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"Hi, Noda. What cha up to?" Hikaru said cheerfully. Noda was lying on the couch, hands behind his head.

"Oh nothing really. Just relaxing." Noda's violet eyes looked Hikaru up and down. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing, except boredom. Got anything in mind that we could do." Hikaru asked curious of what his answer would be.

"Well I think that Yurippe wants us to go to the Guild today." Noda said looking a little displeased but pleased at the same time. Hikaru walked over to him and sat
down next to him.

"Great." She said resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Don't worry I'll protect you." He said with a smirk on his face. Yuri and the other SSS members walked in.

"Okay guys, listen up I'm only saying this once. We are going to gather more weapons and ammo. We need to split into two teams. One team will fight off Angel while the other team will go on and get the weapons. Team one will consist of Hinata, Otonashi, me, Noda, Hikaru, Matsushita, and Shiina. Team two will be Takamasu, Yusa, Fujimaki, Ooyama, TK, Naoi, and Yui. Got that. Team one will take care of Angel if she shows her face. We will leave in five minutes so get ready!" Yuri said enthusiastically. Everyone broke apart to prepare for their journey.

5 minutes later

"Be careful guys. You never know what kinds of anti-Angel-traps are activated down here." No later after Yuri said that did Yui trip over a wire sending a giant mace swinging down crashing into Ooyama. Yui stood up to early and the mace came swinging back in her direction. She tried to dodge it but was too late.

"Damnit! Be very careful. We lost two already and don't need to lose anymore." Yuri said.
They didn't get very far when they encountered Angel. Half the team ran past her while the others stayed to fight. Everyone whipped their guns out and began to fire.

"Guard skill: distortion." Angel said. The bullets were deflected and sent flying in all different directions. One hit Hikaru in her arm. She screamed in agony and Noda quickly ran to her.

"Are you okay Yuki" He asked concerned.

"Yeah, it just hurts a lot." She said with tears threatening to break free. Noda ripped a strip from his shirt and tied it around her arm to stop the bleeding. She winced as he tightened it.

"There that should slow the bleeding a bit." He smiled. God he is cute when he smiles. She thought.

"Thanks Noda." She said smiling back.

"Stop flirting and get your asses up guys." They heard just as Angel was running towards them, hand sonic activated. Noda jumped up putting himself in front of Hikaru. He deflected her attack with his halberd but she recoil and went for another attack. Angel knocked Noda down and went for Hikaru. Hikaru managed to get away but not without having the front of her shirt ripped open, breasts exposed. Noda threw his halberd at Angel hitting her in the shoulder. But it didn't slow her down. She picked up the halberd and threw it at Noda. He closed his eyes and waited for the pain, but it never came. He opened his eyes to find Hikaru on the floor and the tip of his halberd buried in her stomach.

"Hikaru. No!" He screamed.

"N-Noda *cough* I s-saved your *cough cough* life." She said as life slowly slipped away.

"Hikaru we need to get you to the school's hospital." Noda said sadly.

"No it's too late. You'll see me *cough* in a few hours" She said, her last breath slipping out of her lips.

"Noda leave her we will come back and get her body." Yuri said while fending off Angel. He softly cried and placed her gently down on the ground. He took of his jacket and placed it over top of her.

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