Before The World Knew Him

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Ok so this is my first starstruck story. Not sure where it's going to go but I know where I want to go. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Jess's POV

Before the world knew him. I knew him. He wasn't Christopher Wilde. He was just Christopher, Chris. He wasn't the superstar everyone knows today he was just a boy. No one knew him, not my sister not anyone. Now, now he's all she can talk about all anyone can talk about. But before he was discovered I knew him and he knew me. And now, now that he's the biggest superstar on the planet, the most well known 17 year old. I still know him. My name is Jessica Olsen and I'm Christopher Wilde's girlfriend. No one knows about us apart from my parents and his. My sister doesn't even know I have a boyfriend but my boyfriend is all she goes on about she's obsessed so I acted like I hate him. She texts him everyday, she reads his blogs a least twenty times a day. She stalks him from our home in Michigan. She is an original member of his fan club. And yeah he loves his fans, he owes everything to his fans. But in his heart I'm his number one fan. I love him and he loves me. But we have to hide our relationship from the world. Oh I wouldn't mind going public but Chris wants to keep me out of the spotlight and the papers to protect me he's so caring that way even though he knows I can stand up for myself. But he says there like vultures they dig deep and suck your soul dry. Oh how long have we been together four years. I was 12 I know that seems stupid what do you know about relationships at 12 years old. My parents were ok with it because they thought it was a little thing and they knew I was wise. Chris was 13 when we first meet and started dating. It was two years into our relationship when he was 15 that he was discovered and he had to move to California.

But now, now it was summer and my family was going visiting my grandmother in Hollywood. Where Christopher lived my parents would totally let me go see him. If I was back at a sensible hour and Chris wants to stay in there good books so he would have be back at the time agreed on the dot. The one down side because it was a family holiday we had to take Sara and mum and dad had agreed that her friend AJ who was just as obsessed with Chris as Sara could come too. Why I ask why? But I know why usually I would have to go round with Sara but if I was sneaking about to be with Chris, Sara would want to come to so if AJ was there they could go about together and I could be with Chris.

So I was heading off to Hollywood and in a few short hours I would hopefully be back in my man's arms I haven't seen him for six months I'm so excited.

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