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It had been three weeks since Elena or as I called her doppel-slut had staked Elijah. Two weeks of helping the doppel-slut and the others before Rose was bitten by a werewolf and staked by Damon. Right now I was lounging on Alaric's bed texting Greta, we had become close since my turning and she was my best friend. "Ugh, who is this guy, Safari Sam?" Klaus complained looking through Alaric's closet. Last night Maddox did a spell that allowed Klaus to possess Alaric's body. He finally sighed and chose a black jacket before turning to look at Katherine "Pop quiz, the dagger and white ash are in the Salvatores' possession correct?" he asked. Her jaw tightened "The dagger was used to kill Elijah, you'll find him in the basement of the Salvatore house" she said as she squirmed in her seat.

"Ok that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is, the last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah, that guy is a buzz kill" he said. "Don't forget you're on the outs with your girlfriend Jenna" she said smirking at me. I huffed and got off the bed going to my suitcase to change clothes. "Right, Elena's aunt, for all the lies about Isobel, what else?" he asked pausing to look at me as I started stripping; he raised an eyebrow I shrugged "What? Just because I won't let you touch in that body doesn't mean you can't look, Mate" I said smirking at him. He turned back to Katherine looking at her expectantly, "That's it" she said as he walked over to her causing her to flinch.

"So jumpy" he mused, "Please just kill me, I've told you everything that I know" she said. "You see I believe that you believe that" he said getting into her face "But what would you not know? What could they be keeping from you? Anything? Tell me" he compelled her. "They were trying to see if Bonnie could find a way to kill an original without the dagger" she said emotionlessly. "Bonnie the best friend" he stated before moving away from her. I walked over to them before turning my back to Klaus so he could zip my black dress with a crisscrossed top up, his hand trailed slowly up my back as he did so. I sighed "I can't wait for you to get your own body back" I said turning back around to peck his cheek before going to put my strappy black heels. After I put on my black and white stripped blazer I looked in the mirror and glared at my chest, placing my hand where my necklace should have been. Katherine had ripped it off of me last night in an attempt to escape.

Klaus came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my temple. "I get you a new one Love" he said as I frowned "I don't want a new one" I said pouting. He let go of me and walked back over to Katherine and pulled out a pocket knife handing it to her "I want you to take this knife and stab yourself" he said. She sucked in a breath and plunged it into her leg, whimpering "Now take it out, while we're gone I want you to do that over and over and over again and if you get bored switch legs" he said before we left.

After school everyone went to the Salvatore house where I was looking through spell books to 'help' Bonnie while Damon made snarky comments. After Elena and Bonnie explained what happened at lunch they tried to come up with a plan while Stefan reprimanded them. Later after the plan was set, ending with Damon and I being signed up as chaperones, everyone left to get ready for tonight. Klaus ranted as he got ready, Maddox was in the kitchen with a bottle of bourbon. He moved to the dresser and opened a secret compartment "Who is this guy again?" he asked holding up a crossbow "He's the local vampire hunter" Katherine said. I finished putting my earrings in "Well?" I asked moving to take the bourbon Maddox held out for me "Thanks" I said. Klaus looked at me taking in my black lined orange, brow and white dress with matching heels.

"I could almost like the 60's with the way you look" he said appreciatively as Maddox handed him a glass too. "There's a high school dance and I'm going to need you to take out the witch bitch" he told Maddox. Maddox frowned "If she has that much power she can sense me coming from a mile away, I won't be able to get near her, you have to do it" he told Klaus. "In this body? I'm a haggard history teacher, she could easily hurt me, I mean not me Klaus me but... you know what I mean" he said. "No witch could handle channeling that much power it'll kill her, it would kill me, you just have to make her use it" Maddox explained. Klaus looked at him "You mean like provoking her to death?" he asked "It won't take long, just keep attacking her until it kills her, his body Alaric's will last longer than her's will" he replied. I tilted my head "How? He's human" I said, Maddox smirked "I can help in that department; I can do a spell to protect him" he told us. Well this should make the night fun...