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"And there we have it folks," said the MC, "Max Maple from Petalburg City has beaten Elite Four Lance Wotaru. Tomorrow, he will be facing the new Champion of the Kanto Region, who was crowned only a year ago! Even we don't know his identity. It will be a treat." In the crowd all of Ash's old friends were cheering on Max. Now you are probably wondering, where Ash is. Well to figure that out, we have to go back to Ash's defeat at the hands of Tobias.

|5 years ago, Sinnoh Region: Lily of the Valley Conference|

"…Latios, Luster Purge!" yelled Tobias. Latios shot a beam of purple energy towards the oncoming Pikachu.

"Pikachu, use volt tackle, full power!" yelled Ash. Pikachu ran plummeted straight through the purple energy. "Come on Pikachu, you can do it!" Pikachu managed to plow through the energy and hit Latios right on the mark. A huge cloud of smoke appeared from the exchange. When the smoke cleared, both Pikachu and Latios were unconscious. "Pikachu, you did your best," said Ash as he lifted Pikachu up and carried him away.

"Pathetic," said Tobias as he walked away.

"What did you say?" yelled Ash as he turned to look at Tobias. Tobias turned around to glance at Ash.

"I called you pathetic. It took four of your Pokémon to take down my Darkrai, and another two to down my Latios. You were so pathetic. Are you sure that you are even a trainer?" Tobias then walked away, shaking his head. Ash grit his teeth, before walking to the Pokémon center to get his Pokémon healed. As he waited there, he thought long and hard.

'Tobias was right. I am pathetic. I couldn't even take down three of his Pokémon. I think it's time. Time to take my training seriously. I'll prove to him that I am a trainer. I will become a champion!

"Hey Ash," said Brock as he sat down next to Ash, "How are you doing?"

"I don't know Brock. I just don't know. I was just destroyed, and to make it worse, Tobias wasn't even trying." Ash just sighed.

"Trainer Ash!" yelled Nurse Joy. Ash got up and walked over to the table. "Yes, Nurse Joy? Are my Pokémon alright?"

"Yes. All of them are okay. Here you go," said Nurse Joy as she handed Ash his Poke balls and Pikachu. Ash and Brock went outside. As he walked, Ash could feel the stares of all the people, as they whispered, "Isn't that the guy who lost all his Pokémon, while his opponent only lost two?" Ash started clenching his teeth. Soon, Brock and Ash met up with Dawn at the dock.

"Guess this is goodbye," said Ash, "Unless you want to come to Kanto?"

"Sorry Ash, but I still have things to do here. Too bad you didn't win the competition. You couldn't done great," said Dawn, causing Ash to grit his teeth.

"Yeah, well catch you later," said Ash with a fake smile. He then high fived Dawn like they had in the past. On the way back, Ash was resolute in his choice. He was going to leave civilization and go train on his own in the wilderness and then take the Elite Four Challenge of Kanto. But since he could specialize in only one type, he decided to specialize in electric types, seeing as his starter was Pikachu, an electric type. Soon enough, Ash was back at Pallet Town. He decided just to go to bed without getting anything to eat, as it was very late at night.

"Pikachu," said Ash, getting Pikachu's attention, "What do you think about leaving to become stronger?"

"Chu?" Ash sighed and looked at the ceiling of his room.

"I mean, I think we should leave civilization. I was thinking of becoming either an electric type specialist to take on the Elite Four Challenge. What do you think?" Pikachu's eyes widened.

"Pika! Pikachu! Pi!" chirped Pikachu excitedly.

"Alright, then. Let's do it." The next morning, Ash's mother found a note on the kitchen table from Ash, telling her of his decision. She immediately notified all of Ash's friends. Every single one of them looked for Ash, but could never find him. Even now, they have not caught word of him.

|Present Time|

"Max," said Lance as he walked away, "You would be wise to bring your A-game tomorrow. Our Champion is most likely the most powerful trainer in the world. He defeated all of us by using only one Pokémon, an Elektross. Be on your guard." Lance then walked away with his cape billowing behind him. Max stood there, at a loss for words. As he walked back, Brock patted his back.

"Great Job Max! I am sure that wherever Ash is, he would be proud." May noticed the far-off look on Max's face.

"What's wrong Max?" Max blinked a few times before answering.

"It's just something that Lance said to me before he left. Apparently, the new champion defeated all of the previous Kanto league with only one Pokémon," said Max, shocking everyone.

