad soothed my arms.

"I believe Daniel knows what he was doing. He did worn me he is tired before he passed out. Wasn't that enough?" He directed this to my sister.

Her arms crossed, "Well, I guess that's fine. No more hiding secrets from us, Danny. We care enough to help you and I think we're capable than most people can handle."

I wanted to say or explain it to her my reason, but the waiter came with our food to set it down. My stomach agreed to eat and kind of distracted my thoughts from everything else. The spaghetti wasn't too different, just the flavor gives it a bit more exciting taste, and apparently, I like this pasta type. My stomach settled down and consumed the delicious dinner.

"Daniel," His soothing voice called me and lifted up my chin as I slurped the noddle down, "You have some sauce on your chin," Vlad leaned in to suck the flavor off and accidentally touched my lips.

I didn't dare to move and watched what he was doing. His eyes caught my eyes watching him, but I felt so drowsy when he was doing this. He didn't stop what he was doing and leaned up to my lips. He tried to get my spaghetti sauce off my lips and it was…romantic. My hand suddenly gripped his hand that held my chin before he dared to pull away. He did break the kiss, but something was more than anything I can ever imagine. Inside of me begging and kicking to pull him, back to that novelty sensation.

I found myself breathless already and loosen the grip from Vlad. I felt scared of what may happen next and Vlad didn't waste a second to wrap his arms around me to prevent any distance for me to make. I gasped at his action and still felt scared.

"Daniel, I'm sorry, I-I that was too soon." He was quick.

He doesn't even understand what I was afraid of…he thinks he is in trouble, but I was afraid to what he will find out. Slowly gulping down those fears behind me and shook my head to prove him wrong.

"No. It's fine. I'm…scared of my emotion, that's all. I like it." I thought to ease that off for him.

Vlad breathed enough for me to hear, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, "Yes, I am." I put out a smile for him, "I really do like it. I only need some time to get used to it." I didn't dare to move out of his arms.

Vlad smiled back and loosen his hugs on me, but he wasn't ready to let me out of his arms. He knew I won't abandon or reject his Veela at all. So, why should he worry that I'd attempt the worse? He's the only person who can hug me like this without shivering up and asking why I felt like freezing winter…dad, not much to explain to him. He'll accept the truth that I 'showered cold' too much because of…well, he thinks I'm doing private stuff in the shower. I hardly have time to do that stuff and it doesn't occur to me unless he tries to bring it up.

So far, I don't have to worry too much with Vlad at all and slowly accepting the idea of him entirely. He leaned in and did a quick kiss on me. It was a unique feeling and tried to remain focus on what I am truly feeling from him. My head couldn't hold up and rested on his shoulder. It's actually nice for once, without worrying about freezing someone's lips or their body.

"Let's eat," Vlad returned to his dinner with a slight blushing on his cheeks.

If Dan never existed, I would have been less guarded. I would have been one of those people that can still have innocent saved upon me. Although, I doubt I would have officially kill Voldemort and the war would have ended. Does Vlad see me as an innocent teenager or someone who lost their innocent mind and somewhat of their humanity?

I couldn't focus on that right now, maybe another time. Dinner was important, but I rather show Vlad I'm willing to try. The dinner's being eaten and I nearly forgotten about Jazz. She saw that, but she was really in a good mood lately. I think she's doing this on purpose, but what will the others do when they find out her willingness to get me pregnant?

Soon enough, Vlad loosened up and ordered some chocolate cake. It sounded so good and couldn't wait to try it. We chatted about home and how silly dad tends to be. Vlad insisted on having a Christmas gathering at the Amity Park Mansion he owns and he even threw in invitation for our friends. I knew why, but I didn't jinx it.

It was fun to be out to places and not worry about a single ghost attack in Italy. He knew how much I felt about fighting during the good times and hated interruptions as well. If only the rest of the world understand where I have come from, it might ease some trouble. Yet, I can't let them fall into that kind of the world and suffer for their sakes. No one deserves to go through what I deal with. Harry doesn't deserves that either, no matter what the world claims him to be.

I saved the trouble for him and his innocent mind and soul will be spare. At least, he can have a decent life with his Veela and youngling. Maybe the chances would be better for those two and I did free them from the war.

Vlad did not! He did not! No way! He purposely wanted to feed the cake to me and that right there down right humiliated me. I tried to bury my head onto his chest, but he wouldn't let me. Jazz giggled while having her cake and she's lucky she isn't in this situation.

"Come on, Daniel, you have to be enjoying this. Open up," He's treating me like a baby!

I groaned, mentally begging he would stop, and knowing he'll manipulate me into this again. One way or another, he knows a trick to get me talking.

"No." I quickly said it.

He missed it and the chocolate frosting on my lips. Vlad smirked and I knew what he was up to.

"Aren't you going to clean up your mess?" I playfully glared at him.

He hummed, "Of course, a man should clean if he wants to make his partner happy."

I kept smiling and waited. He leaned in, licked the chocolate frosting off, and lust filled in his eyes. It was very interesting to see from him for the first time and he moved over to my lips to kiss. He was careful and not rushing at all to share what he truly feels towards me. My hands rested against his warm chest and he held my hands to keep them there.

I wanted more of him every second of it and tried to ignore my fears. Forgetting about the past made me realize how important he means to me and I don't want anyone else but him. He changed me without realizing that and he doesn't even know that.

I gave him an invitation and he helped himself to meet up the tongue of mine with his. We fought for domineering of the relationship, but it didn't feel right for me. He was going to be the one on top and I accept being the bottom. He knew what he was doing and let him lead the way without stopping him. He hasn't dared to touch anything below the naval and I trusted him already.

"I think we should be getting home," Jazz announced.

I huffed once Vlad stopped kissing. He placed the wizard money down and grabbed Jazz as he teleported back to his headquarter without asking if we were ready or giving us a chance to stand up.

"Jasmine, you may head into your room. Daniel will be in mine." Vlad instigated.

I knew I had to act, "Wh-what? Vl-vlad? Why don't we go to our house dorm? I-I don't think this is a good idea-"

"Danny," Jazz shook her head, "The bedrooms are next to each other, and if I hear anything, I will come in check. I trust Vlad to not cross the line."

I sighed, "Alright…I guess it'll…be fine."

Vlad picked me up delightfully and didn't expect him to do that. Jazz headed into her room and Vlad took me into his room. Once we were in this bedroom, he started kissing me and I followed the feelings.

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