Beautiful disaster: Green fire

Chapter 3

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Izumi lays the towel on the girl's legs and picks up her dress. Blood starts gushes from the wound, quickly making a puddle on the bed. She puts her hand on the wound, pressing it down; the flow seems to stop a little.

"Aru, hand me the alcohol, needle and thread." Izumi groans as the blood starts to come faster, seeping through here skinny fingers. When Aru hands Izumi the alcohol, she immediately pours it on the wound. There is a sudden knock at the door. Takizawa looks back at the girl, and then runs to see who it is. The girl's eyes flash open. "Reiji, hold her down." Nasiga says as the girl starts to cry out in pain. "Reiji!" He sits on the edge of the bed and holds the girls arms down. Without thinking he looks into her eyes.

The devil is attacking her from the inside out, Reiji thinks. The girl opens her eyes; tears make wet marks on her cheeks.

"Izumi, be gentile."

"I am doing the best I can Reiji. Distract her with something." Reiji feels like screaming out in frustration.

"What is your name?" he whispers. The girl looks into Reiji's eyes. Green life pulses in them.

"Saki…" Reiji doesn't answer her. His eyes get lost in hers. He squeezes her wrists and slowly puts her arms behind her head. Saki starts to calm down as Nasiga pulls the needle in and out of her.

"Ok, I am almost done." Izumi looks up from Saki's stomach. Takizawa walks back into the room, sweat covers his forehead.

"What is wrong?" Aru asks him. Takizawa stares at Saki for a moment, and then shakes his head.


"Well, you should see your face, something is obviously wrong." Reiji laughs. Takizawa takes a shallow breath. He looks at Saki's wound and looks away in guilt.

"I should have fixed her up back there." Takizawa runs his bloody hands through his hair.

"It is not your fault. You didn't have anything but what? A lighter and your jacket?" Izumi looked at him. He looks down and puts on a sly smile.

"What's her name anyway?" Aru asks.

"Her name is Saki… She told me right before she passed out again." Everybody looks at Reiji. Suddenly thunder shakes the house.

"Ok, I'm done." Izumi cuts the thread in a hurry and stands up.

"Go get candles just in case we lose power. Reiji, you stay with Saki for the night." Aru, Takiawa, and Izumi all leave the room, leaving Saki and Reiji. Reiji jumps as the lights start to flicker and then they go out. Reiji looks out the window, to see a tree had fallen on a power line. He picks up the fragile doll like figure of Saki. Her eyes open slowly. She blinks a few times before looking around. He freezes as Saki's hand rises to his cheek. Her eyes glow in the dark. Green fire. Reiji drops her, and she land on her feet, silent like a cat. She push's him against the rear wall. Her hands grab his hair as their lips touch. Reiji stays standing there in shock. He pulls away, "…Saki?"

"I'm sorry." Their noses touch. Breathing nervously Saki closes her eyes. "I'm in love with you." She whisperers. What the hell is wrong with this girl? Reiji thinks, she's know me for less than one hour. Reiji opens his mouth, and then hesitates. He closes his eyes and his lips meet Saki's. She's surprised at first, and then kisses him back. Their lips lock for a moment, than start to move in synchronization. Reiji's lips slip off hers and move down towards her neck. She moans, and tilts her head up. "Reiji…" when he reaches her dress, he asks,

"Can I?" She doesn't answer; instead she takes it off herself. Stepping out of it, Reiji turns around and pushes her up against the wall and he starts to kiss her hard, his tongue gliding over her bottom lip. She opens her mouth, letting his tongue in. His tongue danced around her mouth exploring it. His hands start to roam over her legs.