"That's impossible," breathed Gary, "No one can do that, not even the new champion of Sinnoh, Tobias. It took him 3 Pokémon to defeat Cynthia, even though he only used Darkrai to defeat the rest of the Sinnoh Elite Four. There's no way this champion defeated Lance using only one Pokémon. Did he say which one?"

"Yes," said Max as he walked towards the hotel that they were staying at. "Elektross, a Pokémon from Unova."

"That is a powerful Pokémon," said Gary, "As a researcher, I've come across a lot of them while studying Unova Pokémon. It has no weakness due to its ability, Levitate. But still, you have to wonder what other Pokémon this new champion is hiding.

|Next Day|

It was a bright sunny day as Max walked towards the trainer box. There were a few clouds in the sky. 'A good day for a battle' thought Max. Max was facing a cloaked trainer who had his hood up. But you could see a faint smile grace his face when he saw Max. "And now, for the eagerly anticipated match. Max from Petalburg Town vs. …?" said the MC.

"Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" yelled Ash as he threw off the cloak. Ash was dressed in a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. He wore an unbuttoned, white collared long sleeve shirt over a red t-shirt with a bolt of lightning running down the middle. All of Ash's old friends were very surprised, including Max. "Now begin the battle."

"This will be a full six-on-six battle between challenger Max Maple and Champion Ash Ketchum. Only the challenger is allowed substitutions. There will be a five-minute intermission after one of the trainers loses three Pokémon. The champion will send out his Pokémon first," said the referee.

"Show them your will, Elektross," said Ash calmly as he released his first Pokémon.

"Gallade, let's go!" yelled Max as he threw a poke ball out, that released the psychic Pokémon.

"Gallade vs. Elektross, begin!" yelled the referee as he raised both his flags.

"And Max decides to go with one of his most powerful Pokémon, while Ash sticks with the only Pokémon that he has been known to use."

"Gallade, let's start this off with Leaf Blade!"

"Elektross, counter Dragon Claw," said Ash stoically. Elektross grabbed both of Gallade's leaf blades. "Now use thunderbolt!" Electricity coursed through Gallade's body.

"Gallade, get back and use stone edge!" Gallade escaped from Elektross before forming sharp stones and launching them at Elektross.

"Elektross, use Wild Charge!" Elektross burst through the stones and hit Gallade, immediately knocking it out.

"Gallade is unable to continue, Elektross wins this match," said the ref as he raised the flag in Ash's position.

"Thank you Gallade, now take a nice long rest," said Max as he returned Gallade to his poke ball. "Now go, Espeon!" One of the Evee evolutions made its appearance on the battlefield.

"Elektross vs. Espeon, begin!"

"Hmph. Elektross, use Thunderbolt."

"Stop that thunderbolt with psychic!" The thunderbolt stopped in its tracks. "I think we should return it to it's rightful owners, don't you think, Espeon?" Espeon growled.

"EspeON!" yelled Espeon before launching the thunderbolt back at Elektross.

"Dodge, Elektross, then use flamethrower!" Elektross jumped to the side before breathing out a torrent of flames towards Espeon.

"Espeon use dig!" Espeon managed to go underground, but not before it was partially singed by the fire.

"Shadow Ball," yelled Max right as Espeon came up from below Elektross, sending the Elektross flying.

"Elektross, are you okay?" asked Ash. Elektross just growled. "That's the way to do it. Let's go with dragon claw!" Elektross rushed towards Espeon and slashed its claws diagonally.

"Block it with iron tail!" yelled Max. Espeon brought his glowing tail around to block the attack. "Now use Shadow Ball!" Espeon fired a shadow ball right after it blocked the dragon claw, sending Elektross flying.

"Wild Charge!" said Ash before Elektross even hit the ground. Immediately afterwards, Elektross barreled right into Espeon, sending it flying into the ground and unconsciousness.

"The winner is Elektross," said the referee as he pointed his flag in Ash's direction.

"Good job," said Max. "Now go, Metagross!" The giant iron Pokémon landed on the battlefield while growling, "meta. Metagross!"

"Elektross vs. Metagross, begin!"

"And Max plays his powerful Metagross, which ensured his win against Bruno. How will Ash deal with this?" announced the MC.

"Let's start it with Zen Headbutt," yelled Max as he pointed at Elektross.

"Elektross, grab onto Metagross with Dragon Claw." Metagross charged at Elektross, who let itself get hit, but grabbed onto Metagross with Dragon Claw. "Now use Hyper Beam!" Elektross started charging up the Hyper Beam.

