'I don't know why I did it. No idea. You're everything to me. Everything. And. I threw it away like you were nothing. I tried to stop. I tried. But. I didn't. And. For that. I'm sorry. I'm more sorry than you will ever know. And. What for. To get 15 minutes of gratification. To get 15 minutes of worrying about nothing but myself. Myself and no one else. 15 minutes. That's all it took to ruin my life. Because. No matter how great it felt. Living with this guilt for the past few months. Seeing you everyday and knowing I ruined everything. Has been worse than anything I've been through my entire life. And. I have no one to blame. No one. But. Myself'

His tears fall

Eyes never waver from mine

He's waiting

For something


I feel my own tears

'Why Edward'

Shakes his head

Close my eyes

Tears trickle down

In the same breath

I say

'We're done'

You say

'But. I stopped before it got too far'