"As your mother I say you are far too young to have an army at only one day old," Vala sternly told Adria.

"But Mother who will lead them to Origin if I don't," she protested.

"Well this is what the Priors are for, now go to your room," Vala ordered pointing to the door.

"But," Adria started.

"Aah! Room now," she ordered again.

Sighing, Adria hung her head in defeat "Yes Mother," she said heading towards her room.

"And no armies until you're sixteen!" She called after her daughters retreating back.

Five minutes later Daniel slipped into the room smirking "Did I just hear you telling her that she can't have an army?"

"Until she's at least sixteen," she replied.

"But Mother," Adria's voice protested from her room.

"Aah! No arguments!" Vala called. She rubbed her temples. Being a parent was hard work!

This popped into my head when I was trying to work on a Continuum fic but my muse who I've named Claudia kept bugging me so I finally gave in and wrote it. Read and review please!