"Metagross, quick get Elektross off of you!" But despite all of its efforts, Metagross was unsuccessful in getting Elektross off.

"Fire!" yelled Ash, as Elektross let the Hyper Beam loose at point-blank range. A huge explosion occurred and smoke appeared. After the smoke cleared, Elektross was standing with minimal damage, while Metagross was unconscious.

"Winner of the match: Elektross."

"And now for the break," said the MC.

|Locker Room; Max|

"You're doing good out there," said Norman, Max's father.

"Am I really?" asked Max as he looked up at everyone. "Ash is destroying me easily with only one Pokémon. I don't know if I will be able to defeat. And then there is Ash's battling style. He doesn't make a single strategy. He is always changing. It's one of the reasons why I think that I am going to lose today."

"Max," said Brock, as he knelt down, "you may lose out there, but you have to try with the intention of winning, otherwise you won't be at your best, alright?" Max smiled at Brock.

"Yeah, got it. But were you surprised that Ash was the champion?"

"Yeah, I think we all were," said Brock.

"That's an understatement," said Dawn. "We thought we were dreaming when we saw Ash."

"Okay, but I think it's almost time for me to begin again. See you after the match."

|Locker Room; Ash|

"Max is doing well, isn't he, Gary?" said Ash as Gary stepped out from the shadows. Meanwhile, Raichu, jumped off the bench it had been sitting on the entire match while it watched the match on television, over to Gary.

"So this is what you were planning when we talked a few months ago. How did you know that Max would make it?"

"I didn't. I bet it all on Max's determination. And it paid off. Thank you for keeping my location a secret for these past five years."

"Your welcome, Ash. Like I said five years ago, I will continue to help and support you in any way possible. Now get out there and win," said Gary before leaving the locker room.

"You ready, Elektross?" asked Ash. Elektross just nodded enthusiastically. "Heh, now remember why you and Floatzel get along so well. You both love to battle. Come on, let's go. Return," said Ash, as he pulled out Elektross's poke ball to return Elektross.


"Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Now we will continue with the battle between Kanto Champion Ash Ketchum and Challenger Max Maple. Ash has already taken down three of Max's Pokémon while his Elektross has only taken minimal damage. Can Max turn this around into a victory, or will Ash win?"

"Go Elektross!" yelled Ash as he tossed his poke ball.

"Guardians of the seas, I call upon thee, Lugia!" yelled Max as he threw his poke ball. From within the ball, one of the tower duo from Johnto.

"And look at this folks," said the MC, "Max has just turned up the heat with Lugia, a legendary from the Johnto region."

"Very good Max, now show me your full power!"

"Lugia vs. Elektross, begin!"

"Lugia, start it off with Dragon Rush!"

"Elektross, dodge, then use flamethrower!" Elektross dodged, to the side, but was still hit with a great deal of damage, before it spewed a torrent of flames towards Lugia.

"Lugia use psychic to stop those flames. Now use Aeroblast!" The sound waves that Lugia fired sent Elektross flying into the stadium wall.

"Come on Elektross, you can get up still, can't you?" asked Elektross as he turned towards the direction that Elektross went flying.

"Elektross!" yelled Elektross as it stood up.

"That's the spirit Elektross! Now use Dragon Claw continuously. Don't let it use long range attacks!" yelled Ash. Elektross rushed towards Lugia and grabbed onto it and started using Dragon Claw after Dragon Claw.

'Damn. It seems like Elektross is on his final leg. I need to take care of him now,' thought Ash as he analyzed the situation.

"Elektross, use thunderbolt!" Elektross let out a huge thunderbolt onto Lugia before Lugia rammed Elektross into the wall, knocking it unconscious.

"Winner: Lugia," said the ref as he raised the flag in Max's direction.

"And look at this folks," said the MC, "it looks like Ash Ketchum has finally lost a Pokémon, although Lugia looks very tiered."

"Return Elektross. You did well my friend. You have made me proud to be your trainer and friend. Now take nice long rest," said Ash. "Go, Zapdos!" A huge yellow bird with appeared in the sky.

"And look at this, Ash Ketchum responds with Zapdos, another legendary," said the astounded MC.

"Lugia vs. Zapdos, begin!" said the ref.

"Zapdos, start this off with a Zap Cannon!"

