Time I One hundred years. In some ways, time has seemed to speed up. It feels as though just yesterday my world collapsed. As if last night was the last time I saw him. But, in truth, it's been a century.

I've been dreading this day, for years it seems. Today is the one hundredth anniversary of the day Edward left me. I don't want to say that it was the day I died. I know I thought that many times before, but not recently. I have decided that I won't think that again. It is true that after he left, my world did seem like a spiraling pit of disaster. But things have changed. My life has become so much better than I had imagined.

I can remember the day my life changed so drastically. I don't know what compelled me to do it, but I found myself heading into the woods behind my house. I should have known that Victoria would be waiting for me. In those days the wolves were always on red alert. But she had a plan. Victoria sent a few vampires to wreak havoc on the reservation. No one had seen her in a while, so the wolves assumed it was safe to leave me alone for a little while.

Jacob was the only one who stayed. I knew he was there, so as Victoria drew nearer, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I feared that he was too far away, that he wouldn't make it in time. But he did make it; and just five seconds too late too.

Jake was able to kill her, but he could do nothing about me. When the transformation was complete, he told me to leave. That I was now an enemy, and that the treaty did not apply to me.

For a while, I was on my own. The first year was the hardest. I was completely alone. What made it harder still was my diet. I vowed that I would not kill people, which limited the areas I could stay in. After a while, I became lonely. That is when I decided to create a coven. I only changed people whose only other choice was death. After a decade or so, my family grew to include, Alexis, (my best friend) her mate Jackson, David, and his mate Mackenzie.