Beautiful disaster: Past, present, future

Chapter 1

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A girl is running through the dark, filthy streets of London. Her long pink hair is flying behind her like a cape as she turns a corner, not resting for a minute, she starts to sprint. An old dirty rag doll sways in her hand with each movement she makes.

"Come back here you filthy ass!" a man screams behind her. The girl closes her eyes and thinks about how it would feel to have a kind, loving family. Her once pink dress, now black dances over her feet, and fails her once again. She slips and falls into a muddy puddle. Struggling to get up, a group of men pick her up by her hair and grins a toothy grin.

"Oh my, a young girl. Why, you wouldn't happen to have any food on you. Would you little girl?" just then it started to rain.

"No, Mr." she mutters to him. The man looks at his friends on either side of him. "Filthy liar." he throws her into a near ally. "What do you think Tim, Charles? What should we do with this cutie pie?" the man on his left, Tim, pulls out a butcher knife.

"Please don't hurt me." she begs the men. She crawls into a damp brick corner with her rag doll in hand.

"Oh, we're not going to hurt you honey." Tim hands the man the butcher knife. "We're going to end your suffering, that's all."

"No, please!" she cries. The long, evil knife makes its way into the girls' stomach. She shakes in fear as her lifeless green eyes make their way down her neck,

chest, and reach her stomach.

"Poor girl. You were going to grow up to be a real beauty. Shouldn't have stolen that food." Charles giggles.

"You stupid man. Wait till my dad sees this. He'll have you… you dead in a minute." the little girl mumbles.

"Oh yeah, and who's you dad?"

"…god." the men burst out laughing, kicking her several time before walking away. About 20 meters away from the wounded girl, lightning strikes the three men.

10 minutes later

A small soccer ball rolls down the narrow alley walls. It touches the girl as if it is scarred. And as it touches her, it turns red. Red as the sun burning. Her rag doll also drips red. Red as the moon burning. She slightly turns her head to the right, and a tiny ray of sun lit her face up like a candle.

Footsteps of a young boy echo through the walls of hell. He pants like a fat dog. Wanting something to clench his thirst.

"TAKI!" the boy screams. This time multiple footsteps are heard.

"Oh my goodness." says a girl.

"Do you think she's an Angel?" says the first boy.

"Angels don't bleed idiot." says a older boy. She can feel his eyes on her. "But…" he bends down and looks at her face. He turns, "You two go home. Do not tell mother or father about this."

"What are you going to do with her?" the little girl asks.

"I'm going to heal her wound. Now hurry home!" the two kids nod and run home quickly. He gets closer to her and looks at her beautiful facial features. He feels his face getting hot and gets up. His 14 year old body pulses.

"What should I do? Crap." He whispers to himself. He shakes his head, picks her up and cradles her in his arms. He takes a deep breath and moves her away from the pool of blood. Staring at her he feels her pulse.

"Good, she's alive." He takes off his jacket and covers her. Taking off his shirt, he shreds it into a long strip. He pulls a box of matches. Lighting the small match, he examines the wound. With one swift move, he rips her dress open, letting him get to the wound. The knife is deep in her.

"Alright, Takizawa, do what you have to do to save her." He tells himself.