"Lugia, dodge, then counter with psyshock," said Max. Lugia dodged the blast, before forming a blob of psychic energy and hurling it at Zapdos.

"Zapdos, use Charge Beam to send it back at him!" Zapdos grunted before glowing with electricity before firing a beam at the blob of psychic energy. Eventually the blob stopped, but it didn't go back towards Lugia. Instead it exploded, affecting neither of the Pokémon. "Zapdos, finish this with Giga Impact!" The purple energy formed around Zapdos, before Zapdos squawked and charged at Lugia. "Full Speed Zapdos!" yelled Ash.

"Use Giga Impact as well, Lugia," yelled Max. Purple energy surrounded Lugia as well as it charged towards Zapdos. The resulting explosion obscured everyone's view, but when it was over, Lugia was unconscious, while Zapdos remained in the air.

"Winner: Zapdos," said the ref as he raised the flag in Ash's direction.

|With Ash's friends|

"There goes Max's win," said Gary.

"Why is that?" asked May.

"That was Max's most powerful Pokémon. And knowing Ash, he still has a lot more powerful Pokémon."

|In the arena|

"Return," said Max. "You did well Lugia. You did more than I could ever hope for. Rest my friend. Now go, Bronzong!"

"Bronzong vs. Zapdos, begin!"

"Let's start this with Heat Wave, Zapdos!"

"ZAPDOS!" yelled Zapdos as it unleashed a giant wave of super high heat towards Bronzong. Naturally, this caused a lot of damage to Bronzong.

"Bronzong, hang in there. Get out of the way and use Gyro Ball." Bronzong started spinning out of the way of the heat wave, before spinning at high speeds and launching itself at Zapdos causing it to stop its attack.

"Zapdos," yelled Ash, "Use Thunderbolt!" Zapdos unleashed a huge thunderbolt at Bronzong. "Keep the Thunderbolts going!" Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Max was deep in though.

'Hm. Bronzong doesn't have nearly enough power to defeat Zapdos, and neither does my next Pokémon. I'm going to have to sacrifice Bronzong to take out Zapdos.

"Bronzong," yelled Max, "Get in close to Zapdos and grab onto it!" Bronzong beeped its understanding before floating up to Zapdos at high speeds and grabbing onto Zapdos.

'What is Max thinking?' though Ash, before he saw it. "Zapdos get away from Bronzong!"

"Too late Ash," yelled Max. "Bronzong, use Explosion!" Bronzong then detonated itself and caused a massive explosion. Both Zapdos and Bronzong could be seen falling from the smoke, unconscious.

"Both Zapdos and Bronzong are unable to battle. This match is a tie," said the ref as he raised both his flags.

"And would you get a load of this," said the MC, "Max Maple has managed to take out two of Ash's Pokémon. Will he be able to make it three Pokémon?"

"No he won't," whispered Ash. "I need your help, Magnezone!" yelled Ash. A magnet Pokémon appeared on the field.

"I guess this is it," said Max. "Go Medicham!" A pinkish-white Pokémon took a battle stance as it appeared on the battlefield.

"Magnezone, use magnet bomb and follow it up with electro ball!" yelled Ash. Magnezone flew towards Medicham and let off a magnet bomb before forming a ball of electricity between its two magnets and throwing it at Medicham, who had been thrown in the air from the magnet bomb.

"Medicham use hyper beam!" yelled Max. Medicham was about to fire the hyper beam from its open mouth before Ash yelled, "close its mouth!" Magnezone used its magnet-like hands to close the mouth and cause an explosion in it's mouth, knocking out Medicham.

"Winner: Magnezone. Challenger Max Maple loses. Champion Ash Ketchum wins!" yelled the MC and the Referee. Ash just turned and walked to the side to pick up his cloak that he threw before walking to the lockers.

"Ash," yelled Max, "wait!" However, Ash did not stop and kept walking away.

|Ash's room|

*Knock* *Knock* Ash heard the knocking and got up while Raichu jumped off the bed and walked to the door as well. Ash opened the door and saw his friends.

"Yes?" asked ash apathetically.

"Ash," said May, "Why did you leave?"

"What no hello at all? Just why did you leave? Hey Gary," said Ash as he nodded in Gary's direction.

"Wait, hold up a minute," said May, "Did you know where Ash was?" Gary nodded. "Then why did you hide it from us?"

"Because I said so," said Ash. "Why don't you all come in? It's weird if you just stand out in the hallway." Ash then walked over to the kitchen table. "Now what do you want to know?


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