ANNNNDDDD...welp, here we go ;)

He grabs my hand

Pulling it from his hair

Kisses my knuckles

'Mom. I gotta go. Bella just got here. Yes. She's standing right here. I don't know. Let me ask her'

He covers the phone

'She wants to talk to you'

I put my hand out

'Hey Esme'

'BELLA. I miss you. I haven't talked to you in so long. EJ told me everything last night. I'm sorry for everything you're going through. I'm going to talk to my silly step brother and figure out where the hell his head is. You're too good for him sweet girl. You're too good for him'


'Esme. It's ok. I'm fine. Honestly I am. I'll just miss you. I hope this doesn't mean you won't stay in touch'


'Silly girl! Like I told you, I've been speaking with Edward and based on what he told me. I think I'll be with you more than I am now'

She giggles

'It's weird hearing you call Riley by his first name. I'm so used to calling him Riley, so when I hear other people call him Edward or EJ, it always throws me off'

'I KNOW! What was I thinking?! I wanted to name him after my step brother to show him how much I appreciated everything he did for us but we obviously couldn't have two Edward's in the same house so we started calling him EJ but once he got older he refused that nickname so he started going by his middle name, Riley and it just kind of stuck but yes, Riley told me everything last night'


'I'm glad he goes by his middle name. I like Riley'

She doesn't miss a beat

'I'm pretty sure he likes you too Bella'